Eugene Dix
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Eugene Dix (Character)
from Final Destination 2 (2003)

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Final Destination 2 (2003)
Eugene: What? What? What is it, Nora?

Clear Rivers: Being alive after we were supposed to die caused an outward ripple. A RIFT IN DEATH'S DESIGN!
Eugene: So, if you hadn't gotten off the plane, we wouldn't be alive to begin with.
Clear Rivers: YES! That's why death is working backwards. It's tying up all the loose ends, and sealing the rift once and for all.

[in an elevator; on the phone]
Nora: Hello?
Burke: Nora!
Nora: Who is this?
Burke: Nora? Can you hear me?
Nora: O-Officer Burke? I can't hear you! What?
Eugene: What? What's he saying?
Burke: Nora, a man with hooks is gonna kill you.

Eugene: You hear me, Oprah?

Eugene: Agh! Let me out of here!

Eugene: Honey, my ass is alive, has been all day!

[repeated line]
Eugene: Bullshit.

Eugene: [after hearing Clear's explanation of death coming for them and how to look for signs to cheat it] OK I've gotta call bullshit because that's all this is is a bunch of bullshit.
Clear Rivers: Call it what you want, but it'll keep your ass alive
Eugene: Darling, my ass is alive and has been all day!