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Jason Wise (Character)
from Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Final Destination 3 (2006)
Jason Wise: [to Wendy] I'll meet you at the end.

Wendy Christensen: [after Kevin tells the roller coaster attendant that the first rows are good for him, Wendy, Jason, and Carrie] Wait... no... no please. I'm sorry. I can't sit in the front. I cannot see the tracks. I'll freak.
Kevin Fischer: Okay... uh... well Carrie will sit in the back. All right, babe?
Carrie Dreyer: Ugh, why me? Because we're girls? Fuck that. I'm going to Berkeley, and I won't get to do this for a while. I'm sitting in the front.
Wendy Christensen: Jason, just go.
Jason Wise: You can't sit alone in the back.
Kevin Fischer: All right, you know what? We can settle this like your old man. How about that? Hmm?
[Pulls out a coin]
Kevin Fischer: Call it.
Jason Wise: Heads.
Kevin Fischer: [Flips the coin and it lands on heads] Shit!
[Jason and Carrie laugh]
Kevin Fischer: All right, fine. Well, see ya. Go ahead. Bye, babe.

Erin: A rollercoaster is just elemental physics, a conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.
Ian McKinley: Yeah, odds are like 1 in 250 million of dying on a roller coaster.
Jason Wise: Yeah, yeah, thanks for that McKinley.
Ian McKinley: You're more likely to die driving to an amusement park than dying at one.

Jason Wise: What's wrong?
Wendy Christensen: Um. I was having that feeling like Deja Vu. You know, except for, something that hasn't happened yet.
Kevin Fischer: Jay. Come on man let's go!
Jason Wise: [turns to Kevin] Yeah yeah. Hold on.
Jason Wise: [back to Wendy] What are you weirded out by the ride?
Wendy Christensen: [smiles and looks down]
Jason Wise: Hey look I know you. And I'm thinking that maybe you're nervous about this roller coaster because they say that the real fear with these rides, is the feeling of having no control. Everyone imagines stuff when they get scared. But it never turns out to be the way they imagined. Never.
Wendy Christensen: [quietly] Okay.
Wendy Christensen: [smiles and kisses him]

Kevin Fischer: You know what? You're a real piece of shit Lewis. Fuck you.
Lewis Romero: Fuck moi? No fuck you.
[Kevin grabs his arm and Lewis slaps Erin in the face]
Erin: Agh.
Jason Wise: [Ian gets up and grabs Lewis, who is already in a fight with Kevin] Dude, let me off!
[the fight between Lewis, Ian, and Kevin continues]
Jason Wise: Dude let me OFF!
Ashley Freund: This is so high school.
Ashlynn Halperin: Out.
[Ashlyn and Ashley leave their seats]
Frankie Cheeks: Wait where are you ladies going?
Erin: [trying to get Ian up from the fight] Ian!
Jason Wise: [while Security guards grab Wendy, Kevin, Ian, Erin, and Lewis] Dude let me off, I got to see if she's okay.
[crowd starts chanting, "Aye, oh, let's go!"]
Jason Wise: DUDE LET ME OFF!
[worker signals other roller coaster worker to start the ride]
Jason Wise: Let me off!
[ride starts]
Jason Wise: Dude that's my girlfriend!