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Biography for
Ian McKinley (Character)
from Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Ian (Kris Lemche) is at the amusement park with his girlfriend Erin (Alexz Johnson). While in the line for the rollercoaster, Ian attempts to calm down a panicked Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), but Wendy's boyfriend Jason (Jesse Moss) dismisses what he is saying. On the ride, Ian sits next to Erin. As the ride malfunctions and the harneses fail, the ride goes into a loop, but loses momentum, stopping upside down. Ian falls out of his seat and holds onto his harness, but cant hold on and falls to his death, along with Erin. But that is revealed to just be Wendy's premonition.After the premonition, a fight breaks out between Lewis (Texas Battle) and Kevin (Ryan Merriman). Ian joins the fight after Lewis accidentally slaps Erin in the face, resulting in them all being kicked out. After the death of two survivours, Ashley (Chelan Simmons) and Ashlyn (Crystal Lowe), Ian attends their funeral. The minister (R. David Stephens) makes a speech on the students being "equal in death's eyes". Ian scoffs at this, saying "Equal in Deaths eyes? All of us? How can you say that? Dude, think it through, Charlie Manson; he made it to seventy. Osama? Still kicking. Pimps, vice presidents walking around; all the atrocities they've commited, they're alive and well. But these to girls, never done **** to anybody, and they don't get to make it to eighteen. Where's the ****ing equality in that?" After this, Erin, Kevin and Lewis remove him. Later, after Lewis and Frankie (Sam Easton) die, Ian and Erin are working at the hardware store. Ian, realizing pigeons are living in the store gets a nail gun and shoots the pigeons. When Wendy and Kevin arrive to warn the pair they are next on Death's list, they do not believe them. Erin and Ian mock the pair. Ian then goes on to say that Wendy should kill herself to save the others. Meanwhile, a forklift has been left running that has now run into a shelf. Just as the contents of the shelf begin to fall, Wendy saves Ian. Wendy falls to the floor as planks of wood fall on top of Kevin and Ian, making them unable to move. As more things fall, a piece of plywood pops a sandbag, casuing Erin to scream and stumble back onto Ian's nailgun, which discharges several nails into her head and hand, in front of a devastated Ian. A few days later, an insane and paranoid Ian follows Wendy to a tricentennial celebration when she tries to save her sister, Julie (Amanda Crew). Here, Ian plans to cause Wendy's death and mocks her. Wendy pleads for him to stay away from her, as if he does it will all be over, but Ian said he didn't care as he had already been skipped. Some fireworks which were supposed to Wendy's death shoot out and fly straight towards Ian, missing him narrowly and and explode when they hit a cherry picker behind him. Ian laughs evilly and shouts "You see? I'm not gonna die! It's you, Wendy! You're dead!". But then the cherry picker comes crashing to the ground. Ian looks up at it before it falls on top of him and smashes him in two. The top half of his corpse is seen on the ground in a bloody mess, flipping off Wendy, Kevin and Julie.

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