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Reverend Clement Hedges (Character)
from The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

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The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
Reverend Clement Hedges: This was no man. Does a man have teeth the size of axe blades? Or ears like terrible tombstones? By tampering with nature, forcing vegetables to swell far beyond their natural size, we have brought a terrible judgement upon ourselves.
[Omninous organ music plays]
PC McIntosh: [to the organ player] Hey, give over!
[Organ player stops]
PC McIntosh: You're mental.
Reverend Clement Hedges: And for our sins, a hideous creature has been sent to punish us all! Repent! Repent! Lest you, too, taste the wrath of... the Were-Rabbit!

Reverend Clement Hedges: Hello? Is anyone there?
[Were-Rabbit lets out an enormous belch]
Reverend Clement Hedges: Mrs. Mulch?

Reverend Clement Hedges: I have a hunch this is going to be a night to remember!
Mr. Growbag: I just have a hunch.

Reverend Clement Hedges: To kill such a creature will require nerves of steel and... a bullet!
[lightning strikes]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: A bullet?
[lightning strikes]
Reverend Clement Hedges: A bullet!
[lightning strikes]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: A bull...
[lightning strikes]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: Oh!
[closing the window]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: What kind of bullet?
Reverend Clement Hedges: A bullet... of pure gold.
Lord Victor Quartermaine: Gold?
Reverend Clement Hedges: Yes... 24 "carrots"

[Victor is dangling by his braces from a weather-vane with his bare buttocks showing]
Reverend Clement Hedges: Beware the moon!

Reverend Clement Hedges: Protect and nourish the frail and the weak, O Lord. Let them grow big and strong under Thy loving care.
[Pull back to show him "blessing" his vegetables]
Reverend Clement Hedges: In fact, let them grow bigger and stronger than anyone else's, so that the first prize might be mine. Amen.

Lord Victor Quartermaine: Vicar! Vicar! Oh, where the devil is he?
Reverend Clement Hedges: Do you want to confess?
Lord Victor Quartermaine: I want to talk to you about... The beast.
[lightning strikes]
Reverend Clement Hedges: Everything you need to know is inside this book.
Lord Victor Quartermaine: Nun Wrestling?
Reverend Clement Hedges: No I meant this book.
[lays a book on the table]

[Wallace and Gromit have captured a rabbit]
Reverend Clement Hedges: Bless you Anti-Pesto! With you out there protecting our veg, the most important event of the year is safe.
Mrs. Mulch: Yeah, and I hope they give them pests what's comin' to them and all.
Reverend Clement Hedges: Amen to that, Mrs. Mulch!

[after both of Victor's shots miss]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: [Grabbing the Reverend] Quick! I need another gold bullet!
Reverend Clement Hedges: They don't come cheap, you know!

Reverend Clement Hedges: Beware! Beware the beast within!