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Joe Willis (Character)
from "Charlie's Angels" (1976)

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"Charlie's Angels: Catch a Falling Angel (#4.16)" (1980)
Joe Willis: Well, as long as you're in here, can I offer you a seat, Miss... ah...?
Kris Munroe: Miss What.
Joe Willis: I beg your pardon?
Kris Munroe: Well I don't really like the name my daddy gave me. I was hoping you could thing of a name that would be better.

Joe Willis: Who are you, and why did you push your way into my office?
Kris Munroe: Well, who I am doesn't really matter, or where I come from. What really matters is what, eh, you and I can do for each other.
Joe Willis: Hmm. And what would that be?
Kris Munroe: Well, you make films, and I'm an actress. And I also need to make some money, real fast.
Joe Willis: [laughs] You know, if you could just overcome your shyness and learn not how to be so vague, speak your mind, yet, get to the point, you might get somewhere in this world.

Joe Willis: You are a pushy broad.
Kris Munroe: [laughs giddily] Well, you don't catch the brass ring unless you grab for it.

"Charlie's Angels: Let Our Angel Live (#5.16)" (1981)
Joe Danworth: I'm just sorry I didn't put one in your belly, big-mouth!
John Bosley: [screaming with rage] I'll kill you!