Sheriff Hoyt
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Sheriff Hoyt (Character)
from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)
[from trailer]
Sheriff Hoyt: See whatcha did boy?

Sheriff Hoyt: [after seeing Leatherface with a mask for the first time] I like your new face.

Sheriff Hoyt: As long as we stick t'geth'r th'ain't nuthin' we can't handle!

Sheriff Hoyt: We're on our own tonight people... and alone, we shall rise above it all!

Sheriff Hoyt: [after shooting the sheriff of a small town] Damn, I just killed the entire police department!

Sheriff Hoyt: Ask after grace, asshole.

Sheriff Hoyt: [to Eric] You don't like playin' with me anymore 'cause I'm a pussy, that's what you said. Well my nephew Tommy ain't no pussy, maybe you wanna play with him for a little while.

Sheriff Hoyt: My money says he aint going nowhere

Sheriff Hoyt: Get her in there! I think you like wasting my time blondie!

Chrissie: Why are you doing this?
Sheriff Hoyt: No talking untill i've said grace, asshole.

Sheriff Hoyt: Tommy? Tommy? We need you upstairs. Bring your lil' toy with you.
Luda Mae: What are you goona do to him?
Sheriff Hoyt: Nothin' but a little surgery. Come on now Tommy.
[Chainsaw revs, Monty's leg is sliced off, the other leg cut in the process]
Sheriff Hoyt: Now come on Tommy, that's sloppy work. Fix it up!
Luda Mae: No No!
[Cuts off other leg clean]
Luda Mae: What on earth didya do that for?
Sheriff Hoyt: You know, jus' to balance things out.

Sheriff Hoyt: There comes a time, when a boy, becomes a man.

Chrissie: [Charlie, or "Hoyt" finishes saying grace] I have a question for you. It involves the family tree, the lineage, if you will. Its like a system through a table...
Chrissie: Do you guys fuck all your cousins, or just the ones you find attractive?
Sheriff Hoyt: You blasphemous Bitch! This is redemption lady, thats what this is! Oh your all gonna pay for your sins, thats right. And especially you!

Holden: I'm looking for the girl.
Sheriff Hoyt: The girl? She's right there.
[Points to Bailey]
Holden: That's not her.
Sheriff Hoyt: Well if that's not the girl then... oh I don't think you wanna see the other one.

Sheriff Hoyt: [Hoyt looks at Monty's freshly severed leg cut off by Leatherface] Look at that, that's not neat at all. Even 'em up boy!
[Leatherface proceeds to cut off the other leg]

Sheriff Hoyt: Come on Tommy, Ain't no different than the slaughterhouse. Meat's meat, Bone's bone... Get it done.

Sheriff Winston: [about tom aka Leatherface] You raised that retard right, you and me, we aint takin' this drive right now.
Sheriff Hoyt: He aint retarded, he's misunderstood.

[seeing Baby Thomas aka Baby Leatherface for the first time]
Young Luda Mae: Isn't he beautiful?
Sheriff Hoyt: That's the ugliest thing I ever saw.

Sheriff Hoyt: [after shooting the Sheriff] Holy Shit! I just killed the whole fucking Sheriff's department... wonder what that felt like?

Sheriff Hoyt: People may not remember what we say here tonight, but by God they'll remember what we did.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Sheriff Hoyt: I smell bullshit.

Sheriff Hoyt: I bet she's real unhappy, real sorry that you're getting fuckin' her blood all over your goddamn arm. You know, back when I was a young patrolman, I used to love wrapping up these young honies.
Andy: Yeah, I bet you did.
Sheriff Hoyt: Yeah, cop me a little bit of a feel every now and then, you know. Oh, look at that. She's kind of wet down there. What you boys been doing with this dead body anyway?
Andy: Can we please finish this?

Sheriff Hoyt: You know, I have just as much respect for dead as anybody.
[sees Andy and Morgan putting the dead hitchhiker in the backseat of his patrol car]
Sheriff Hoyt: Get that nasty, goddamn thing out of the backseat of my goddamn car. Put it in the trunk, what the hells the matter with you?

[after Morgan tries shooting the sheriff with no avail]
Sheriff Hoyt: Well, well, well. Look at we have here. We got ourselves a killer. Only this time, you killed the sheriff.

Sheriff Hoyt: How about giving me a hand here, asshole? You don't expect me to do this by myself? I need some help.
Andy: Why do I always get yanked into this shit? What am I doing?
Sheriff Hoyt: Lift her up and just kind of pull her over your way there. She ain't gonna bite you. She's deader than a goddamn doornail. Get a-hold of her and pick her up.

Pepper: It just seems so wrong.
Sheriff Hoyt: Don't give me any crap, young lady. Goddamn it, I got just as much respect for a dead body as anybody around here.

Sheriff Hoyt: Is that where she was sitting? Because the angle don't add up for me with the blood on that back window.
Morgan: Maybe she was a bit more in the middle.
Sheriff Hoyt: Well, maybe you ought to move a little more over to the middle.
Morgan: But...
Sheriff Hoyt: What, are you afraid of a little blood? Get the fuck over there!

Sheriff Hoyt: You kids shouldn't have messed with that little girl. You brought this all on yourself.

Erin: What's wrong with you fucking people?
Sheriff Hoyt: Nothing wrong with us.

Sheriff Hoyt: Excuse me, you mind getting the fuck outta my way son?