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Quotes for
Crash (Character)
from Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)
Crash: Dude, You're awesome! You're like the brother I never had!
Eddie: Me too!

Buck: [from trailer] Are you ready for adventure?
Crash, Eddie: Yes, sir!
Buck: For danger?
Crash, Eddie: Yes, sir!
Buck: For death?
Eddie: Uhh, can you repeat the question?

Buck: [stopping Manny and the herd from moving on] Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! What, you-you think this is some sort of tropical getaway? You can't protect your mate, mate. What are you gonna do with those-those flimsy tusks when you run into the Beast?
Crash: Wait. You mean there's something *bigger* than Mommy Dinosaur?
Buck: Aye.
Eddie: "Eye"?
Buck: Aye aye. He's the one that gave me *this*
[pointing to his missing eye, which is covered in a patch]
Eddie: Whoa. He gave you that patch?
Crash: For free? That's so cool.
Eddie: Yeah, maybe he'll give *us* one, too!

Eddie, Crash: [after inhaling the poison gas] Let's do it!
Eddie, Crash: Christmas, Christmas, time is here!

Crash: What's that sound?
Buck: It's the wind. It's speaking to us.
Eddie: What's it saying?
Buck: I don't know. I don't speak wind.

Crash: Dude, you're awesome! You're like the brother I never had!
Eddie: Me too!

Crash: Have you ever flown one of these before?
Buck: No. First time, actually.

Crash: This place is totaled.
Eddie: And we didn't wreck it.
Crash: We're losing our touch, bro.

Crash: You are super weasel!
Eddie: Ultra weasel!
Diego: Diesel weasel!

Eddie: So, Why do they call it the Chasm of Death?
Buck: Well, We tried big smelly crack but uh, that just made everybody giggle!
Manny: Well now what?
Buck: [Buck pulls on a cord and a large ribcage on a vine appears] Madam...?
[gestures for Ellie to get on]
Manny: Whoa! She is not doing that!
Buck: Bup bup bup bup! Rule number 1...?
Eddie: Ooh ooh ooh!
[raises his hand in the air]
Buck: Ah! Come on mammoth! You're supposed to have a good memory!
Ellie: Always listen to Buck!
[walks onto the rib cage]
Buck: Now eyes forward, Back straight and
Buck: breath in the toxic fumes and you'll probably die.
Buck: Just another day in paradise!
[cuts the vine to release the rib cage]
Manny: Wait!
Manny: [moment of silence and then sees the empty ribcage move towards them] Ellie? You okay?
Ellie: [calling from the other side] You have to try this!
Buck: Alright! Now Pile on everyone! Couldn't be easier!
Buck: [the cage is stranded in the middle of the fumes] Don't panic! Just some uh technical Difficulties! Keep holding it in boys!
Eddie: [Stops holding his breath] I cant take it anymore!
Crash: He breathed it!
Crash: now I'm breathing it!
[crash & eddie make choking noises]
Eddie: [in a squeaky voice] Hey! We're not dead!
Crash: [in a squeaky voice] You sound ridiculous!
Eddie: [in a squeaky voice] Me? You should hear you!
[Both laugh hard]
Eddie: [in a squeaky voice] Alright Alright. and a one, and a two...
Crash, Eddie: [in a squeaky voice, singing] Christmas, Christmas time is near...

Manny: [looking at Eddie & Crash singing] Are you crazy?
Diego: [lets go of his breath, in a squeaky voice] Its not poison!
[surprised by his voice, he laughs hysterically with Eddie & Crash]
Crash: [in a squeaky voice] That is Sooo Disturbing!
Buck: [from the other side] Stop laughing! All of you!
Crash: [in a squeaky voice, mimicking Bucks accent] Stop Laughing all of you!
[All laugh hysterically]
Manny: [in a squeaky voice, mimicking Bucks accent] Whats rule number 1?
[All laugh hysterically]
Ellie: They are just laughing, what's so bad about that?
Buck: They died laughing!
[points down the chasm at laughing skeletons of dinosaurs]
Ellie: [gasps] Stop laughing!
Manny: [in a squeaky voice] You know whats funny though? We are trying to save Sid, and now we are all gonna die!
[all laugh hysterically]
Eddie: [in a squeaky voice] And i don't even like Sid!
Crash: [in a squeaky voice] Who does? He's an idiot!
[All laugh hysterically]
Diego: [in a squeaky voice] Thats for getting me into this mess! Its the most fun i've had in years!
Manny: [in a squeaky voice] Thank YOU, for deserting the herd, that was totally SUPER!
[moment of silence and then they all laugh hysterically]
Manny: [All notice Buck above the cage trying to release it free and holding his breath, Manny begins to tickle him with his trunk] Coo chee Coo chee Coo!
Buck: [In a normal voice] Stop That!
Buck: Don't you see?
[in a squeaky voice]
Buck: We are all gonna die!
[All look at him and begin laughing hysterically including Buck]
Ellie: [on the other side] I gotta do everything huh?
[Ellie releases the rope and sets the cage loose]
Eddie: [in a squeaky voice] Sometimes, i wet my bed!
Crash: [in a squeaky voice] Thats alright, sometimes I wet your bed!
[All Laugh hysterically]
Manny: [the cage reaches the other side and everyone apart from Buck tumbles out breathing for air while laughing. In a normal voice] Uhhh, I'm not sure how much of that you could hear...?
Manny: Oh i heard all of it
Eddie: [to crash] You wet my bed?
Crash: That was just gas talk dude.

Buck: We're hit! We're hit! Mayday! Mayday! We're losing altitude!
[Taps flying dinosaurs eyeball]
Buck: Hold these!
[Hands reins over to Crash & Eddie, and begins mouth to mouth on dinosaur]
Buck: Oh, tastes like fish.
Eddie: Okay. That's just weird. I love you, bro!
Crash: I know!
Buck: Snap out of it! Come on!
[Punches dinosaurs nostril; dinosaur wakes up]

Ellie: Manny! Pineapples!
Buck: Pineapples?
Manny: She gets cravings.
Ellie: Pomegrantes? Grapefruits! Nectarines?
Diego: She's ordering a fruit cocktail.
Ellie: Come on, think! Peaches!
Manny: Peaches? Peaches! The baby! What, what now?
Diego: This? Not good.
Manny: [Freaking out] The baby's coming!
[to Crash and Eddie]
Manny: Did you guys hear that? Cause sometimes I imagine it in my head, but...
Crash: Can you try to hold it in?
Ellie: Can somebody slap him for me?
Eddie: [Slaps Crash] Done and done.
Manny: Just sit tight. We're coming!

Sid: [after being rescued by flying dinosaur] Help!
Eddie: [Looks over side of dinosaur] No, Sid, it's me!
Crash: [Looks over also] And me!
Buck: [Joins Crash & Eddie] And me!
Sid: Uh, I don't wanna panic anyone, but who's flying this thing?
Buck: Oops!
[Crashes into ice ceiling]

Buck: Grab that ammo!
Crash: [Using Eddie's tail as sling-shot] Bogey, three o'clock! Fire!
Eddie: This is awesome!
Crash: Light it up! Yeah!
Eddie: Hasta la vista, birdy!

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)
Manny: [Crash and Eddie keep drumming all the time] Do you mind?
Crash: He sucks the fun out of everything.

Panicked Start: Meteor shower!
Eddie: Meteor?
Crash: Shower?

Buck: The mother of all asteroids, screaming towards us. But I got a plan! Who's with me?
Crash, Eddie: Crash and Eddie reporting for duty!
Eddie: Haha! "Doody".
[He and Crash laugh]

Crash: [from trailer] Where are we?
Brooke: Here he is. The master of meditation. The supreme sovereign. The Shangri Llama!
[Shangri Llama spits into a bowl which a Geotopia Aardvark holds]
Diego: This is the guy who's gonna save us?
Shangri Llama: Yes, but first... downward dog!
[Manny, Sid, and Diego do the downward dog pose]
Shangri Llama: Caterpillar!
[Diego tries to do the caterpillar pose]
Shangri Llama: Funky chicken, bouncing Betty, mashed potato!
Sid: [doing the mashed potato bounce] Hey, this is kind of easy.
[he gets tied up with Granny]
Sid: Could you help me, please? My nose is dangerously close to my butt.

Buck: Try not to make any friction.
Eddie: No friction. Got it.
[Pull back to show Crash and Eddie rubbing their feet on Manny's fur]
Crash: Cool beans. What exactly is friction?

Granny: I hate llamas. They spit and smell bad.
Diego: So do you.
Crash, Eddie: So do we!
[They high five]

Crash: Baby made a poopie.
Eddie: I'm a method actor, so I will need to be changed.

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)
Eddie: Who's gonna roll in that dung patch with me?
Crash: [waking up] Dung patch?

Eddie: What if we're the last creatures left alive? We'll have to repopulate the earth.
Crash: How? Everyone is either a dude or our sister.

Crash: [singing] I believe I can fly.
[hits tree]

Ellie: [annoyed with Manny suggesting they save their species] OK. We followed you during the day, now you're coming with us at night.
Manfred: But we can't see at night.
Ellie: Then enjoy the flood.
Eddie: I can't even look at him!
Crash: [turns and looks at Manny] Pervert!

Eddie: [while looking down and around him] Crash, I told you not to drink before bed.
Crash: [while looking down and around him] I didn't do "this"!
[looks behind him]
Crash: At least not "all" of it.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)
Louis: [after Crash and Eddie fling themselves from trees onto the ground] Can I ask you guys something? How are you both so happy; doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?
Crash: Can I tell him our secret?
[Eddie nods]
Crash: [to Louis] Come here, come here... we're very, very... stupid!
Louis: But still, you're not a teensy bit concerned about... I don't know, say imminent death!
Crash: [grabs Louis' nose] Beep.

Manny: You two were supposed to be responsible uncles!
Crash: What? I didn't see Peaches sneak off maybe 15 or 20 minutes ago.
Eddie: Or that she went with Louis to the falls.
Manny: The falls? Where the delinquents go?
Ellie: Relax, it's just where the kids hang out.
Manny: No, no, it's a gateway hangout. First it's the falls, then she's piercing her trunk, and the next thing you know, she's addicted to berries.
Ellie: [Chuckling] Manny! You are overreacting. She's not gonna be your little girl forever.
Manny: I know. That's what worries me.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011) (TV)
Sid: Peaches, honey, you can't come with us. This is a very dangerous journey. The north pole is a desolate land of ice and snow.
Crash: This isn't exactly Miami.

Peaches: Sugar plums!
Crash: Peppermint bark!
Sid: Yellow snow, my favorite!
Prancer: Don't! Just don't.