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Quotes for
Ashlyn Halperin (Character)
from Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Final Destination 3 (2006)
Ashlynn Halperin: Oh my god, Ashley! You're so totally winning!

Frankie Cheeks: [Frankie is recording Ashley and Ashlyn with his video camera] You guys are smoking hot!
Ashley Freund: Get out Frankie!
Ashlyn Halperin: Yeah! Why are you even here?
Ashley Freund: Yeah! You graduated like, 2 years ago!

Ashley Freund: [to Wendy] Wen! So we're ready for graduation tonight? We're going to the tanning salon afterwards, and we are so totally cool if you wanna come-with.
Ashlynn Halperin: Totally!
Ashley Freund: and just like talk, here's my cell. I already have your number.

Frankie Cheeks: Oh! Where you guys are right now if you raise your hands and just... Ha - cup them slightly it'll look like you're holding the devil's balls.
Ashley Freund: And we'd wanna do that why?
Frankie Cheeks: When else you ever gonna see a dick that big?
Ashlynn Halperin: I'm looking at one right now.

Ashlynn Halperin: Shit. I forgot my iPod.
Ashley Freund: Sucks bitch. They've got CDs.
[Ashley gets on one of the tanning booths and checks out the CDs on the shelf]
Ashley Freund: Ew, Celine? Britney? Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here or what?
Ashlynn Halperin: Yeah!

Ashlynn Halperin: [before her death] It's way too warm in here now, huh?

Kevin Fischer: You know what? You're a real piece of shit Lewis. Fuck you.
Lewis Romero: Fuck moi? No fuck you.
[Kevin grabs his arm and Lewis slaps Erin in the face]
Erin: Agh.
Jason Wise: [Ian gets up and grabs Lewis, who is already in a fight with Kevin] Dude, let me off!
[the fight between Lewis, Ian, and Kevin continues]
Jason Wise: Dude let me OFF!
Ashley Freund: This is so high school.
Ashlynn Halperin: Out.
[Ashlyn and Ashley leave their seats]
Frankie Cheeks: Wait where are you ladies going?
Erin: [trying to get Ian up from the fight] Ian!
Jason Wise: [while Security guards grab Wendy, Kevin, Ian, Erin, and Lewis] Dude let me off, I got to see if she's okay.
[crowd starts chanting, "Aye, oh, let's go!"]
Jason Wise: DUDE LET ME OFF!
[worker signals other roller coaster worker to start the ride]
Jason Wise: Let me off!
[ride starts]
Jason Wise: Dude that's my girlfriend!

Ashlynn Halperin: Get me out of here!

Ashley Freund: I just wanna make sure we look our best.
Ashlynn Halperin: Yeah!
Ashley Freund: You know, for all those kids that died that night who will never get a graduation.

Ashley Freund: [singing along] Rollercoaster!
Ashlynn Halperin: Oh-oh-oh!