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Gerry Schnauz (Character)
from "The X-Files" (1993)

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"The X-Files: Unruhe (#4.4)" (1996)
Fox Mulder: [Interrogating Gerald Schnauz] Do you want to tell us about the first time you were arrested, Gerry?
Dana Scully: In 1980 you attacked your father with an axe handle. You beat him so severely that he spent the remainder of his life in a wheelchair.
Gerry Schnauz: I was not jailed, I was institutionalized. I had a kind of... chemical imbalance.
Fox Mulder: Yeah,
[reading from folder]
Fox Mulder: 'Gerald Thomas Schnauz diagnosed and treated for a paranoid schizophrenic disorder. Six years in Melvoyne Psychiatic Hospital. Released 1986.' So what have you been up to since 1986, Gerry?
Gerry Schnauz: Taking care of my father. Looking after him 24 hours a day. Making amends. He, uh... passed away in January.
Fox Mulder: How did you feel about that?
Gerry Schnauz: Sad...
Fox Mulder: It says here you have a sister. Where is your sister, Gerry?
Gerry Schnauz: She passed...
Fox Mulder: Actually, it says here she committed suicide in 1980. God, that was a bad year. What else happened in 1980, Gerry?
Gerry Schnauz: [Heated, almost indignant] Well, John Lennon got shot...