Sabrina Duncan
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Sabrina Duncan (Character)
from "Charlie's Angels" (1976)

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"Charlie's Angels: The Mexican Connection (#1.2)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: Well, I knew you were fast, kiddo, but moving in as hostess for the big man on the first day has got to be a record.
Kelly Garrett: Must be my bikini. This style's called 'Bottoms up'.

Steiner: [aiming a gun at Sabrina] Now, what's your name?
Sabrina Duncan: Eh, Fibbersmith. Angela Fibbersmith.

Sabrina Duncan: Ok, I'll go with Jill, I know what we're looking for. Now you, eh, keep Bartone off our backs, ok?
Kelly Garrett: It's not your backs he's after...

Sabrina Duncan: How do I qualify as a stewardess?
Jim Taylor: Oh, that's easy.
[pauses to look her up and down]
Jim Taylor: You've got all the qualifications that Bartone cares about, but just to avoid questions we'll... make like we've got something going together.
Sabrina Duncan: That should be easy.
Jim Taylor: [indicating a woman coming their way] That's Wendy Green. She'll be your co-stewardess on the plane. Might as well start playing our parts, huh?
[they kiss passionately]

Jill Munroe: Right on schedule, stewardess Duncan.
Sabrina Duncan: Only way to fly.
[takes a sip from her wine]
Kelly Garrett: Tacky, Sabrina, very tacky.
Sabrina Duncan: Thank you.

Jill Munroe: But I don't even like wine.
Sabrina Duncan: You'll like these bottles, they're filled with heroine crystals.

Jill Munroe: [entering the wine cellar] Well, now we know where to come in case of an air raid.
Sabrina Duncan: I'll drink to that.
Jill Munroe: Oh, Kelly's right, you are tacky tonight.
Sabrina Duncan: Sorry.

"Charlie's Angels: Target: Angels (#1.5)" (1976)
John Bosley: He was a terrific accountant, but a lousy crook.
Sabrina Duncan: Just like an administration we once had.

Sabrina Duncan: Ok, in the meantime, do you have a place to keep a low profile?
Kelly Garrett: A motel in Burbank.
Jill Munroe: Well that's as low as a profile can get!

Sabrina Duncan: Bosley, is that a note of concern I detect in your voice?
John Bosley: It is just that we have spent a great deal of time and money in recruiting and training you all, and you'd be very difficult to replace.
Jill Munroe: What he means is he can't find anyone to work as cheap as we do.

Bill Duncan: I still think you're all nuts!
Sabrina Duncan: I know you do, sweetheart. That's the reason we don't play house any more.

Sabrina Duncan: After sitting in prison for all those years, I'd wanna see my victim die.
Jill Munroe: That's terrific. Remind me never to get you mad at me.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in Vegas (#3.1)" (1978)
Frank Howell: And I don't care what It costs, Mr. Townsend.
John Bosley: I love that song!
Sabrina Duncan: Bosley!

Frank Howell: I'm sure of only one thing: that's winning. And, eh... that you and I are gonna be more than just friends. But that, you already know, don't you, Sabrina?
Sabrina Duncan: I might have known it before you did.

Mark Haines: I run the casino up the street.
Sabrina Duncan: Well what did you do, come over to borrow a cup o' money?

Frank Howell: This is crazy, nobody can hate that much!
Sabrina Duncan: Frank, people can... and they do.

Sabrina Duncan: Listen, there's something that's been bothering me a little bit, and it's bothering me a lot, now.

"Charlie's Angels: The Blue Angels (#1.22)" (1977)
Capt. Rogers: I see you're all moved in.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, yeah, I got my nameplate, I got my badge, eh, just point me to the bad guys.
Capt. Rogers: Heh. Well, we're hoping you could point us. We keep missing them.

Lt. Howard Fine: [about Bill Mather] I remember he told me once, years ago: 'You walk in the gutter long enough, you're gonna get some on ya.'
Sabrina Duncan: I'll try to step lightly.

Lt. Howard Fine: We got a tip this morning that a massage parlour called 'Tellies' opened up last week, and they might be bringing in a few hookers.
Sabrina Duncan: Shall we take a look?
Lt. Howard Fine: Well, eh, if you could wander in there, convince them you were a lady of the night...
Sabrina Duncan: [laughs] Alright, ehm... I'll need to wear something that's a little more conspicuous.
Lt. Howard Fine: [snaps his fingers] Well there's a terrific number in wardrobe. Blue fringed pantsuit. You'll love it.
Sabrina Duncan: Blue fringe?

Sabrina Duncan: You mind telling me where we're going?
Lt. Howard Fine: That's a good question. When you're halfway between yesterday's dreams and tomorrow's nightmares. Where the hell are you?
Sabrina Duncan: You read that somewhere, right?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah. I wish I'd said it.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, you just did.
Lt. Howard Fine: Yeah, I did, didn't I?

Sabrina Duncan: [Fine is pointing a gun at Sabrina] Gee coach, something I said?
Lt. Howard Fine: I liked all your moves, kid. Really. I just been ziggin' and zaggin' in the gutters so long that...
Sabrina Duncan: You got some on ya, huh?
Lt. Howard Fine: Would you believe me if I said I was sorry?
Sabrina Duncan: Sure... you're the coach.
Lt. Howard Fine: You're not gonna make it easy, are ya?
Sabrina Duncan: Not by a damn sight.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel Baby (#2.9)" (1977)
Kris Munroe: Okay, where do we start?
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] We start, with Kelly getting pregnant.
Sabrina Duncan: What?
[Kris Laughs]
Kelly Garrett: [nervous laughter] I quit!

Kris Munroe: [keeping an eye on Kelly as she enters Felice's boutique] Bet you a quarter she'll buy something.
Sabrina Duncan: Nah, she's working.
Kris Munroe: Wait a minute. That's Kelly, and that's a boutique. She'll buy something.

Kris Munroe: [Bri is trying to squeeze through a slightly opened gate] Can you get through?
Sabrina Duncan: Sure, squash me like a pancake.

Sgt. Tommy Anders: What does that mean, I can just walk out of here?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah, you can just walk outta here and into a lotta trouble.

"Charlie's Angels: Dirty Business (#1.16)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: [Watching Marvin's "free form" movie] That is NOT the Little Bo Peep I knew and loved as a child.
Kelly Garrett: Yeah, well, this is the unabridged edition.

Tolchuk: [Sabrina questions the burly, bearded, fatigues-wearing leader of a fringe group about the movie he's picking up] The film is about... white bread.
Sabrina Duncan: White bread?
Tolchuk: The rape of the wheat.
Sabrina Duncan: [Puzzled] How do you rape wheat?
Tolchuk: Not me! Them!
Sabrina Duncan: [Frightened] I didn't mean you, I didn't mean you.
Tolchuk: The great energy comes from the god sun. And it hammers its rays into the earth. And the great water gun in the sky spits down the rains. And the plow ruptures the dirt. And out of the anguish and the agony the seed quietly explodes! And then it becomes wheat. And it sacrifices its virgin stalk under the deadly blade of the scythe. And, and then, this, this rich, golden bounty is raped by your modern processing plant.
Sabrina Duncan: [Stunned] I never thought of it that way.
Tolchuk: [Climbing into the back of a military truck filled with his fellow guerrillas] Comes the revolution, you will.

Sabrina Duncan: [Questioning Marvin] Were you shooting one of your epidermal epics then?
Marvin Goldman: "Sally of Sin City."
John Bosley: [Impressed] That is a very provocative title.
Marvin Goldman: I thought of it myself.

Sabrina Duncan: [to Marvin] There's also a certain Mr. Parmadoor. Now he nearly fed himself to his fish when I mentioned your name.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in Paradise (#2.1)" (1977)
Kris Munroe: [Kris, opens door with excitement on her first day] Hi! well, I'm here.
[Kelly and Sabrina looking puzzled]
Kris Munroe: It's me.
Kelly Garrett: Who?
Kris Munroe: Kris... Kris Munroe.
Sabrina Duncan: As in, Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's younger sister, pigtails and braces?
Kris Munroe: [Points to Sabina, with excitement] You got it!

Kelly Garrett: She almost had us in her pocket.
Sabrina Duncan: Almost only counts in horse years, huh?

Sabrina Duncan: You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of the boat, by coincidence, of course?
George Hollis: By coincidence I happen to have a photo right here.
[hands it over]
Sabrina Duncan: Is that right?
George Hollis: Of course, photos of the interior, state room and engine room, for that I'd need a day or two.
Sabrina Duncan: Eh, six hours.
George Hollis: That's what I said, six hours.

Kris Munroe: Hey, you know what, we could get killed trying this.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, if we do, I have only one wish:
Kelly Garrett: Yeah, that before we die...
Kris Munroe: We all get to see Charlie.

"Charlie's Angels: Lady Killer (#1.8)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: What about his hair? This secrecy's gone on long enough. How tall is Charlie?
Kelly Garrett: What color are his eyes?
John Bosley: Now, now ladies, you know I cannot divulge anything.
Jill Munroe: Could you at least tell us his shirt size? How else are we gonna get him a present for his birthday?
John Bosley: His birthday? Where were you when it was my birthday? Nobody asked about that, nobody!

Sabrina Duncan: [having just been insulted by Tony's young girlfriend] I'll tell you what, cheer up. Soon as I'm outta here, you can run right down to the local high school and check out the graduation class.
Tony Mann: You don't like me very much, do you?
Sabrina Duncan: No, no, it's not that. I just wish you'd recognize a small portion of the female population.
Tony Mann: Which portion?
Sabrina Duncan: The ones over twenty.

Sabrina Duncan: [to Tony] Lonely rest the head that wears the crown, huh?

Sabrina Duncan: Well, we did the one thing that Charlie advised us against. We got emotionally involved.
Tony Mann: We?
Sabrina Duncan: Me.
Tony Mann: You mean I'm not the male chauvinist pig you thought I was?
Sabrina Duncan: Oh, you are that, but you're also loyal and you care about people.
Tony Mann: You mean that, that's all it takes to get to you?
Sabrina Duncan: What can I tell ya? I always was a soft sell.

"Charlie's Angels: Magic Fire (#2.11)" (1977)
John Bosley: [about the Great Danzini] Now, he likes to live high, but he is not drawing as well as he used to. As a matter of fact, he's so broke, he may have to hock his rabbit.
Sabrina Duncan: If I have to hear one more magic joke...

Kris Munroe: And let met guess. Their bookings were all around the time that the magic man was up to...
Sabrina Duncan: [interrupting] Don't say it!
Kelly Garrett: Up to his old tricks.
Sabrina Duncan: [defeated] She said it.

Sabrina Duncan: Where's Kelly?
Kris Munroe: She's upstairs working on the not so great Danzini.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel on My Mind (#3.10)" (1978)
News Vendor: Times or Harold?
Kelly Garrett: I need a little conversation.
News Vendor: Ah, there's no profit in conversation.
Kelly Garrett: There might be this time. We're looking for this girl.
[hands over a picture]
News Vendor: Ah... that's the one, heh.
Kelly Garrett: Then you've seen her?
News Vendor: Everybody saw her. She wandered into the middle of the street and, eh, almost got hit by taxi.
Sabrina Duncan: Wait a minute, are you sure it was her?
News Vendor: Do I look like a liar?

Sabrina Duncan: Hi. Eh, you're Mel.
Mel: Yeah.
Sabrina Duncan: Eh, could we talk to you for just a second, please?
Mel: Yeah, well make it a short second, I'm heading for a tall beer.

Sabrina Duncan: Hey look at that, they said an old guy in a tent.
[the old man can be heard singing a song in the distance]
John Bosley: Yeah, sounds like he got out of the tent, and into the bottle.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels Remembered (#3.22)" (1979)
Sabrina Duncan: What, Charlie, what is this, somebody's birthday?
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] Good guess, Sabrina, that's exactly what it is.
Kelly Garrett: Well, it's not my birthday...
Sabrina Duncan: Hey, not mine.
Kris Munroe: I had mine last month.
[a beat]
Kris Munroe: Bosley...
Sabrina Duncan: Aw...
John Bosley: I never age.

Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] Well, my friends, how can I thank you for tree years exciting years?
Sabrina Duncan: [slightly tipsy] Well, I think you just did, Charlie.
Kelly Garrett: And very elegantly.
Kris Munroe: Very.
Charles Townsend: That's just a small token of how I feel.
John Bosley: Oh, not too small, Charlie, wait till you see the bill!
Charles Townsend: Ha ha, this is one bill I don't have to look at, Bosley, you're priceless, Angels.
Kris Munroe: Ah, Charlie, the feeling's mutual.

[last lines]
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] Have a good vacation, Angels, I'll be thinking of you.
Kelly Garrett: [raising her glass for a toast] To next year.
Sabrina Duncan: And many, many more.
John Bosley: Here, here!
Kris Munroe: We love you, Charlie.
[they all clink their glasses of very expensive French champagne]

"Charlie's Angels: Consenting Adults (#1.10)" (1976)
John Bosley: [referring to Jill's skateboard] Those things are dangerous.
Sabrina Duncan: And working for Charlie isn't?

Sabrina Duncan: Tell me something. Do you recognize this face?
[hands over a picture]
Tracy Martel: You're kidding, that's a picture of me.

Kelly Garrett: [about Tracy] She looked really shook.
Sabrina Duncan: Well she wasn't when I was there, butter would've melted in her mouth.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel on High (#3.3)" (1978)
John Bosley: Help you?
Markle: Who are you people? What are you doing here?
Sabrina Duncan: Oh, we're just... lookin' around.
Markle: This is private property.
Kris Munroe: Eh...
[reaches for something in her bag]
Kris Munroe: This is a court order. Says we have a right to be here.
[the man takes the court order and reads it]
John Bosley: Now that you eh, know about us, how about you?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah.
Markle: [points at the large envelope Sabrina is holding] What are those?
Sabrina Duncan: Eh, like you said: private property.
Markle: Not yours.
Sabrina Duncan: Or yours, heheh.
Markle: I'll come back when it's less crowded.

George Faylon: [having just turned off the alarm that rang out as soon as Sabrina entered his office] Where is it?
Sabrina Duncan: It, sir?
George Faylon: You are either carrying a gun or a very large lipstick. Where is it?
Sabrina Duncan: Ah, yes, sir. I have a permit.
[hands over her gun to Faylon]
George Faylon: Not in this office, you don't.

Sabrina Duncan: Where have you been?
Kelly Garrett: Well, I've, eh... been to about two thousand feet, I've been upside down, downside up, broadways, backways, some ways I can't explain...
Sabrina Duncan: Whaaaat?
Kelly Garrett: Ehm, I drank wine from a paper cup under a tree in a meadow, named an airplane, came home.
Kris Munroe: Ooooh. And what did you do for excitement?

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on Ice (#2.2)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: [two policemen want to see Sabrina's drivings license] Well, eh, look eh, you're, you're never gonna believe this, but I don't have it with me. You see, I left it in the room when I took my gun out of my purse to shoot at the gorilla who was driving the limousine.

Sabrina Duncan: Ok, now, Mason, could you tell me if you've seen anything out of the ordinary since you've been staying outside the ice show?
Mason Fairchild: Would you believe... a long, blue thing, that spits money and sucks people up right off the street?

Sabrina Duncan: He calls it the blue people popper and he says it also spits out money.
John Bosley: Oh that's great, now we've got a drunk that sounds like a bad song supplying the clues.

"Charlie's Angels: Night of the Strangler (#1.3)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: Well, it wasn't Woodman, that's for sure. Jill was with him and I was following them.
Kelly Garrett: Where'd you leave him?
Jill Munroe: My house. I said I had a headache, he didn't push it.
Kelly Garrett: Gosh, you're over the hill at 24?
Jill Munroe: [laughs] Very funny.
[turns to Sabrina before she can speak]
Jill Munroe: You shut up!

Sabrina Duncan: You know, if you had been a couple of seconds later I would've been defiled by that creep.
Kelly Garrett: Now, that's the first time I've ever heard you complain about that.
Sabrina Duncan: Hey, he wasn't exactly Robert Redford, you know. If he had been Robert Redford, I might have said 'defile away'.

Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Now I'm going to have to hurry along, Angels. Work, work work.
Sabrina Duncan: Another case, Charlie? Gee, I thought you just finished one.
Charles Townsend: I did, and the last one really took a lot out of me.
Charles Townsend: [cut to Charlie sitting in a hot tub while a woman in a pink bikini climbs out of a pool and into the tub] But something else just came up, and you know how I put my heart into my work. Bye, Angels!
Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett: Goodbye Charlie!

"Charlie's Angels: I Will Be Remembered (#1.20)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: Gloria Gibson, huh? I saw every film she ever made. She's just incredible.
Kelly Garrett: Yeah, I saw one of her pictures on TV last week. Ah, a western.
Sabrina Duncan: Right: 'The Sodbusters'.
Jill Munroe: Hey, I remember seeing that too. She played a rancher's wife. She survived cholera, a gunshot wound, a cattle stampede.
Jill Munroe: She's a very heavy lady.
Charles Townsend: [over speaker phone] A very nice lady.

Sabrina Duncan: [aiming her gun at bad guy # 1] Hold it! This makes a very nasty hole.
Jill Munroe: [whips out her gun and points it at bad guy # 2] You can't be a beacon if your light don't shine, you know?
Kelly Garrett: [walks up to bad guy # 1 and takes his gun] Whould you think I was pushy if I asked why you were shooting at me?

"Charlie's Angels: Hours of Desperation (#2.15)" (1978)
Sabrina Duncan: [to Dinsmore] Hey, eh, you tired of drinking alone?

Sabrina Duncan: [pretending they got betrayed by Kris in front of their captors] She sold us out!
John Bosley: You mean Kris pulled a switch?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah, well, what does she care? She hardly knows us.
John Bosley: I begged Charlie not to hire her!

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on Horseback (#2.13)" (1977)
Sheriff Hayden: So the suicide note was a fake.
Sabrina Duncan: Now sheriff, you understand why the killer added the fake suicide note, don't ya?
Sheriff Hayden: [hesitantly] Yeah.
Sabrina Duncan: Ok.
Sheriff Hayden: Maybe you should explain it again so I'm sure you got it straight.

Sabrina Duncan: [talking fast to save her skin] Ah, look, I really don't know what's going on here, and I really don't care, so why don't I just leave now, I'll forget everything I ever knew which is nothing anyway, right?

"Charlie's Angels: Rosemary, for Remembrance (#3.21)" (1979)
John Bosley: Well, Fairly Enterprises is a front for the mob. Back in the bad old days, the owner used to be the member of a family headed by guess who?
Sabrina Duncan: Renaldi.
John Bosley: Hm-hmm.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, so much for his nice new image.
John Bosley: Oh, Renaldi is mobbed up, he always has been. He probably makes this Rocky Canyon Beer in a bathtub.

Sabrina Duncan: What do you mean 'how do they make the blood spurt'?
John Bosley: Oh, eh, well, he's, eh, retired now, he works as a technical advisor on gangster films. I've always wanted to know how they make that blood spurt...
Sabrina Duncan: Bosley, you are disgusting!
John Bosley: Yeah, I know it.

"Charlie's Angels: Mother Angel (#3.9)" (1978)
Sabrina Duncan: [bad Irish accent] I've never worked above the fourth floor and... why a man as wealthy as yourself would prefer to live like a squirrel among the trees is beyond me, sir, if you don't mind me saying so.

Kris Munroe: No murder weapon, no body, no I.D. on the victim. And we don't even know who this Buckley is, for sure.
Sabrina Duncan: What about the fingerprints on that glass that I took?
John Bosley: No, no luck there either. He either used acid or had surgery performed on them. Wiped as smooth as a fat man's smile.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on the Air (#2.8)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: [shouting to be heard over the spinning helicopter blades] Hello!
Buck Willis: Hi there.
Sabrina Duncan: I'm Sky Lark, KBEX' new girl in the air.
Buck Willis: Oh yeah? I thought maybe you were Buck Rogers in drag.

Buck Willis: [after some wild flying in his helicopter] I bet you didn't know these things flew upside down, did you?
Sabrina Duncan: [close to tears] I don't care!
Buck Willis: [laughs] You chicks are all alike, you just love it.
Sabrina Duncan: [shouting] I love the ground!

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in the Stretch (#3.12)" (1978)
Thad Roper: Why do you wanna be an exercise boy?
Sabrina Duncan: [rolls her eyes] I don't wanna be an exercise boy, I wanna be a jockey.
Thad Roper: Oh...
[laughs and turns to go]
Sabrina Duncan: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I'll start off as an exercise boy and I'll win your confidence. Hm?

Sabrina Duncan: If Gates hadn't had that heart attack, I think I'd be dead now.

"Charlie's Angels: To Kill an Angel (#1.7)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: [Kelly is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head] How?
Jill Munroe: Bosley's with the police. They don't know anything yet.
Sabrina Duncan: [very upset] It happened at an amusement park?
Jill Munroe: Their date, I guess that's where they went.
Sabrina Duncan: [shouting] Yeah, well, then where the hell was he when she got shot?

Galloway: I got a magazine a couple of friends of mine and I are just getting started. Ehm, it's not as classy as, eh, Penthouse or Playboy, you understand, but eh, we're gonna start small and grow. We could use a couple of fresh models.
Sabrina Duncan: With or without?
Galloway: The less you wear the more you get.
Jill Munroe: Let me get this straight, we take our clothes off and you give us the information we want, right?
Galloway: Is it a deal?

"Charlie's Angels: Pretty Angels All in a Row (#2.3)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: We'll pay you the money, but it wouldn't be for just me, it would have to be for both of us
[referring to Mrs. Farber]
Hubie: Of course, it wouldn't make no sense just shootin' one of ya.

Sabrina Duncan: I'm glad I was only kidnapped...

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on a String (#1.15)" (1977)
John Bosley: Let me grasp this... You mean that you three will be frolicking about at some spa, shirking your responsibilities while I am here, sweating over a hot set of bookkeeping ledgers?
Sabrina Duncan: You like bookkeeping, Bosley!
[all three Angels head for the door]
John Bosley: Charlie, Charlie you mean you want me to pay them for doing nothing?

Sabrina Duncan: Old Polish proverb.
Prof. Peter Wycinski: Never underestimate the power of a plum.
Sabrina Duncan: New Polish proverb.
Prof. Peter Wycinski: Yes, very new.

"Charlie's Angels: Little Angels of the Night (#2.21)" (1978)
Freddy: I didn't do it. I didn't kill nobody.
Sabrina Duncan: Then why did you run from us and why did you run from Melanie's apartment yesterday?
Freddy: 'Cause you people were chasing me! I'm funny that way. You chase me with guns and I run.

Carol: [the Angels are posing as working girls] Well I got these two clients, and they are dying for a party. Bonnie's busy and nobody's available.
Kris Munroe: Oh, gosh, you know, the plane ride was really wild. I'm a little tired and a little shook up.
Sabrina Duncan: I have a, I have a bad back. I'm supposed to stay off my
[catches herself]
Sabrina Duncan: - or on, on my feet. I'm supposed to stay on my feet.
Carol: What about you, Kelly?
Kelly Garrett: Oh, ehm, I, I, I have a cold.
Sabrina Duncan: Ooh, God bless you. You should probably have a sweater on or something or a little wrap.
Kelly Garrett: I feel sick.
Carol: Too bad. These guys look like an awful lotta fun...
Kelly Garrett: Darn. It's a shame we have to miss it.
Sabrina Duncan: Darn it!

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in the Backfield (#2.17)" (1978)
Dan Jarvis: You know, I played my last pro game 15 years ago. But I quit a winner. And now, tomorrow I gotta watch my daughter and the rest of these... misfits make fools outta themselves, including me.
Sabrina Duncan: Mr. Jarvis, you don't need any help making a fool out of yourself. If you don't get in touch with your daughter, you're gonna lose more than a football game.

Sabrina Duncan: Lets hope we don't wrap it up by tomorrow...
Kris Munroe: What?
Kelly Garrett: Bri...
Sabrina Duncan: Hm?
Kelly Garrett: You want to play the Panthers?
Sabrina Duncan: I don't want to play the Panthers, I want to beat the Panthers!

"Charlie's Angels: Charlie's Angels (#1.0)" (1976)
Hotel Clerk: Eh, I can assure you, Miss LeMaire, Suite 400 is on the fourth floor.
Sabrina Duncan: [posing as a wealthy socialite] Yes, well, you don't seem to understand. I meant: the fourth floor.
Hotel Clerk: The entire floor?
Sabrina Duncan: Yes. There are two of us.

Jill Munroe: It's a nice room. Isn't it?
Sabrina Duncan: It's not bad. A little overdone.
Jill Munroe: It's not bad actually, kind of early American nothing.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in Chains (#1.4)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: Did you get anything?
Kelly Garrett: You mean beside multiple bruises?
Sabrina Duncan: Don't be like the Lone Ranger. The one I'm with's got hands like a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Linda Oliver: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you, while I was here for my interview.
Sabrina Duncan: Interview?
John Bosley: Yes, Charles thinks it's time that we hired a receptionist for our front.
Linda Oliver: I just hope I can measure up.
Jill Munroe: I don't think you have anything to worry about.
[puts on a sugar sweet voice]
Jill Munroe: Right, Charlie?
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] You took the words right out of my mouth, Jill, right out of my mouth.

"Charlie's Angels: Marathon Angels (#3.19)" (1979)
Sabrina Duncan: Why don't you two take Sylvia's place and the girl who hasn't signed in yet. What's her name, Cole?
John Bosley: Yeah.
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah.
Kris Munroe: Hold it, hold it. How come all of a sudden we're the ones running?
Sabrina Duncan: Well, you thought of it, and you agreed. Is that reasonable?
John Bosley: Perfectly.
Kris Munroe: Terrific.
Kelly Garrett: Reasonable.

Kelly Garrett: [referring to Sheick Hassir] Is that the grim reaper or a man in a shawl?
Kris Munroe: Or a very ugly lady in a shawl.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, if you gotta be run down, better by a limo, huh?

"Charlie's Angels: Mother Goose Is Running for His Life (#2.20)" (1978)
Sabrina Duncan: Now, I'm curious. If you're a vice-president, why don't you have a seperate office?
Gordon Roclair: [scoffs] Practically everybody in the company is a vice-president. He doesn't want anyone to feel left out.

"Charlie's Angels: Dancing in the Dark (#1.19)" (1977)
John Bosley: [Bri and Bos are playing scrabble] Chutzpah? You can't use that.
Sabrina Duncan: You can if you got it!

"Charlie's Angels: The Vegas Connection (#1.17)" (1977)
John Bosley: We have learned one thing that could tie Mrs. Mallin to Samuels and the truck driver.
Jill Munroe: Mrs. Mallin was a dancer in the chorus line at...
Sabrina Duncan: Mr. and Mrs. Samuels worked as a waiter and a waitress at...
Kelly Garrett: Sydney Carver makes weekly deliveries on Wednesdays to...
John Bosley: ...The Versaile Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels Ahoy (#3.8)" (1978)
Sabrina Duncan: [posing as Sabrina Lampone] Look, I traveled three thousand miles to talk to you. I've been sleepin' in barns and eatin' bananas, now you gotta listen to me.
Leo Sanchez: I'm listening.

"Charlie's Angels: Hellride (#1.1)" (1976)
Jerry Adams: [Sabrina has just completed a series of race laps] Way to smoke, lady!
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah... rumor has it that smoking can be hazardous to your health.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel Flight (#2.4)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah, you girls better hit the books. I got some reading of my own to do here... Wonder what Burt Reynolds is up too...
Kelly Garrett: From what I hear, anything you ask.

"Charlie's Angels: Unidentified Flying Angels (#2.7)" (1977)
John Bosley: Now, when Britton was forced out of the space program, we know that he became associated with...
[pushes button to show a new slide]
John Bosley: Dr. Franklin Perine, MA; MS; Phd; C.P.
Sabrina Duncan: [interrupting] Bosley... ehm, C. P.?
John Bosley: Hm. 'Complete Phony'

"Charlie's Angels: Terror on Skis (#3.16)" (1979)
Sabrina Duncan: I think maybe the best way to find out who they are would be for one of us to act as a sort of a companion to you.
Carl Hansworth: You mean like girlfriend?
Sabrina Duncan: Well, yeah, whatever.
Carl Hansworth: That's a good plan. I nominate you.
[points at Kelly]
Kelly Garrett: [a beat] I accept the nomination.

"Charlie's Angels: Game, Set, Death (#2.14)" (1978)
Ronny Kyle: Hey, sweetie, where's your friend? The one with the legs?
Sabrina Duncan: Gee, that's kinda funny, I really hadn't noticed that girls are the only ones who have legs.
Ronny Kyle: Huh, the only ones that count. Sit, I'm buying.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels at Sea (#1.21)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: I didn't mind losing anything except that new bikini, it's the first one I ever had that didn't feel like it was gonna fall off at the wrong time...

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in Springtime (#3.4)" (1978)
Kris Munroe: What you got there?
Sabrina Duncan: Hors d'oeuvres. Care for one?
Kris Munroe: My grandfather lived to be 94. He never ate anything a rabbit would eat.

"Charlie's Angels: Winning Is for Losers (#3.5)" (1978)
Kelly Garrett: [Kelly and Bri, both carrying guns, enter room 124] Somebody bailed out of here in a hurry.
Sabrina Duncan: Sure did. Look at this. Left a gunpatch.
Kelly Garrett: What's a gunpatch?
Sabrina Duncan: [sounding a bit annoyed by the question] It's a piece of cloth you use to clean a rifle.

"Charlie's Angels: The Killing Kind (#1.6)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Is Bosley gonna meet you at the party?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah, we're gonna do the, eh, fashion designer/model cover.
Jill Munroe: I thought Bosley hated that swishy designer bit?
Sabrina Duncan: Oh, he does, this time I'm the designer and he's the model.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels Belong in Heaven (#3.11)" (1978)
Sabrina Duncan: You know, one thing about professional hitmen: they don't like complications. They want one shot, neat and clean, then a fast exit. So from now on, we'll all walk close together, we'll shift positions, we'll never give him a clear shot, him?
Kelly Garrett: Right. Like Kris said, it beats hiding in corners.

"Charlie's Angels: Terror on Ward One (#1.18)" (1977)
Jill Munroe: Wait a minute. Bosley as a patient, that's a perfect cover.
Sabrina Duncan: It's a very simple surgery, Bosley.
John Bosley: Please, that's one of my un-favorite words.
Jill Munroe: Bosley, you're not afraid of going under the knife?
John Bosley: That is another of my un-favorite words!

"Charlie's Angels: Diamond in the Rough (#2.16)" (1978)
Faris Salim: Lord and Lady Brander, I am flattered that you would come on such short notice.
Sabrina Duncan: Well, it was the... uniqueness of your gift.
[holds up the broche around her neck]
Faris Salim: You have it mounted already. I am indeed flattered.
Freddie Brander: No need to be flattered, old chap. She has everything mounted. When I pass over to my eternal reward, I expect I'll be stuffed and put over the fireplace myself.
Faris Salim: [polite laughter] What a sense of humor you English have.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on the Run (#2.23)" (1978)
Kris Munroe: There's a direct correlation between a woman's chest and a man's ears.
Sabrina Duncan: I have not heard this theory before.
Kelly Garrett: I haven't either.
Kris Munroe: Well, you see, the lower the neckline, the more tone-deaf they are.