Monica Reyes
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Monica Reyes (Character)
from "The X-Files" (1993)

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"The X-Files: 4-D (#9.4)" (2001)
Monica Reyes: Hey!
John Doggett: So, this is how the uptown crowd lives, huh?
Monica Reyes: This is it! Moving on up.
John Doggett: So is there anything really heavy that I can move for you, a dresser, a fridge.
Monica Reyes: No, but thank you, John, you just missed movers.
John Doggett: You don't say? I brought you a housewarming gift.
Monica Reyes: Hot dogs?
John Doggett: Polish sausage! It's the best in the city. There's a little stand a couple of blocks over on M Street. You'll be able to walk to it.
Monica Reyes: Wow.
John Doggett: Try one.
Monica Reyes: Mmm. Like I'm back in Gdansk. Let me get some plates.
John Doggett: Plates? For crying out loud... who eats Polish sausage with plates?

Walter Skinner: No, it's not a spasm.
Monica Reyes: What is it?
Walter Skinner: It's Morse code.

Monica Reyes: It's theoretical physics, but... what if it's real?

"The X-Files: Improbable (#9.13)" (2002)
Mr. Burt: What's this about numbers?
Dana Scully: Will you just...!
Mr. Burt: I'm very good with numbers.
Monica Reyes: The killer is driven by an impulse we believe is numerological.
Mr. Burt: Of course, he's a serial killer.

Mr. Burt: So, it's a kind of a game.
Dana Scully: No, it's not.
Monica Reyes: No, maybe it is. Maybe that's what this is about - who wins the game.
Mr. Burt: I think she's on to something!
Dana Scully: Agent Reyes, you can't reduce a complex factor's physical and psychological into a game.
Monica Reyes: You're a scientist, Agent Scully, your world is ruled by numbers. Atoms, molecules, periodicity...
Mr. Burt: Wow!
Monica Reyes: And wouldn't it follow that everything you've made from those things is ruled by numbers, too? Genes, chromosomes, us... the universe!
Mr. Burt: Go, girl!

"The X-Files: The Truth: Parts 1 & 2 (#9.19)" (2002)
John Doggett: You saw him? Mulder?
Monica Reyes: They've accused him of murder?
Scully: And they have him believing that he did it.
John Doggett: Of murdering who?
Scully: Knowle Rohrer.
John Doggett: Knowle Rohrer? It can't be. I watched Knowle Rohrer die.
Monica Reyes: He can't die. Knowle Rohrer's a super soldier.
Skinner: Mulder side-stepped security at a facility known as Mount Weather - a place where they say our so-called shadow government is installed.
Monica Reyes: What about this murder charge?
Skinner: Thirty government workers are ready to testify they witnessed Mulder push a military officer to his death.
John Doggett: Killing the man who can't be killed? Where are you going?
Scully: To beg mercy with a man upstairs.

Monica Reyes: What is the point of all of this? To destroy a man who seeks the truth or to destroy the truth so no man can seek it? Either way, you lose.

"The X-Files: Existence (#8.21)" (2001)
Monica Reyes: I have to say, with everything I know you must be feeling, you look amazingly beautiful, Dana.

FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: I'm to take this story seriously? These incidents at the FBI, this account of Agent Scully's birth - I'm to submit this report as quality investigative work, as representative of actual fact?
John Doggett: I signed the report there, sir.
FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: Yeah, I see it, John. And I see her signature here, too.
[turns to Agent Reyes]
FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: ... on an X-File? I'd like to know when you assigned yourself, Agent Reyes.
Monica Reyes: Agent Doggett assigned me, sir.
FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: Agent Doggett cannot just assume the authority of this office.
John Doggett: I assume it because this office is under investigation for a late night meeting between you, Agent Crane, and an intelligence operative named Knowle Rohrer.
Monica Reyes: Both men were presumed dead, but are now missing, in actual fact.
[they begin to walk out of Kersh's office]
FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: You investigate what *I* tell you.
John Doggett: And you put me on the X-Files: that's what I'm investigating.

"The X-Files: This Is Not Happening (#8.14)" (2001)
Monica Reyes: You're hurting for her, I know. Agent Scully.
John Doggett: I don't know how she's doing it in there. With everything she's feeling. What she's afraid of.
Monica Reyes: You know all too well.
John Doggett: Let's leave the past in the past.
Monica Reyes: It was your fear, too. Those three days we looked for your son. The fear of finding what we did. I understand. That's why you're so determined to find Mulder alive.
John Doggett: It's why I can't stand here and listen to all this mumbo jumbo about spaceships.
Monica Reyes: I saw what I saw, John. I'm not going to lie to you. But whatever it was, it led to this. It's the man I saw in the field. He goes by the name Absalom. A religious zealot who escaped a shoot-out in Idaho. Where he was the nominal leader of a doomsday cult who believed aliens would take over the world at the millennium. Disgraced when they didn't, he fled and tried a more ecumenical scam - credit card fraud. I ran the plate on the pick-up truck. It's registered to a farm about an hour from here.

"The X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today II (#9.2)" (2001)
FBI Assistant Director Brad Follmer: You're making a big mistake here.
Monica Reyes: Yeah, I seem to make one every time I walk in your door.

"The X-Files: Hellbound (#9.8)" (2002)
Detective Van Allen: You Reyes?
John Doggett: I'm Doggett. She's Reyes.
Monica Reyes: Detective Van Allen?
Detective Van Allen: That's right.
Monica Reyes: I appreciate your help on this.
Detective Van Allen: What help is that?
Monica Reyes: On this investigation.
Detective Van Allen: There isn't a lot to investigate. I mean, Victor Potts wasn't exactly one of the FBI's ten most wanted.
John Doggett: I think she means your insight into the way he died, Detective.
Detective Van Allen: Don't have any. But I'm sure you'd rather talk to somebody who actually gives a damn, right?
John Doggett: Hate to say it but, he probably sums up most peoples feelings.

"The X-Files: Audrey Pauley (#9.11)" (2002)
[to Agent Doggett]
Monica Reyes: You are a dog person, John.

"The X-Files: John Doe (#9.7)" (2002)
Monica Reyes: I'm so sorry about Luke, about you having to relive that.
John Doggett: I'll take the bad as long as I can remember the good.

"The X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today (#9.1)" (2001)
Monica Reyes: You make it sound like I go home from work with post-its on my ass.

"The X-Files: Underneath (#9.12)" (2002)
Monica Reyes: Somehow this person materialized inside a maximum security prison, killed an inmate, and then vanished into thin air.
John Doggett: Materialized how, like Casper the Friendly Ghost?