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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
Fox: Greetings, gents. Lost something have we?
Maugrim: Don't patronize me! I know where your allegiance lies. We're looking for some humans.
Fox: Humans? Here in Narnia? That's a valuable bit of information, don't you think?

Maugrim: Be still, stranger, or you'll never move again. Who are you?
Edmund Pevensie: I'm Edmund. I met the Queen in the woods. She told me to come back here. I'm a Son of Adam!
Maugrim: Hmmm, my apologies, fortunate favored of the queen. Or else, not so fortunate.

Maugrim: [circling Peter who is holding a sword] C'mon. We've been through this before. We both know you havn't got it in you.

Maugrim: [to Susan and Lucy] Please don't try to run. We're tired...
Wolf: ...And we'd prefer to kill you quickly.

Maugrim: You may think you're a king, but you're going to die like a dog!

Maugrim: [to Fox] Your reward is your life. It's not much. But still...