Conrad Strughold
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Conrad Strughold (Character)
from The X Files (1998)

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The X Files (1998)
[last lines]
Conrad Strughold: Oh, you look hot and miserable. Why have you traveled all this way?
Cigarette Smoking Man: We have business to discuss.
Conrad Strughold: You have regular channels.
Cigarette Smoking Man: This involves Mulder.
Conrad Strughold: Ah, that name. Again and again.
Cigarette Smoking Man: He's seen more than he should.
Conrad Strughold: What has he seen? Of the whole, he has seen but pieces.
Cigarette Smoking Man: He's determined now, reinvested.
Conrad Strughold: He's but one man. One man alone cannot fight the future.
Cigarette Smoking Man: Yesterday, I received this.
[hands him a telegram]
Conrad Strughold: [reads it, then drops it with a worried look] Oh...
[we see that it reads: "X-Files reopened. Stop. Please advise. Stop"]