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Mr. French (Character)
from O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
Lund: Now, what can I do you for Mr. French?
French: How can I lay a hold of them Soggy Bottom Boys?
Lund: Soggy Bottom? I don't precisely recollect them.
French: They cut a record in here a few days ago, was an old-timey harmony thing with a guitar accom... accomp...
Lund: Oh here, here, here, I remember them! They was colored fellas, I believe.
French: Uh huh.
Lund: Yessuh, they're a fine bunch a boys. They sang in the yonder can and skeedadled.
French: Well that record is goin' through the goddamned roof. They playin' it as far away as Mobile.
Lund: Naw?
French: Whole damn state's goin' apey.
Lund: Well it was a powerful air.
French: Hot damn, we gotta find them boys and sign 'em to a big fat contract. Hells Bells, Mr. Lund, if we don't the goddamned competition will.
Lund: Ohhhh mercy! Yes we got to beat that competition.