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Quotes for
Brendan Harris (Character)
from Mystic River (2003)

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Mystic River (2003)
Brendan Harris: I know you can speak. So say it, say you love me.
[Ray loks at John, Brendan grabs him by the hair and pulls his face towards himself]
Brendan Harris: Don't look at him, look at me say it say you love me!
[Ray gets out of his grasp and flips him off, Brendan leaps up after him and throws him across the table. He then goes after John]
Brendan Harris: My brother does nothing without you, huh!
John O'Shea: No, please stop!
[Brendan punches him and kicks him in the face a few times]
Brendan Harris: I'm comin' back!
[He then goes up to Ray, punches him and gets on top of him]
Brendan Harris: You love me so much you gotta kill my fucking girlfriend, huh? Speak you fuckin' freak, or I will you fucking kill you! Katie.Say it! Say it or you die!

Katie Markum: If my dad sees you sneaking in my car, he'll shoot you.
Brendan Harris: [they kiss] What if your dad sees me doing this?
[they kiss again]
Katie Markum: He'll shoot you. And then he'll kill you.
[they kiss again]

Brendan Harris: I loved her so much. I'm never gonna feel that again. It doesn't happen twice.
Sean Devine: Doesn't happen once most times.