Dame Pansy
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Dame Pansy (Character)
from Time Bandits (1981)

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Time Bandits (1981)
Pansy: Oh, you don't have to wear the "special"...?
Vincent: No, no, no, I don't have to wear the "special." Anymore.

Vincent: Pansy, look at me.
Pansy: Yes, Vincent.
Vincent: Do you... do you... love me?
Pansy: Of course I love you.
Vincent: You... you don't mind the thing... on my... on my nose...
Pansy: Oh you mean your...
Vincent: Yes, my...
Pansy: No, darling... of course I don't mind...
Vincent: You could get used to have a chap around the house with a... with a... with a damn thing on his nose.
Pansy: Of course, my love. Everyone has something odd about them. Why I've got an enormous...
Vincent: Pansy!

Vincent: Oh no. The problem. The problem, Pansy! It's started again!
Pansy: Oh! Oh, don't worry, darling!
Vincent: Ohhh... ohhh...
Pansy: I say!
Vincent: I must have fruit!

Pansy: Help! Robbers!
Og: Hey! That's us!

Pansy: Oh, Sir Vincent, you came for me!
Vincent: Oh, good Mistress Pansy, I could not have ridden faster! Four horses have I exhausted this day from Nottingham!
Pansy: Oh, the way you leapt to my chamber, so full of... of... manliness!
Vincent: I could scarce restrain the rushing of my feet! These twelve long years have been like chains abound me!
Pansy: Oh... Oh, and the personal problem?
Vincent: Oh, much, much better.

Pansy: [she and Vincent are tied to a tree; the Time Bandits are running towards them] Oh, Vincent, someone's coming. Help. Help, I say. Oh, at last. Oh, I say!
[the bandits run right past without taking any notice]
Pansy: I say my fiancee and I would appreciate a bit of assistance!