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Mark Cook (Character)
from The X-Files Game (1998) (VG)

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The X-Files Game (1998) (VG)
Mark Cook: Why Agent Willmore!
Craig Willmore: Why Agent Cook!
Mark Cook: You picked a great day to be late. There some big gun from DC in. Don't know why but it sounds serious.
Craig Willmore: Probably just making sure we're not stealing paper clips.

Craig Willmore: [after Cook bursts into Willmores appartment] What are you doing?
Mark Cook: No man what the hell are you doing? I ask you to keep me informed but am I informed? No! I've been kept completely in the dark. The more you tell me the better I can do my job!
Craig Willmore: Hey shut up!
Mark Cook: Jesus.
Craig Willmore: I've been out there putting my ass on the line! I'm sorry you had a bad day dear! But either treat me civily or get the hell out of my house!

Craig Willmore: Shanks wants me to hand my current cases off to you.
Mark Cook: Great. Thanks Golden Boy.

Mark Cook: [Willmore hands him a travel slip] Looks like you're going to Everett. Spent a week there one day.