Ma Bailey
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Ma Bailey (Character)
from It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

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It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Ernie Bishop: Just a minute! Quiet everybody! Quiet, quiet. Now get this, it's from London.
Ma Bailey: Oh!
Ernie Bishop: [Reading the telegram in his hand] Mr. Gower cabled you need cash, stop. My office instructed to advance you up to twenty-five thousand dollars, stop. Hee Haw and Merry Christmas! Sam Wainwright.

[first lines]
Mr. Emil Gower: I owe everything to George Bailey. Help him, dear Father.
Giuseppe Martini: Joseph, Jesus and Mary. Help my friend, Mr. Bailey.
Ma Bailey: Help my son, George, tonight.
Bert: He never thinks about himself, God, that's why he's in trouble.
Ernie Bishop: George is a good guy. Give him a break, God.
Mary: I love him, dear Lord. Watch over him tonight.
Janie Bailey: Please, God, something's the matter with Daddy.
Zuzu Bailey: Please bring Daddy back.

Ma Bailey: First Harry, now George. Annie, we're just two old maids now.
Annie: You speak for yourself, Miss B.

Ma Bailey: [speaking of Mary Hatch] Why, she lights up like a firefly whenever you are around. Besides, Sam Wainright is off in New York, and you're here in Bedford Falls...
George Bailey: And all's fair in love and war, right?
Ma Bailey: [fixing his collar] Well, I don't know about war...

[in the alternate 'Pottersville' universe, George knocks on the front door of his former house which is now a run-down boarding house. His terribly-aged, unhappy mother opens the door]
Ma Bailey: [hostile tone] What? What! Who are you? Wadda want?
George Bailey: Mother?
Ma Bailey: Mother? I'm Ma Bailey! If you want a room... we're all full up. Get out of here!
George Bailey: Mother, don't you remember me? I'm your son, George.
Ma Bailey: George who? I've never had a son, named George! Get out of here before I call the police!
George Bailey: No... please Ma... I mean, Mrs. Bailey. Can't you let me come inside? It's cold out here and it's Christmas Eve. I'm in trouble and I'm going through something awful now. Can't you let me in for just a few minutes, for a cup of coffee or tea? It's just until I get over it.
Ma Bailey: Get over what? I don't let strangers into my house, not unless they're sent by someone I know.
George Bailey: But I know everyone you know! Like... your brother-in-law, Uncle Billy.
Ma Bailey: [suspicious] You know him?
George Bailey: Of course I do.
Ma Bailey: When'd you see him last?
George Bailey: Today, over at his house.
Ma Bailey: That's a lie! He's been locked up in an insane asylum upstate every since he lost his business! And if you ask me, that's where you belong too!
[Ma Bailey slams the door in George's face as he looks on with shock]

Ma Bailey: [kisses George] That's for nothing.

Ma Bailey: Looks like she
[Ruth Dakin]
Ma Bailey: can keep Harry on his toes.
George Bailey: Keep him out of Bedford Falls anyway.