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Ben Grimm (Character)
from Fantastic Four (2005/I)

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Fantastic Four (2005/I)
[Ben zips Johnny's suit all the way up]
Johnny Storm: Thank you. That's so sweet.
Ben Grimm: I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits.

Johnny Storm: If you're good, maybe daddy'll let you drive.
Ben Grimm: You keep talking and there won't be a next time!

Ben Grimm: You know, living through something like this you really appreciate having the right woman in your life.
Reed Richards: Yeah, you and Debbie are perfect.
Ben Grimm: I'm not talking about Debbie.
[Indicates to Sue]
Reed Richards: What? Come on. She's got a good thing with Victor. He's smart, He's powerful, successful.
Ben Grimm: Well, maybe you should date him then.
Reed Richards: Ben, she ended up with the right guy, everything worked out for the best.
[Reed walks away]
Ben Grimm: Do I have to do everything myself?

Ben Grimm: [Sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge] Oh yeah Ben, few days in space, it'll be great, what's the worst that could happen?

[first lines]
Ben Grimm: Typical of Victor Von Doom to build a 30 foot statue of himself.

Ben Grimm: Ladies, I'm gonna need to borrow your car.
Old Lady with Car #2: The transmission sticks.
Ben Grimm: Not gonna be a problem!
[hurls the car in the direction of Doom]

Ben Grimm: [after finding out that he's working for Johnny] I cannot take orders from the underwear model.

Ben Grimm: Hey, no more wise cracks about the way I look.
Johnny Storm: Hey, call me Mr. Sensitivity.
Johnny Storm: [walking through the crowd] Okay, wide load coming through! Everybody move! He's huge!
Ben Grimm: Hey! Come here, Mr. Sensitive.
Johnny Storm: Flame on!
Ben Grimm: Show-off!
[Johnny flies into the sky to make a fiery 4]

Ben Grimm: [referring to Reed, Susan and Johnny in their new outfits] You guys look like an '80s rock band!

Ben Grimm: [complaining about Johnny] That underwear model washed out at NASA for bringing two Victoria's Secret wannabes into a flight simulator.
Reed Richards: Youthful high spirits.
Ben Grimm: They crashed it into a wall.

Alicia Masters: You know, being different isn't always a bad thing.
Ben Grimm: Trust me, this ain't one of them times.
Alicia Masters: Not if you don't want it to be.

[watching Johnny on TV at the Moto-X Games]
Susan Storm: He didn't.
Ben Grimm: Oh, yes, he did! Flame boy never listens!
Susan Storm: What did he do to his uniform?
X Games Reporter: Johnny, I've got to ask you about this outfit.
Johnny Storm: Yeah, it's sorta Armani meets astronaut.
X Games Reporter: So, what are your superhero names?
Johnny Storm: They call me the Human Torch. Ladies call me Torch.
X Games Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
[Sue's picture is shown on the huge screen]
Johnny Storm: That's the Invisible Girl.
Susan Storm: "Girl"?
X Games Reporter: What about your leader, Reed Richards? I hear you call him Mr. Fantastic.
Ben Grimm: Could've been worse.
Reed Richards: I guess.

[as the four enter the elevator, it creaks and from Ben's massive body weight]
Johnny Storm: Either we're moving really fast or not at all.
[the elevator's "exceed maximum weight" sign lights up]
Ben Grimm: I'll take the stairs.

Susan Storm: Johnny!
Johnny Storm: What?
Susan Storm: You gave us names? You don't think! So now you're the face of the Fantastic Four?
Ben Grimm: A face that's about to be broken!

Susan Storm: We're all in this together, Ben.
Ben Grimm: Together? Susie, look at me. You got no idea what I'd - what I'd give to be invisible.

[Ben Grimm sees a man about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge]
Ben Grimm: Hey! You think you got problems, you take a good look, pal.

Ben Grimm: [after he accidentally shatters his vat of alcohol] If there is a God, he hates me.
Alicia Masters: *She* is not so into hate.

Ben Grimm: [after trying to make a phone call when first becoming the Thing] Little buttons!

Ben Grimm: [after Victor was talking about him] Reed does the talking. I do the walking.
Victor Von Doom: So take a walk, Ben.

Reed Richards: How many times have I ever asked you to do something that you said you absolutely could not do?
Ben Grimm: Five times.
[walks off]
Reed Richards: I had it at four.
Ben Grimm: [from offscreen] Well, this is number five.

Victor Von Doom: It's time to end this.
Ben Grimm: No, Vic. It's clobbering time!
[he sends Dr. Doom flying. A metal painting falls on the latter]
Ben Grimm: Damn, I've been waiting to do that!

Johnny Storm: Wake up, Ben. Hey, rise and shine, big boy. How you feeling?
Ben Grimm: Where am I?
Johnny Storm: Back on Earth. We're in quarantine. Victor's medical facility.
Ben Grimm: Reed? Sue?
Johnny Storm: Oh, they're fine. Everybody else is fine.
Ben Grimm: What's wrong with me?
Johnny Storm: I swear to you, Ben, they've done everything humanly possible. The best plastic surgeons in the world are here, Ben. You had the best.
[Johnny picks up a hand mirror on the bed table before Ben can reach it, reluctant to give it to him]
Ben Grimm: Give me that mirror.
Johnny Storm: I don't think if that's a good idea. They said the shock alone...
Ben Grimm: I said, give me that goddamn mirror!
Johnny Storm: Okay, Ben. Just be strong.
[Ben grabs it from him. Then slowly raises it to look and see that he's totally normal]
Johnny Storm: Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face.

Johnny Storm: Come on, Ben. Smile. They wanna like you, bud. Say hi.
[to a group of little kids]
Ben Grimm: Uh, don't do drugs!

[Johnny hurls a fireball that smacks Ben in the back of his head]
Ben Grimm: Did you just...?
[gets another fireball in the face]
Susan Storm: Johnny, stop it!
Ben Grimm: That's it, Tinker Bell! You wanna fly? Then fly!

Johnny Storm: Please tell me your guy's not trying to rekindle things with my sister again.
Ben Grimm: Of course not. It's strictly business.
Johnny Storm: Yes. Well, his eyes say differently, don't they?
Ben Grimm: Hey. Two hearts got busted last time. Maybe she's not over it either.
Johnny Storm: Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. Let's think about that. You got Victor: more money than god, stud of the year. And you got Reed: world's dumbest smart guy, worth less than a postage stamp. That's a real toss-up.
Ben Grimm: Don't trouble your tiny little mind.
Johnny Storm: Don't wander off now, boy.

X Games Reporter: [referring to Ben] What is that? What do you call that thing?
Johnny Storm: That's it - the Thing. Yeah, you think this is bad, you should have seen him before!
Ben Grimm: Okay. Now I'm gonna go kill him!

Victor Von Doom: I've always wanted power. Now I have an unlimited supply.
Ben Grimm: And no Thing to stand in your way.

Ben Grimm: How bad is it? You know, I used to smoke.

Ben Grimm: You know, you could'a run an ad in the personals.
Alicia Masters: Sensual blind chick seeks three-ton, rock-hard he-man for deep spiritual relationship.
Ben Grimm: [sounding more hopeful than realistic] This ain't permanent. My friend Reed is working on a cure... I think.
Alicia Masters: Bennie... you feel good 'as is'.

Ben Grimm: [shaking head sadly, trying to make Alicia understand] You don't know what it's like out there. Walking around like some kind of circus freak. People staring, whispering...
Alicia Masters: [sarcastically] I wouldn't know anything about that.
Ben Grimm: [instantly contrite] I mean...

Reed Richards: Ben, I've been crunching the numbers on the machine. I think if we can rework the power settings...
Ben Grimm: [casually] Forget it, egghead. I'm good as is.
Alicia Masters: [approaches and hands Ben a large metal mug of beer] Better than good, baby.
[they clink glasses causing hers to shatter]
Alicia Masters: You just... need to work on your touch.
Ben Grimm: [hugging her and smiling widely] I like the sound of that.

Ben Grimm: [about Reed's re-transformation machine] So, how long til this contraption is up and running?
Reed Richards: I don't know, it's hard to say.
Ben Grimm: How long, Reed?
Reed Richards: I don't know, uh...
Ben Grimm: [upset] You don't know?
Reed Richards: You don't want this to get worse?
Johnny Storm: Worse than *that*?

Ben Grimm: You done good, kid.

[Susan and Reed enter the laboratory happily chatting, but fall silent when they become aware of Ben waiting for them]
Ben Grimm: Yeah - I have that effect on people.

Ben Grimm: [in a fight with Reed] Get off me, rubber boy!

Ben Grimm: Good thing you're flexible enough to watch your own back... 'cause I ain't doing it no more.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Johnny Storm: We wouldn't even be in this position if I wasn't such a complete screw up.
Ben Grimm: Hey, you're not a complete screw-up. A 'partial' screw-up, maybe.
Johnny Storm: Thanks.
Ben Grimm: Look, there's nothing you and me can do now. It's all up to the eggheads.
Johnny Storm: You think Reed's right? That this might really be the end of the world?
Ben Grimm: He's never wrong about stuff like this.
Johnny Storm: [after a long silence] You know, I'm not a very deep kinda guy...
Ben Grimm: [mocking Johnny's attempt at a sincere tone] No?
Johnny Storm: I'm just saying,
[lowers voice]
Johnny Storm: if we can't stop this, if it's really the end of the world... how are you going to spend your last few minutes?
Ben Grimm: [stares into his empty pitcher and thinks about the question] Part of me would like to go out fighting.
[pauses for a second]
Ben Grimm: But to tell you the truth, I think I'd like to spend my last few minutes holding onto Alicia.
Johnny Storm: [absentmindedly] That sounds good to me.
[notices Ben's jealous stare, realizes what he said, and tries to backtrack; he begins to stammer]
Johnny Storm: Not holding onto Alicia, because she's your girlfriend, not mine. I have no interest in her whatsoever.
[sees Ben's look getting worse]
Johnny Storm: Not that she's not attractive, because she is. 'So' attractive. I mean, who wouldn't want to...
[the glass pitcher shatters in Ben's hand]
Johnny Storm: What I meant, is that it's just nice to have somebody.
Ben Grimm: Well, you got me pal.

Reed Richards: Your encounter with the Surfer has affected your molecules. They're... in a constant state of flux.
Johnny Storm: Is that bad?
Reed Richards: Well, it caused you to temporarily switch powers with Sue. Ideally, I'd like to run some more tests.
Ben Grimm: [walks toward Johnny] Would you like a volunteer?
Reed Richards, Susan Storm: No, no, no!
Johnny Storm: No, no! Hey! This is serious.
Ben Grimm: I just wanted to give him a hug.
Susan Storm: We don't know the extent of his condition yet.
Reed Richards: It could be progressive. It could be degenerative.
Ben Grimm: It could be fun!
[Ben touches Johnny and their powers switch]
Reed Richards: No, Ben!
Susan Storm: Ben!
Ben Grimm: Whoa! Hey! Hey, it's me. I'm back!
Johnny Storm: [looks at his reflection from the bottom of a silver pitcher and sees he's become The Thing] Oh, my God! Come on! We just said this is serious!
Ben Grimm: Oh, yeah, serious.
Johnny Storm: [looks back at his reflection] Oh, you got to be kidding me!

[trying to escape from the Army compound with the Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four are confronted by Captain Raye]
Captain Frankie Raye: [pointing her gun at Reed] What's going on here? Where is General Hager?
Reed Richards: He's dead.
Ben Grimm: And if we don't get outta here soon... we're all gonna be.
Johnny Storm: [steps forward, a look of pleading on his face] Frankie...
[Captain Raye turns slightly and points her gun at Johnny]
Johnny Storm: The world is literally at stake. You have to trust us... please.
[Captain Raye stares at Johnny a few seconds, then takes her finger off the trigger of her gun]

[last lines]
Ben Grimm: Heads up, Johnny!
[Johnny sees Frankie trying to catch the bouquet and destroys it with a blast of fire]
Johnny Storm: Sorry. Reflex.

Johnny Storm: I could catch him, but he's too strong for me.
Ben Grimm: I could whale on him, but he'd see me from a mile away.
Reed Richards: It would take all four of us.
Johnny Storm: Or maybe one of us.
Reed Richards: We don't know what that would do to you!
Johnny Storm: Let's not make this about me.

Johnny Storm: [about Alicia and Ben having sex] I'd hate to wake up one morning and find out she was killed in a rockslide!
Ben Grimm: I'll show you a rockslide!
[chases Johnny]

Ben Grimm: [gets smashed into the wall by a large concrete slab] OK. That one hurt.
Susan Storm: Where's Reed?
Reed Richards: [muffled voice] Back here!
Ben Grimm: [Ben steps out from the wall to reveal a flattened Reed] My bad.

Victor von Doom: [after showing the video of his encounter with the alien] Well?
Ben Grimm: I like the part where he knocks you on your ass.

Ben Grimm: [Ben encounters a grizzly bear in the forest] Hey, you scared me, Smokey. Look at you, you're cute.
Ben Grimm: [the bear growls at Ben who roars causing the animal to run away] Yeah, that's right, runnin' Boo Boo. Overgrown furball.

[Susan Storm brings General Hager to the bar and catches Reed Richards dancing with two ladies]
Ben Grimm: [to Johnny] I think it might be clobberin' time...

Ben Grimm: [sees Johnny flying] I hope it rains.

Fantastic Four (2005) (VG)
Ben Grimm: [smells the fire] What's that smell?
Johnny Storm: Uh, burning museum?

Ben Grimm: Ever seen a rock pick up a rock before?

Mole Man: Rise my children! The surface world will be ours! Destroy anything that gets in your way!
Ben Grimm: Does that include the ever-lovin' blue eye thing?
Reed Richards: I believe it does.

[about to face Mole Man's monster]
Mole Man: Now I will take my little pet for a walk!
Johnny Storm: That's no little pet.
Ben Grimm: I had a beagle once. *That* was little.

Ben Grimm: Holy cow. That's a big spider.
Reed Richards: The cosmic rays must have created some anamolies in the local eco-system.
Ben Grimm: Thats what I said.

Diablo: Who dares tempt the wrath of Diablo?
Ben Grimm: Hey, buddy, just give me the big glowing rock, and there won't be any trouble.
Diablo: Never! Soon I will harness the power of the Gods to rule all Mankind!
Ben Grimm: So much for diplomacy...

Johnny Storm: So, Ben, if you rolled downhill, would you gather moss?
Ben Grimm: One more crack and it's flame off for you, pal.
Johnny Storm: Easy, big man. I'm just saying you really *rock*.

Victor Von Doom: I've waited for this a long time Richards. I'm going to take great pleasure in killing you. The mighty have fallen before me. Johnny Storm, too young to die. Reed Ricards, too smart to die. Susan... My Susan... too beautiful to die. But die you must!
Ben Grimm: Doom!
Victor Von Doom: The Thing lives? The Thing dies!
Ben Grimm: Not if I have to say anything about it. It's clobberin' time!

Fantastic Four (2015)
Ben Grimm: Don't let any of these labcoats give you any crap, alright?
Reed Richards: Well, if they do I know who to call. The muscle.

Reed Richards: Does it hurt?
Ben Grimm: I'm used to it.
Reed Richards: I'm sorry.
Ben Grimm: That's what you said when you left.
Reed Richards: I'm going to fix this.
Ben Grimm: You can't fix this. Nobody can.
Reed Richards: I promise you. I'm going to fix this.
Ben Grimm: I stopped believing in your bullshit a long time ago.
Reed Richards: You were my best friend.
Ben Grimm: Look at me. I'm not your friend. You turned me into something else.

[in the quantum gate]
Reed Richards: Please don't blow up, please don't blow up...
Johnny Storm: Oh, yeah, that's what I want to hear when going into another dimension!
Ben Grimm: Don't worry, he does that.

Ben Grimm: [punches Victor] It's clobberin' time!

Victor Domashev: Strap in and get comfy, kids. We're about to make history.
Ben Grimm: Yeah, or die. Either/Or.

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Contest of Champions (#1.24)" (2007)
Ben Grimm: Nice try, Ronan, but you're never gonna win. There's four of us, and let's face it, I'm stronger then you!
Johnny Storm: He's prettier then you too, blue guy! And that's saying something...

Grandmaster: Know this, Ben Grimm: The contest will continue, and one day I will call on you again.
Ben Grimm: Just don't call collect.

[Johnny's room is flooded with water]
Reed Richards: Do you think 500 gallons was too much?
Ben Grimm: [winks] Too much, and not enough!
Reed Richards: You know I don't approve of these childish games.
Ben Grimm: But it was your idea!
Reed Richards: [winks] Well, that's your word against mine!

[Ronan beats Ben to pieces]
Johnny Storm: Ben, get up, get out of there!
Susan Storm: No, we have to do something! Ben can't beat him, not like this!
Reed Richards: Grandmaster, stop this, please! Let me take Ben's place!... Ben! BEN! Yield! Whatever happens, we'll deal with it! Just stop this, stay down!
Ronan the Accuser: Stay down, human! You've lost, it's over! There's nothing you can do to save your friends!
[leaves Ben in a heap on the floor and laughs... ]
Ronan the Accuser: Huh?
[Ben gets up]
Ronan the Accuser: YIELD!
Ben Grimm: Not gonna happen.

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Molehattan (#1.15)" (2007)
Mole Man: I was a man of culture, a brilliant mind. Archeology, geology, engineering: I mastered everything the surface world had to offer! But the pretty ones said I didn't belong. So I went to find my own world, the legendary Subterranea! Oh, I found it, and so much more! We have to change things, Benjamin! Down here in the dark, no one is judged by their appearance! Here, we can start over! I can rebuild New York for us, with all the bests the surface world has to offer!
Ben Grimm: Mole-hattan, huh? And what about the people who don't want no part of it?
Mole Man: Oh, they're free to go, of course! The pretty ones can have their surface world, we don't want it!
Ben Grimm: I ain't saying yes...
Mole Man: Ah, but you're not saying no!

Ben Grimm: [to the Mole Man] I used to think I was a monster... and then I met you!

Mole Man: You could have been a king here! This could have been paradise! So what if the pretty people are crushed in the process? They deserve it!
Ben Grimm: Blah blah blah, at least I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror!

[last lines]
Ben Grimm: Ah, king schming, I'll take coach any day!

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Trial by Fire (#1.1)" (2006)
Reed Richards: From what I gather Johnny's been taken to another galaxy.
Susan Storm: My baby brother, taken to... another galaxy...
Ben Grimm: Nice one, Stretch. Remind me to never have you cheer me up.

Susan Storm: [about Johnny wrecking a car] That's his third car this month!
Reed Richards: I don't understand it. I've explained to him my theory about these...
Ben Grimm: It's Johnny. You lost him at "don't."

Ben Grimm: I'm thinkin' it's clobberin' time!

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Atlantis Attacks (#1.21)" (????)
Johnny Storm: [Namor groans and falls to the ground] Huh? Dude! All we had to do is look at him and he fainted!
Ben Grimm: Ho-ho, yeah! Give it up.
[Johnny fist bumps Ben]

Ben Grimm: My guy went *through* the wall.
[Lifts chin up arrogantly]
Namor: [With his arms crossed] I weakened it for you.

"The Fantastic Four: The Phantom of Film City (#1.3)" (1978)
Ben Grimm: I want to be a big-time movie star like Paul Newman and Robert Redford and...
Herbie: King Kong.

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Shell Games (#1.22)" (2007)
Reed Richards: [installing a new security system] Given all the attacks lately, I thought we might need an upgrade.
Ben Grimm: Aw, come on, we don't get attacked that much.
Susan Storm: Ben, the building has been shot into space, pulled underground, invaded by Doombots, attacked by a giant monster, turned into a bomb and infested with bugs from another dimension.
Ben Grimm: Yeah, but most of that was Johnny's fault.

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Impossible (#1.10)" (2007)
Reed Richards: This being, this Impossible Man, he could very well be the most powerful being we've ever encountered.
Ben Grimm: [laughs] Nice one, Stretch! You had me going for a second there.
Susan Storm: Yeah, really, Reed, how dangerous could he be? He's like a child, an annoying obnoxious child! You know, like Johnny?
Reed Richards: That could exactly be the problem! Think about it: he can do anything, he can transform into ANYTHING! Now imagine if he got angry, imagine if he ran into the wrong kind of person. What if he had landed on Dr Doom or the Mole Man? We have to keep him happy, and keep an eye on him until we figure out what to do. If he were to discover the city, it could be a disaster!

"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: Doom's Word is Law (#1.25)" (????)
Ben Grimm: C'mon! We gotta go back for Bruiser!
Reed Richards: I'm sorry Ben, but there's just no way he could have survived. Bruiser is gone.
Bruiser: [Voice from inside Reed's PDA] Says who?
Ben Grimm: [Takes PDA from Reed] Bruiser? Bruiser!
[sigh of relief]
Ben Grimm: You're OK!
Johnny Storm: Then, who just exploded?
Reed Richards: Those electrical arcs! Bruiser must have transferred his programming to my PDA.
Susan Storm: What? Like HERBIE did?
H.E.R.B.I.E: That's right! So that means I'm smarter! Right?
Reed Richards: Uh... sure HERBIE. Of course you are!