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Biography for
Spike (Character)
from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997)

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Spike (James Marsters)

Spike is a vampire of British origin who was "sired" in 1880 making him over 100 years old. He became close in his youthful, destructive vampire days with Buffy's friend Angel, when he was still known as Angelus.

When he was alive he was known as "William the Bloody" for the bloody awful poetry that he wrote. Spike is definitely in the hedonist vampire mold unlike the "good" Angel. He drinks, he smokes, he sleeps with women, and he feeds indiscriminately and gleefully. He has almost a punk rock way with his approach to vampirism, favoring bleached hair and leather jackets. He is like the Sid Vicious (or Billy Idol) of vampires.

He was sired by a vampire named Drusilla-- who herself was sired by Angel, making him Spike's grandfather of sorts-- who in addition to her fanged ways also possesses a kind of mystical second sight. Spike is very loyal to Drusilla.

Spike is very hotheaded, impulsive, self-destructive and in many way self-loathing, which is a fairly introspective thing to be as a vampire.

From their very first meeting he is bent on destroying Buffy, particularly since she is a Slayer. They prove to be serious sparring partners.