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Quotes for
John Amis (Character)
from The X-Files Game (1998) (VG)

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The X-Files Game (1998) (VG)
Craig Willmore: Did you get those prints lifted?
John Amis: Ah jes' fished 'em, Miss Daisy, ah still needa process'm.
Craig Willmore: And they say sugar has no effect on children...

Craig Willmore: Is there any reason why this would be treated as contraband?
John Amis: [In Sean Connery voice] Nope. It's neither illegal nor sexy.

Craig Willmore: Hey don't you owe me a dollar?
John Amis: Did you know I grew up in Cleveland?
Craig Willmore: Oh? Cleveland? Really?
John Amis: You know how cold it is in Cleveland?
Craig Willmore: Cold. It is very cold in Cleveland today.
John Amis: But not cold enough!

Craig Willmore: [He walks in on John reading a comic book] Your tax dollars at work.
John Amis: Hey do the words "lunch hour" mean anything to you.