Alex Krycek
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Alex Krycek (Character)
from "The X-Files" (1993)

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"The X-Files: Patient X (#5.13)" (1998)
Alex Krycek: Well, look who's answering the bat-phone.
The Well-Manicured Man: Alex Krycek.
Alex Krycek: Those guys too cheap to offer you a pension plan?
The Well-Manicured Man: Where are you?
Alex Krycek: I'm in town, actually. New York City.
The Well-Manicured Man: Just tell us what you want.
Alex Krycek: You've been working on a vaccine, against the Black Oil.
The Well-Manicured Man: Unsuccessfully, you know?
Alex Krycek: Yeah, well. I figured you and your buddies must have been busy while I've been gone.
The Well-Manicured Man: Our research continues.
Alex Krycek: I'll take everything you've got.
The Well-Manicured Man: In exchange for...
Alex Krycek: The boy.
The Well-Manicured Man: Why is that in our interest?
Alex Krycek: Because, without what he knows, you're ain't gonna need any vaccine.
The Well-Manicured Man: And what does he know?
Alex Krycek: That's my opening offer. The longer you wait, the skinnier this kid gets.

Alex Krycek: You go back and tell them...
Marita Covarrubias: Tell them what? What happened here?
Alex Krycek: Tell them it's all going to hell.

Alex Krycek: Tell them to kiss my American ass.

"The X-Files: Tunguska (#4.8)" (1996)
Alex Krycek: [handcuffed to the steering wheel, whiny] Where have you been?
Fox Mulder: Making travel arrangements.
Alex Krycek: To go where?
Fox Mulder: Follow the pouch.
Alex Krycek: You're going to keep me in the dark?
[punches Krycek in the face]
Fox Mulder: Yeah.

Alex Krycek: [as Mulder exits the car] Mulder, you're not...
Fox Mulder: I'm leaving the window rolled down. If I'm not back in a week, I'll call Agent Scully to come bring you a bowl of water.
Alex Krycek: Mulder! You're not gonna leave me here! I got information, Mulder, about a second bomb! Time, date and place!
[Mulder pauses, turns back as Krycek bombards him with Russian invective]
Alex Krycek: ... Son of a bitch, get back here!
Fox Mulder: [goes back] What did you say to me?
Alex Krycek: What?
Fox Mulder: You called me a bad name.
[Krycek resumes swearing at him in Russian and spits in his face]
Fox Mulder: You speak Russian, Krycek?
Alex Krycek: My parents were Russian immigrants. What's it to you?

Alex Krycek: You can't bring these men to justice. They're protected. The laws of this country protect these men under the name of National Security. They know no law.

"The X-Files: Sleepless (#2.4)" (1994)
Krycek: Scully's a problem. A much larger problem than you described.
The Cigarette Smoking Man: Every problem has a solution.

Salvatore Matola: They said it'd be like living two lifetimes. And that... at first, that... that's what it was like. Not having to sleep and all made us feel like nothin' could touch us, you know? We'd do 24 hour patrols, night ambushes, you know, that type of thing.
Fox Mulder: And you never got tired?
Salvatore Matola: Nah. Not so that we had to sleep. And then, nothing that the pills couldn't fix.
Fox Mulder: Serotonin?
Salvatore Matola: Yeah.
Fox Mulder: How long did this go on?
Salvatore Matola: Quite awhile, I'd say. Quite awhile until we stopped taking orders from company commander in Saigon.
Krycek: The entire squadron went AWOL?
Salvatore Matola: Yeah, somethin' like that.
Fox Mulder: Well, then who did you take orders from?
Salvatore Matola: We didn't. We just made up missions as we went along, until it didn't matter anymore who we were killing. Farmers, women. Outside of Phu Bai, there was this... school and uh... they were just kids.

"The X-Files: Existence (#8.21)" (2001)
Alex Krycek: [pointing a gun at Mulder] It doesn't seem fair now. It doesn't seem right... coming out of this.
Mulder: What do you know about fair or right, Krycek? You're a coward.
Alex Krycek: I could've killed you so many times, Mulder, you gotta know that. I'm the one that kept you alive... praying you'd win somehow.
Mulder: Then there really is no God.
Alex Krycek: You think I'm bad; I'm a killer. We wanted the same thing, brother, that's what you don't understand.
Mulder: I wanted to stop them. All you wanted was to save your own ass.
Alex Krycek: No. I tried to stop them. I tried to kill Scully's baby to stop them, but it's too late. The tragedy is that you... you wouldn't let it go!... That's why I have to do this. 'Cause you know how deep it goes, right into the FBI.
Mulder: You want to kill me, Alex, kill me, like you killed my father.
[slowly walks toward Krycek]
Mulder: Just don't insult me trying to make me understand.

[after being shot by Skinner]
Alex Krycek: It's going to take more bullets than you can ever fire to win this game. One bullet, and I can give you a thousand lives... shoot Mulder.
[Skinner shoots Krycek in the head]

"The X-Files: The Red and the Black (#5.14)" (1998)
Alex Krycek: Kazakhstan, Skyland Mountain, the site in Pennsylvania. They're all alien lighthouses where the colonization will begin, but where now, a battle's being waged. A struggle for Heaven and Earth. Where there is one law: Fight or die. And one rule: Resist or serve.

Krycek: You must be losing it, Mulder. I can beat you with one hand.
Mulder: Isn't that how you like to beat yourself?
[Krycek cocks gun]
Mulder: If those were my last words, I can do better.

"The X-Files: Essence (#8.20)" (2001)
Alex Krycek: I wanted to destroy the truth before they learn the truth.

"The X-Files: Ascension (#2.6)" (1994)
The Cigarette Smoking Man: We tell you only what you need to know.
Krycek: I think I have a right to know.
The Cigarette Smoking Man: You have no rights, only orders to be carried out. If you have a problem with that, we'll make other arrangements.

"The X-Files: The Truth: Parts 1 & 2 (#9.19)" (2002)
Mulder: Why are you helping me?
Krycek: Because you can't do this alone.