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Jasmine (Character)
from "Angel" (1999)

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"Angel: Sacrifice (#4.20)" (2003)
Connor: They tried to turn me against you. They cut me. Rubbed blood into the wound.
Jasmine: The hateful always have one or two wretched tricks to play.

Jasmine: We have nothing to fear from them. They are alone; we are many.
Connor: But, but Gunn and Wesley and Lorne. They've all been turned. We have to stop whatever they're --
Jasmine: We will. Connor, there's nothing they can do. Every moment that passes, I grow closer to my followers. I feel what they feel. I see what they see. We're fusing together, like the cells of a single body. They're my eyes, my skin, my limbs; and if need be, my fists.

Jasmine: You can't outrun my love. It has wings made of radio.

"Angel: Peace Out (#4.21)" (2003)
Angel: Go to Hell.
Jasmine: You first, baby.

Jasmine: And look where free will has gotten you.
Angel: Hey, I didn't say we were smart. I said it's our right. It's what makes us human.
Jasmine: But you're not human.
Angel: Working on it.

"Angel: The Magic Bullet (#4.19)" (2003)
Connor: Where are those people?
Jasmine: I ate them.
Connor: Cool.