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Norman Waters (Character)
from Noah (1998) (TV)

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Noah (1998) (TV)
[Norman and Angela walk in on Levon and his girlfriend making out in the Ark]
Norman Waters: You know, Levon, the Ark is not a make-out place.
Angela: Norman, he's fifteen. Every place is a make-out place.

Zack: Norman, I said only members of your family!
Norman Waters: This is my family! I'm not Noah, I'm Norman! And on Norman's ark, there's a place for everybody!

Norman Waters: Angela you can't afford this!
Angela: You're not the only one with the dream.

Norman Waters: They don't need a boat. They need a dad.
Zack: Oh that's really sweet; you should send greeting cards. But not before you finish the ark!

Norman Waters: How was your game?
Levon: You mean the one you missed?

Ernie: I'm sorry Norman, but I gotta quit too. When the Norman I know comes back, give me a call.
Norman Waters: Hey Ernie! That Norman's not coming back.

Norman Waters: I thought the dream died, but I guess it just went to sleep for a while.

Levon: Everything was fine until you started building this stupid thing!
Norman Waters: No, no. Nothing's been fine since your mom died.