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Knox Overstreet (Character)
from Dead Poets Society (1989)

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Dead Poets Society (1989)
[about joining the DPS]
Charlie Dalton: It'll help you get Chris!
Knox Overstreet: Yeah? How?
Charlie Dalton: Women swoon!
[Dalton rushes off to class]
Knox Overstreet: But why do they swoon?
[runs after Dalton]
Knox Overstreet: Charlie, tell me why they swoon!

[last lines]
Todd Anderson: [stands up on his desk] O Captain! My Captain!
Mr. Nolan: Sit down, Mr. Anderson! Do you hear me? Sit down! Sit down! This is your final warning, Anderson. How dare you? Do you hear me?
Knox Overstreet: [climbs up onto his desk] O Captain! My Captain!
Mr. Nolan: Mr. Overstreet, I warn you! Sit down!
[Pitts climbs onto his desk, followed by Meeks, then over half the class, one by one]
Mr. Nolan: Sit down! Sit down. All of you. I want you seated. Sit down. Leave, Mr. Keating. All of you, down. I want you seated. Do you hear me? Sit down!
John Keating: Thank you, boys. Thank you.

Knox Overstreet: C'mon, Chris, just give me one chance. If you don't like me after tonight I'll stay away forever.
Chris Noel: Uh-huh.
Knox Overstreet: I promise. Dead Poets Honor. You come with me tonight and then if you don't wanna see me again I swear I'll bow out.
Chris Noel: You know what would happen if Chet found out?
Knox Overstreet: He won't know anything. We'll sit in the back and sneak away as soon as it's over.
Chris Noel: And I suppose you would promise that this would be the end of it.
Knox Overstreet: Dead Poets Honor.
Chris Noel: What is that?
Knox Overstreet: My word.

Dalton: Gentlemen, what are the Four Pillars?
Dalton, Meeks, Neil, Knox, Todd Anderson: Travesty. Horror. Decadence. Excrement.

Gerard Pitts: Too bad.
Knox Overstreet: It's worse than "too bad," Pittsie. It's a tragedy. A girl this beautiful in love with such a jerk.
Gerard Pitts: All the good ones go for jerks. You know that.

Knox Overstreet: The point, Charlie... is... that she was thinking about me. I've only met her once, and already she's thinking about me.