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Max Fenig (Character)
from "The X-Files" (1993)

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"The X-Files: Fallen Angel (#1.10)" (1993)
Max Fenig: Say no more. You're a cautious man. Trust no one. Very wise. After what happened to JFK, I understand completely.

[about Mulder using a nickname]
Fox Mulder: l didn't think anybody was paying attention.
Max Fenig: Somebody is always paying attention, Mr. Mulder.

"The X-Files: Max (#4.18)" (1997)
Max Fenig: All I wanted in life was to be left alone; don't we all? So just my luck that I'd eventually become an alien abductee. Now I'm never alone. Any minute, when I'm least expecting it...
[waves hand towards sky]
Max Fenig: And the worst part is *no one* believes you. Well, almost no one. So I've devoted my life to providing all you disbelievers out there with proof. Proof that there are extraterrestrial biological entities right now, as we speak, visiting our planet in alien ships for purposes of a rather troubling agenda known only to certain members of the government, the FBI and certain high-ranking members of the military-industrial community who have recovered some of these very craft. Not that they would admit to it publicly, of course. Nor would they admit that they have salvaged some of this alien technology and are using it in military applications. No, that would be un-American. And they wont admit it until someone confronts them with irrefutable, undeniable proof. Someone like me. And, uh, I should probably mention that I do this at great risk to my own health and safety, but hey, when everyday's just another day you're gonna get kidnapped by a bunch of little grey dudes from outer space, what's a few CIA spooks to worry about?