Sean Devine
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Sean Devine (Character)
from Mystic River (2003)

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Mystic River (2003)
Sean Devine: So Jimmy, when was the last time you saw Dave?
Jimmy Markum: The last time I saw Dave...
Sean Devine: Yeah, Dave Boyle.
Jimmy Markum: Dave Boyle...
Sean Devine: Yeah Jimmy, Dave Boyle.
Jimmy Markum: That was twenty-five years ago, going up this street, in the back of that car.

Sean Devine: Do you remember the man's name?
Liquor Store Owner: Do I look senile to you?

Sean Devine: Jimmy, what did you do?
Jimmy Markum: [rubs Sean Devine on the shoulder]
Jimmy Markum: Thanks for finding my daughter's killer, Sean. If only you'd been a little faster.
Sean Devine: You gonna send Celeste Boyle 500 a month too?

Sean Devine: Sometimes I think, I think all three of us got in that car...

Dave Boyle: Hey, you think I can get that Sprite, Sean?
Sean Devine: Sure.
[opens the door to leave]
Dave Boyle: Oh, I get it. You're the good cop. How about a meatball sub while you're at it?
Sean Devine: I ain't your bitch, Dave. Looks like you're going to have to wait.
Dave Boyle: Yeah, but you're someone's bitch, aren't you, Sean?

Sean Devine: What the fuck am I gonna tell him? "Hey, Jimmy. God said you owed another marker. He came to collect."

Sean Devine: The reality is we're still 11 year old boys locked in a cellar imagining what our lives would have been if we'd escaped.

Sean Devine: [on the phone with Lauren] Okay. "Hey Sean, how was your day?" Oh me? I'm tired of wishing things made sense. I'm tired of caring about some dead girl, and there's just gonna be another one after her. Sending killers to jail is just sending them where they've been heading all their dumb, pathetic lives. The dead are still dead.

Whitey Powers: The moment I laid eyes on him, I could tell he'd done time. They never lose it, you know. That tension, it settles up around their shoulders.
Sean Devine: He just lost his daughter, maybe that's what's settled in his shoulders.
Whitey Powers: No, that's in his stomach. The tension in his shoulders, that's prison.

Brendan Harris: I loved her so much. I'm never gonna feel that again. It doesn't happen twice.
Sean Devine: Doesn't happen once most times.

[at the crime scene, Sean finds Jimmy screaming and being held by several police officers]
Jimmy: Is my daughter in there? Is she in there? Is she in there?
Sean Devine: [Officer Devine approaches the melee] Hey! Hey, take it easy! That's the father.
Jimmy: Is my daughter in there?
[fighting the officers]
Jimmy: Motherfuckers! Is that my daughter in there? Is she in there?
[Sean gives a small nod]
Jimmy: Sean! Is that my daughter in there? Is that my daughter in there? No! No! No! No, aagggh, no! No! Oh, God! Oh, God! No!
[as Jimmy looks up at the heavens, we get a bird's or helicopter's eye view of him raving among a dark blue sea of police officers struggling to hold him]