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Quotes for
Ben Fong-Torres (Character)
from Almost Famous (2000)

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Almost Famous (2000)
Ben Fong-Torres: A Mo-Jo, it's a very modern machine that transmits pages over the telephone! It only takes eighteen minutes a page!

Ben Fong-Torres: You're not there to party. We've already got *one* Hunter Thompson.

Ben Fong-Torres: [reading William's story] "I'm flying high over Tupelo, Mississippi... with America's hottest band... and we're all about to die." - Dark, lively.

Ben Fong-Torres: There's a mojo at the "Daily News" they'll let us use.
William Miller: A "mojo"?
Ben Fong-Torres: A mojo. It's a very modern machine that transmits pages over the telephone. It only takes 18 minutes a page.