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Tiffany Welles (Character)
from "Charlie's Angels" (1976)

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"Charlie's Angels: Love Boat Angels (#4.1)" (1979)
John Bosley: Ah, very nice, but not particularly nautical.
Tiffany Welles: Well, you didn't give us much time to get 'nautical'.

Kelly Garrett: Back so soon?
Kris Munroe: Yes, it got a little heavy.
Tiffany Welles: You mean he got rough?
Kris Munroe: No, he got very gentle. I got a little rough.

Avery: I am less than pleased with your performance, ladies!
Tiffany Welles: Well we are less than pleased with your attitude, Mr. Avery.

Tiffany Welles: I just wouldn't want to let them down.
John Bosley: Angel...
[gives her a peck on the cheek]
John Bosley: ... you won't let them down, I'lll bet my life on that. Now come on, your insecurity is giving me a great thirst.

Tiffany Welles: I'll pamper you, Bosley, all the way home.
John Bosley: Promise?
Tiffany Welles: Promise.
John Bosley: You know, I think this girl has possibility.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on the Street (#4.7)" (1979)
Charles Townsend: [over speakerphone] Angels, since you'll be shooting in the blind on this one, and Judy may not confide in you either, I suggest you establish some kind of cover going in.
Kelly Garrett: I agree, Charlie. Perhaps we could enroll as music students in your school.
Mr. Harkins: Oh? You're musicians?
Kelly Garrett: Well, I can dance, and ah, Kris is a singer.
Tiffany Welles: I play the violin, when it's not in the repair shop.
Kelly Garrett: Well, we'll think of something.
Charles Townsend: [over speakerphone] Keep good thoughts, Mr. Harkins.

Kelly Garrett: Okay, so what do we have? A woman beater we can't procecute, a victim we can't talk to, a hooker named Rose who doesn't like her, but thinks Tiff and I will do great on the street.
Charles Townsend: [over speakerphone] That may be the best way to proceed, Kelly.
Tiffany Welles: You're not suggesting we 'go into business', as they say?
Charles Townsend: [over speakerphone] It's exactly what I'm suggesting.
Tiffany Welles: He's not serious.
Kris Munroe: No, Charlie's right.

Tiffany Welles: All right, so the question is: where did Judy get a fist full of fast cash?
Kelly Garrett: On the street. There are any number of ways: gambling, floating crap games, dope, numbers.

Big Larry: I'm Larry.
Kelly Garrett: Hmm, I'm Kelly
Tiffany Welles: Tiffany.
Big Larry: Love what I see, love what I hear. Step into my garden of delights, my dear.
Kelly Garrett: I bet you say that to all the girls."
Big Larry: I say that to everybody!"
Tiffany Welles: How democratic."

"Charlie's Angels: Angel Hunt (#4.11)" (1979)
Kris Munroe: [the Angel's luggage has been stolen] I'm so stupid, I left my gun in my suitcase.
Kelly Garrett: Don't feel badly, so did I.
Tiffany Welles: Mine's in my purse!
Kris Munroe: Oh, great!
Tiffany Welles: Which is now... in the boat.
Kris Munroe: Not so great.
Kelly Garrett: No.

Tiffany Welles: Well, I was'nt expecting Beverly Hills, mind you, but this is nowhere.
Kris Munroe: Yeah, real Robinson Crusoe time.
Tiffany Welles: So where's our man Friday?
Kris Munroe: No such luck, honey. It's Saturday.

Wilson: You're supposed to be dead.
Tiffany Welles: Sorry to disappoint you.
Wilson: It's okay. The first time, it happened too fast. This time, I'm gonna get a chance to really enjoy it.

Kris Munroe: Hey!
Kelly Garrett: What?
Kris Munroe: If I make this call we are blowing our best chance to see what Charlie looks like.
Kelly Garrett: Why, I don't think it would be right to let him keep on worrying, Kris.
Tiffany Welles: It really wouldn't be right.
Kris Munroe: Darn it.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on Campus (#4.10)" (1979)
Tiffany Welles: Do you know of anything that might link Beth and Jenny together?
Susan: They were both English majors... Oh, they both had a crush on our famous Dr. Fairgate.
Tiffany Welles: A crush eh? How bad?
Susan: Total and all consuming.
Tiffany Welles: Oh, one of those.

Willamena: This isn't the Colorado section, Zack.
Tiffany Welles: Zack?
John Bosley: [Reading the title of a book he just picked up for show] "Phänomenologie des Geistes". Very interesting flavor for a western, wouldn't you say?
Willamena: A tutonic western?
John Bosley: Ahuh.
Willamena: How unique!
Tiffany Welles: [Zack and Willamena walk off] Wunderbar...

Tiffany Welles: You don't believe in wasting any time, do you?
Prof. Fairgate: No, I have very standards. And when I find someone that meets them, I believe in action.
Tiffany Welles: Well, that leads me to counter with a reaction.
Prof. Fairgate: Which is?
Tiffany Welles: To leave things on a business level. At least for now.
Prof. Fairgate: Then there is a possibility?
Tiffany Welles: There's always a possibility.

"Charlie's Angels: Toni's Boys (#4.23)" (1980)
Tiffany Welles: [meeting Toni and her boys] Psst, you don't think this is some kind of a dating service, do you?
Kris Munroe: Oh, come on, Charlie wouldn't that.
Tiffany Welles: How do you know?

Tiffany Welles: Charlie, we appreciate the concern, but eh, we can take care of ourselves.
Toni: Not as good as my boys can. Now Bob is a former U.S. olympic champion and Matt is a master of disguises and weapons and Cotton is a champion rodeo rider, roper and tracker.

Kris Munroe: Well, I don't know about you two, but I feel like we're on a triple blind date with Captain America, James Bond and the Lone Ranger.
Tiffany Welles: And I think we're a little beyond the chaperone stage, don't you?

"Charlie's Angels: Cruising Angels (#4.12)" (1979)
Tiffany Welles: [picking up the phone] Hello?
John Bosley: Hello, hi, Kelly, are Kris and Tiffany there with you?
Tiffany Welles: [putting him on the speakerphone] Bosley, this is Tiffany.
John Bosley: Oh, I'm sorry, Tiff, are Kris and Kelly with you?

Tiffany Welles: Could be Atamien is the real key to all of this.
John Bosley: I hope that you can find the lock.

"Charlie's Angels: Of Ghosts and Angels (#4.13)" (1980)
Erica Burke: That professor of parapsychology in Vermont, he tested you and said you were very definitely a sensitve.
Kris Munroe: [jokingly] Hmm, does this mean you're a psychic?
Tiffany Welles: [flippantly] No, it means I get hurt easily!

Tiffany Welles: I think there's some kind of force building up that's affecting everyone in this house. It may be using all of us to make some tragic event from the past happen all over again.

"Charlie's Angels: One Love... Two Angels: Part II (#4.25)" (1980)
John Bosley: So you think somebody's trying to kill Kelly?
Tiffany Welles: I think somebody's trying to kill Margaret Ellen Barris.

John Bosley: So now it's your guess that it's the Salem Hotel that was the key to all this whole charade?
Tiffany Welles: Yeah, but I had to be hit on the head with a ton of bricks before I realized it.

"Charlie's Angels: One of Our Angels Is Missing (#4.15)" (1980)
Tiffany Welles: [Kelly and Tiff point their guns at Devlin] Funny.
Kelly Garrett: What?
Tiffany Welles: He doesn't look nearly as good as his picture.

Kelly Garrett: [Beck has just left] His tongue's hanging out.
Tiffany Welles: Lets hope he chokes on it.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels Go Truckin' (#4.2)" (1979)
Kris Munroe: They really do have 18 wheels.
Tiffany Welles: Yep, but the one we have to worry about is number 19.
Kris Munroe: Which one is that?
Tiffany Welles: The steering wheel.

Kris Munroe: Shotgun.
Tiffany Welles: What?
Kris Munroe: I can't remember if 'shotgun' means your partner or a radar scope.
Tiffany Welles: In these parts, I think it's often associated with marriage. Coffee?

"Charlie's Angels: Nips and Tucks (#4.21)" (1980)
Charles Townsend: [over speakerphone] If it's not the money, as the French say, find the woman. Cherchez, Angels, cherchez.
Tiffany Welles: This Angel pulls duty at six 'o clock tomorrow morning, and she is going to cherche her bed. Cherche yourself, Charlie.

Tiffany Welles: [holding Barbara by the hair] Don't frown, you'll get wrinkles.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on Skates (#4.9)" (1979)
Kris Munroe: You'll never be true Californian 'till you skate Venice.
Tiffany Welles: When did I say I wanted to be a true Californian?

Reggie Martin: You're distracting my partner.
Tiffany Welles: I thought we were distracting you, your grace.
[referring to his T-shirt]
Reggie Martin: You're right, you were.
Tiffany Welles: Uhuh. I'm Yvonne Henning, Tara White, Roller Disco Magazine, we are doing a fabulous feature issue on the Venice scene.
Reggie Martin: Well I am Reggie Martin, and I'm your man, ow! What do you want to know? You're in the space... of his grace.

"Charlie's Angels: Three for the Money (#4.22)" (1980)
Tiffany Welles: Hello...
Harley Dexter: Hi.
Tiffany Welles: You look kinda lonely standing over here.
Harley Dexter: I'm just catching my breath.
Tiffany Welles: I'm Tiffany Wells, One of the senator's aides.
Harley Dexter: I'm, eh Fred Doggins.
Tiffany Welles: No your not,
Harley Dexter: I'm not?
Tiffany Welles: You're Harley Dexter.
Harley Dexter: Oh, well, don't you think you can get into trouble talking to me?
Tiffany Welles: The senator asked me to.
Harley Dexter: Aw, come on, you're kidding?
Tiffany Welles: I'm not kidding. Despite what he says about you publicly, the senator finds you rather... dynamic.
Harley Dexter: I would love to be convinced of that. How 'bout later over a bottle of wine?
Tiffany Welles: Sounds inviting.
Harley Dexter: It was meant to be.

"Charlie's Angels: Fallen Angel (#4.5)" (1979)
Tiffany Welles: Okay, we know who the suspect is.
Kris Munroe: And we know what he's after.
Kelly Garrett: So what's the catch?
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Roth is the catch, Angels, he's extremely self-contained, practically impregnable. And I have heard that he's impervious to feminine wiles.
Kris Munroe: Hm, that sounds like a challenge.
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Well, it's certainly not a piece of cake.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels at the Altar (#4.4)" (1979)
Sharon: I feel so stupid.
Tiffany Welles: Don't be silly. He was good looking, charming, sophisticated.
John Bosley: All the attributes of the well crafted conman.
John Bosley: He fooled us too.

"Charlie's Angels: Harrigan's Angel (#4.19)" (1980)
Tiffany Welles: Kelly?
Kelly Garrett: What's the matter?
Tiffany Welles: Coffee.
Kelly Garrett: What, what about it?
Tiffany Welles: Mr. Felber didn't offer us any coffee.
Kelly Garrett: So, maybe he wasn't feeling very hospitable?
Tiffany Welles: Yeah, but he acted hospitable, he answered all our questions and he kept smiling at us. Now if a man keeps smiling at you, and he's drinking coffee but he doesn't offer you any, it makes me feel like he's... uneasy, you know what I mean?
Kelly Garrett: I'll think about it.

"Charlie's Angels: The Prince and the Angel (#4.8)" (1979)
Tiffany Welles: Whell thank you, next time I'm by, I'll buy you a drink. You are old enought to have started drinking?
Grayson: Well, the truth of the matter is, I'm old enough so I'd better not stop.

"Charlie's Angels: Catch a Falling Angel (#4.16)" (1980)
Kris Munroe: Well, I guess I'll slip into something a little bit more provocative to meet Mr. Willis.
Tiffany Welles: What are you gonna say to him?
Kris Munroe: Something he wants to hear.

"Charlie's Angels: Dancin' Angels (#4.18)" (1980)
Kris Munroe: Well, I hate to say it but I think I believe him. These two are just low enough to do something like that.
Tiffany Welles: You know what? You're right.

"Charlie's Angels: One Love... Two Angels: Part I (#4.24)" (1980)
Tiffany Welles: There goes one lucky girl...
John Bosley: Oh, you are wrong, Tiff.
Tiffany Welles: Why?
John Bosley: Because if she is his daughter, then Barrows is the lucky one.

"Charlie's Angels: Homes $weet Homes (#4.17)" (1980)
Barry Kingsbrook: You know it turns out that eh, you and Mr. Pickins have something in common.
Tiffany Welles: [as Miss Ludlow] Oh, what's that?
Barry Kingsbrook: Well, he also collects rare letters and he was wondering if you'd be kind enough to show yours to him.
Tiffany Welles: [as Miss Ludlow] Treasures are made to be shared, Mr. Kingsbrook, don't you agree?
Barry Kingsbrook: Oh, my philosophy exactly, Miss Ludlow.
Tiffany Welles: [as Miss Ludlow] Oh Mr. Kingsbrook, you are in-cor-ri-gi-ble.