Sir Leigh Teabing
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Sir Leigh Teabing (Character)
from The Da Vinci Code (2006)

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The Da Vinci Code (2006)
Sir Leigh Teabing: [to Sophie] Can you keep secrets? Can you hear a thing and never say it again? And puzzles and codes, I imagine they lay down to you like lovers.

Silas: You, cripple. Put the keystone on the table.
Sir Leigh Teabing: You will not succeed. Only the worthy can unlock the stone.

Silas: [to Sophie] Do not move, woman.
[to Teabing]
Silas: Cripple, put the box on the table.
Sir Leigh Teabing: What, this trifle? Perhaps we can make a financial arrangement.
Silas: Put the keystone on the table.
Sir Leigh Teabing: You will not succeed. Only the worthy can unlock the stone.
[Silas turns gun on Teabing, pulls hammer back]

Robert Langdon: It's an old wives' tale.
Sir Leigh Teabing: The original one, in fact!

Sir Leigh Teabing: If it's that important to stop us, you'll have to shoot us.
[Points to Remy]
Sir Leigh Teabing: You can start with him.

Sir Leigh Teabing: And this is from the gospel of Mary Magdalene herself.
Sophie Neveu: She wrote a gospel?
Robert Langdon: She may have.
Sir Leigh Teabing: Robert, will you fight fair?
Robert Langdon: She *may* have.

Sir Leigh Teabing: Did that old cannabis charge finally catch up with me?

Robert Langdon: The ancient male symbol was the blade, it's a basic phallus. It's still used today on military uniforms.
Sir Leigh Teabing: Yes, and the more penises you have, the higher your rank. Boys will be boys!

Sir Leigh Teabing: As long as there has been one true God, there has been killing in his name.

[Langdon is speaking into the intercom at the gate of Teabing's house]
Sir Leigh Teabing: Robert! Do I owe you money?
Robert Langdon: Leigh, my friend. Care to open up for an old colleague?
Sir Leigh Teabing: Of course.
[Robert goes to shut the car door]
Sir Leigh Teabing: But first, a test of honor. Three questions.
Robert Langdon: [somewhat annoyed] Fire away!
Sir Leigh Teabing: Your first: shall I serve coffee or tea?
Robert Langdon: Tea, of course.
Sir Leigh Teabing: Excellent! Second: milk or lemon?
Robert Langdon: That would depend on the tea.
Sir Leigh Teabing: Correct! And now the third and most grave of inquiries. In which year did a Harvard scholar outrow an Oxford man at Henley?
Robert Langdon: [reluctantly] Surely such a travesty has never occurred.
Sir Leigh Teabing: Your heart is true. You may pass.

Robert Langdon: [during a very bumpy ride in a jeep] Jesus!
Sir Leigh Teabing: Apropos.

Sir Leigh Teabing: It is called scotoma. The mind sees what it wants to see.

Sir Leigh Teabing: He who keeps the keys to Heaven rules the world.

Sir Leigh Teabing: The Bible did not arrive by Fax from Heaven.