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Ampata Gutierrez (Character)
from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997)

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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Inca Mummy Girl (#2.4)" (1997)
Xander: Your English is very bueno.
Ampata: I listen much.
Xander: Well, that works out well, because I talk much.

Xander: Okay, I have something to tell you. And it's kind of a secret, and it's, um, a little bit scary. I like you. A lot. And I want you to go with me the dance.
Ampata: [laughs] Why was that so scary?
Xander: Well, because you never know if a girl's gonna say 'yes', or if... she's gonna laugh in your face and pull out your still-beating heart and crush it into the ground with her heel.
Ampata: Hmm. Then you are very courageous.

Willow: So, Ampata, you're a girl.
Ampata: Yes, for many years now.

Ampata: You are strange.
Xander: Girls always tell me that... right before they run away.

[Ampata comes downstairs]
Ampata: Hello, Xander.
Xander: [incoherent babble]
Buffy Summers: I can translate American salivating boy-talk. He says you're beautiful.
Xander: [babbles to Buffy]
Buffy Summers: You're welcome.

Xander: There you are. Why'd you run away?
Ampata: Because... I do not deserve you.
Xander: What, you think that *you* don't deserve *me*?
[laughs incredulously]
Xander: Man, I love you!
[She begins to weep]
Xander: Are those tears of joy? Pain? Revulsion?
Ampata: I am very happy. And very sad.
Xander: Then talk to me. Let me know what's wrong.
Ampata: I can't!
[She hugs him and cries into his shoulder]
Xander: Hey, I know why you can't tell me. It's a secret, right? And if you told me, you'd have to kill me.
[Ampata hugs him again, crying even harder]
Xander: Oh! That was a bad joke. And the delivery was off, too. I'm sorry.