Buffy Summers
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Biography for
Buffy Summers (Character)
from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997)

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Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Buffy Summers is a new transfer student to Sunnydale High. She and her mother Joyce recently moved to the small California town after Buffy ran into some trouble at her last high school in Los Angeles.

Pretty, smart, and funny, she had been a popular student previously, interested in fashion and boys and figure skating but after burning down the gym and discovering some new things about herself she became confused.

Upon her arrival in Sunnydale she meets the school librarian Rupert Giles who informs her that she is not just an ordinary girl, but in fact a vampire slayer, imbued with superhuman strength and chosen to combat the demons of the underworld. Giles is her "Watcher," tasked with training her for her role as Slayer and the librarian job is a cover. As it happens Sunnydale sits on what's known as a Hellmouth a sort of power center for evil and it will be up to her to fight all the baddies that result in its location.

She becomes good friends with a small crew of outcasts including the nerdy Willow Rosenberg, the hapless Xander Harris. She becomes frenemies with popular cheerleader Cordelia Chase. Along with Giles-- collectively known affectionately as the "Scooby Gang"-- they take on all manner of demons, most frequently vampires, that terrorize Sunnydale specifically and threaten the world in general.

Buffy also becomes close to a seemingly "good" vampire named Angel who occasionally aids the gang in their battles.

Although she understands her role, Buffy often longs for a normal life.