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Jill Munroe (Character)
from "Charlie's Angels" (1976)

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"Charlie's Angels: The Mexican Connection (#1.2)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Excuse me. I think I'll take a hot shower. You know, my goosebumps are so big I can't tell which ones are the real me.

Nick Doyle: I thought we might get to know each other...
Jill Munroe: Yeah, I understand what you're saying, but I'm not selling what you're buying.

Maria Bartone: Jill, thanks for everything. You're an angel.
Jill Munroe: Yeah? That's what they tell me!

Jill Munroe: Well, Bosley thinks there's as much a chance of luring Bartone across the border, as there is of Charlie joining the gay-lib.
[bursts out in a toothy laugh]

Jim Taylor: You mean you three are a team?
Jill Munroe: Just like the Supremes.

Kelly Garrett: But Charlie, how did you manage to ski into a tree?
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] It was a matter of chivalry, Angel. Any woman who expends the effort to wiggle into a pair of pants that tight, deserves the full attention of every red blooded male on the slopes.
Jill Munroe: Oh, let us know if anybody writes anything juicy on your cast, Charlie.

Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] How's your breaststroke, Jill?
Jill Munroe: Oh, I thought you'd never ask, Charlie.
Kelly Garrett: Just swim in that water, Jill, don't drink it.

Jill Munroe: Hey, do you know if Sabrina managed to sign on to 'move her tail' for Bartone's airline?
Kelly Garrett: She did, but the way he looked her over I think he's after more than coffee, tea or milk.

Jill Munroe: Right on schedule, stewardess Duncan.
Sabrina Duncan: Only way to fly.
[takes a sip from her wine]
Kelly Garrett: Tacky, Sabrina, very tacky.
Sabrina Duncan: Thank you.

Jill Munroe: But I don't even like wine.
Sabrina Duncan: You'll like these bottles, they're filled with heroine crystals.

Jill Munroe: [entering the wine cellar] Well, now we know where to come in case of an air raid.
Sabrina Duncan: I'll drink to that.
Jill Munroe: Oh, Kelly's right, you are tacky tonight.
Sabrina Duncan: Sorry.

"Charlie's Angels: Target: Angels (#1.5)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Hey, I'm gonna take the girls for some pizza, kind of a 'almost victory' party. Y'all come along?
Kelly Garrett: I'm sorry, but we've got, eh, other plans
[gives Alan a meaningful look]
Jill Munroe: Oh, well, that's a healthy activity too. See ya!

Sabrina Duncan: Ok, in the meantime, do you have a place to keep a low profile?
Kelly Garrett: A motel in Burbank.
Jill Munroe: Well that's as low as a profile can get!

Sabrina Duncan: Bosley, is that a note of concern I detect in your voice?
John Bosley: It is just that we have spent a great deal of time and money in recruiting and training you all, and you'd be very difficult to replace.
Jill Munroe: What he means is he can't find anyone to work as cheap as we do.

Jill Munroe: [shouting down from a shattered window] Kelly! Oh God she's dead! Sabrina's dead!

Jill Munroe: [Kelly has just had a disturbing phone call] Our limping friend?
Kelly Garrett: Hm-hm. He wanted to express his appreciation for our staying in one place. And to let us know there's a lot more explosives left.
Jill Munroe: Oh, that's terrific. My life's ambition has always been to be a sitting duck.

Jill Munroe: I hope Charlie has clean sheets.

Kelly Garrett: Do you ever get serious?
Jill Munroe: When I'm being shot at? Never.

Sabrina Duncan: After sitting in prison for all those years, I'd wanna see my victim die.
Jill Munroe: That's terrific. Remind me never to get you mad at me.

"Charlie's Angels: Night of the Strangler (#1.3)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Is St. Clair a Scorpio? You know, it's really a cycle time for Scorpio's right now.
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] Scorpio or not, Jill, St. Clair is a solid suspect.

Jill Munroe: You know I really appreciate you're letting me work today. I hope that I'll be able to pay you back.
Heinz Brandon: I did not buy your services. I do not buy women.
Jill Munroe: Oh, that's not what I meant at all, I really was just hoping we could be friends.
Heinz Brandon: I have no friends.
Candy: [referring to Heinz] That dude digs nobody honey, just pens.

Kelly Garrett: Do you think you can coral Woodman?
Jill Munroe: Ooh, faster than Roy Rogers!
Kelly Garrett: Roy Rogers?
Jill Munroe: Yeah, in my tomboy years, I was a real Roy Rogers freak. Ah, do you know when Trigger died, they stuffed him!
Jill Munroe: Is nothing sacred anymore?

Sabrina Duncan: Well, it wasn't Woodman, that's for sure. Jill was with him and I was following them.
Kelly Garrett: Where'd you leave him?
Jill Munroe: My house. I said I had a headache, he didn't push it.
Kelly Garrett: Gosh, you're over the hill at 24?
Jill Munroe: [laughs] Very funny.
[turns to Sabrina before she can speak]
Jill Munroe: You shut up!

Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] Sorry I'm missing the flick Angels, I've heard it's educational.
John Bosley: [Bosley and the Angels are watching a rather tame dirty movie] A marvelous training film for the sado-machochistic set, Charlie.
Jill Munroe: There's some great chains, if you're into chains, Charlie.

Jill Munroe: Heinz was right, Charlie. His medal protected me.

Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Now I'm going to have to hurry along, Angels. Work, work work.
Sabrina Duncan: Another case, Charlie? Gee, I thought you just finished one.
Charles Townsend: I did, and the last one really took a lot out of me.
Charles Townsend: [cut to Charlie sitting in a hot tub while a woman in a pink bikini climbs out of a pool and into the tub] But something else just came up, and you know how I put my heart into my work. Bye, Angels!
Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett: Goodbye Charlie!

"Charlie's Angels: Lady Killer (#1.8)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: What about his hair? This secrecy's gone on long enough. How tall is Charlie?
Kelly Garrett: What color are his eyes?
John Bosley: Now, now ladies, you know I cannot divulge anything.
Jill Munroe: Could you at least tell us his shirt size? How else are we gonna get him a present for his birthday?
John Bosley: His birthday? Where were you when it was my birthday? Nobody asked about that, nobody!

Tony Mann: Now they're killing off the centerfolds.
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] That's where you come in.
Kelly Garrett: As centerfolds?
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Kelly, when you took this job you knew there'd be a lot of undercover work.
Jill Munroe: That's not undercover, that's not any cover at all.

Jill Munroe: I haven't posed in the nude since I was six months old.

Jill Munroe: Who's he?
Paula: Dave Erhart. Tony's right hand man. He's a real prince. He brightens up a room just by leaving it.

Jill Munroe: Would you like to order dinner now?
Customer: Sure, if you're on the menu?
Jill Munroe: [laughs] I bet you were up all night thinking of that.

Jill Munroe: [about her footwear] These have to be designed by the Marquis de Sade. They're so uncomfortable.

Jill Munroe: Hey, you don't know what circulation problems are until you've had on one of those Feline costumes.

"Charlie's Angels: The Killing Kind (#1.6)" (1976)
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Sorry to interrupt your pursuits of happiness on a gorgeous day like today, Angels, I've had an emergency come up that needs the feminine touch. This one came in from my ex-wife along with a request for more alimony.
Jill Munroe: I didn't know you were married, Charlie?
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Once was enough to convince me that I am not monogamous by nature.
Kelly Garrett: What a shame.

Dale Parker: The way you look you shouldn't have any problem at all putting smiles on the faces of those dirty old men that come down here to, eh, straighten out their backhands.
Jill Munroe: Thanks.

Jill Munroe: Is Bosley gonna meet you at the party?
Sabrina Duncan: Yeah, we're gonna do the, eh, fashion designer/model cover.
Jill Munroe: I thought Bosley hated that swishy designer bit?
Sabrina Duncan: Oh, he does, this time I'm the designer and he's the model.

Jill Munroe: Where's Sabrina?
John Bosley: Oh, she'll be down in a minute. Do you know that she takes even longer geting ready than you do?
Jill Munroe: No, Bosley, I've explained that to you before. It's not the dressing time, it's the bath time. I always like to take a long time in the bath, ' cause a bath makes me very logical.

Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] Right now, I'd better get back to the case at hand.
Jill Munroe: Oh, what case is that, Charlie? Blond, brunette, redhead?

"Charlie's Angels: The Blue Angels (#1.22)" (1977)
Breshnik: [the eccentric landlord exits with a final declaration of his belief that people should wear leaves instead of clothes ] Someday all bodies will be in leaves!
John Bosley: [Turning to Jill] Y'know, actually it's not such a bad idea, though. If we had our shirts made out of tobacco leaves, when we got tired of them we could smoke 'em!
Jill Munroe: I think you already have, Bosley.

John Bosley: Ah, our new landlord.
[gets up]
John Bosley: Well, how nice to meet you.
[reaches out to shake hands]
Breshnik: Not to touch Breshnik!
Jill Munroe: You never touch?
Breshnik: Breshnik bought this to be Temple Breshnik. Now, it's filled with pagans.
Jill Munroe: Oh, you're a man of the cloth.
Breshnik: Not cloth, leaves!

Breshnik: This was Breshnik's dream: all bodies should wrap themselves in leaves. That is how it was in the beginning. In the beginning, who had clothes? Nobody. Heh. So what did they wear?
Jill Munroe: Let me guess: leaves.
Breshnik: Actually, at first, tigerskins. But where are the tigers today? Nowhere!
Jill Munroe: Oh, so now you're back to leaves.
Breshnik: You laugh at Breshnik?
Jill Munroe: Oh no, not... so far.

Man: [being led upstairs for a massage] I can't do much without my glasses.
Jill Munroe: Ah, pitty.

Man: Actually, you have wonderful fingers.
Jill Munroe: Ah, these old things? I've had them with me for years.

"Charlie's Angels: Fallen Angel (#4.5)" (1979)
Damien Roth: You are the very first woman I've let into my life for years.
Jill Munroe: I find that hard to believe, everywhere you go, you're constantly surrounded by women.
Damien Roth: Those are girls, not women.

Jill Munroe: Charlie's wrong.
Kris Munroe: Have you ever known Charlie to be wrong?
Jill Munroe: I've never known Charlie, have you?
Kris Munroe: Jill, you're not that dumb!
Jill Munroe: Kris, I love you, you're my sister, please back off.

Jill Munroe: Kris, you look great. I've been meaning to call you -
[gets cut off, and Kris looked concerned]
Jill Munroe: What's the matter?
Kris Munroe: What are you, doing here?
Jill Munroe: I could as you, the same question.
Kris Munroe: Michael Leone, is a client.
Jill Munroe: Oh?
Kris Munroe: How did you get mixed up, with Damien Roth?
Jill Munroe: I've told you, in my last letter. I've met someone. Do you know, Damien?
Kris Munroe: [sighs] Yeah. I know about him.
Jill Munroe: What are you talking, about?
Kris Munroe: He's a big time jewel theif. He's out there, casing Carla Leone's diamond right now.
Jill Munroe: That's what Charlie, thinks.
Jill Munroe: Look, I've been seeing him for months. Charlie's wrong.
Kris Munroe: Have you ever known Charlie, to be wrong?
Jill Munroe: I've never known Charlie. Have you?
Kris Munroe: Jill, you're not that dumb.
Jill Munroe: Kris, I love you. You're my sister. Please, back off.
Kris Munroe: Back off? When he had you out there, setting up his mark for him? I'm not that dumb, either. I've been following you.
Jill Munroe: Been following me. How can you, do that?
Kris Munroe: Do you think, I wanted to?
Jill Munroe: Well, stop it!
Kris Munroe: I can't.
Jill Munroe: Damien's, not what you think.
Kris Munroe: He's poison, Jill. He's gonna ruin, your life.
Jill Munroe: Well, it's my life. I can't live it, your own way. I have my own needs. I happen to think, he's exciting. I think he's brilliant.
Kris Munroe: And, you two are going to be just as terrific, behind bars.
Jill Munroe: You wanna talk about, poison? I'll tell you what poison. It's someone sneaking behind, your back when they're not wanted, and they're not invited.
[storms out and slams door. Kris, sighs in dismay]

Jill Munroe: Stop following me around. It's not doing any of us any good.
Kelly Garrett: What do you want us to do, just turn our backs and walk away?
Jill Munroe: What are you talking about? I just wanna lead my life my own way.
Kelly Garrett: Jill, don't you think that this has gone far enough? What's going on? You've gotta tell me the truth.
Jill Munroe: There's this guy, Damien Roth. I think you've heard of him. I love him.
Kelly Garrett: We used to be so close.
Jill Munroe: We used to respect each other's privacy too.
Kelly Garrett: Jill, what's happening to you?
Jill Munroe: I'll tell you what's happening to me. I'm feeling pressured by people I thought were my friends. I don't like it.
Kelly Garrett: Do you really know Damien Roth?
Jill Munroe: Oh, give me a break! How do you ever know if you really know someone? I thought I knew you and Kris.
Kelly Garrett: Okay. Let's say you don't give a damn about what happens to you.
Jill Munroe: Great, let's say that.
Kelly Garrett: Well, what about Kris? Do you know what this is doing to her?
Jill Munroe: I'm not responsible for Kris anymore. Why don't you just get the hell out of my life.
Kelly Garrett: I'd be happy to. Whoever you are.
[Storms out of locker room]

"Charlie's Angels: Angels in Chains (#1.4)" (1976)
Jill: I am not a yoyo!

Jill Munroe: Why is it I suddenly feel like a Christian going into the arena?

Warden Sorenson: I'm told you made a remarkable recovery. Stomach cramps?
Jill Munroe: Oh no, it was an allergy. I'm allergic to working in potato fields.

Linda Oliver: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you, while I was here for my interview.
Sabrina Duncan: Interview?
John Bosley: Yes, Charles thinks it's time that we hired a receptionist for our front.
Linda Oliver: I just hope I can measure up.
Jill Munroe: I don't think you have anything to worry about.
[puts on a sugar sweet voice]
Jill Munroe: Right, Charlie?
Charles Townsend: [on speaker phone] You took the words right out of my mouth, Jill, right out of my mouth.

"Charlie's Angels: I Will Be Remembered (#1.20)" (1977)
Sabrina Duncan: Gloria Gibson, huh? I saw every film she ever made. She's just incredible.
Kelly Garrett: Yeah, I saw one of her pictures on TV last week. Ah, a western.
Sabrina Duncan: Right: 'The Sodbusters'.
Jill Munroe: Hey, I remember seeing that too. She played a rancher's wife. She survived cholera, a gunshot wound, a cattle stampede.
Jill Munroe: She's a very heavy lady.
Charles Townsend: [over speaker phone] A very nice lady.

Sabrina Duncan: [aiming her gun at bad guy # 1] Hold it! This makes a very nasty hole.
Jill Munroe: [whips out her gun and points it at bad guy # 2] You can't be a beacon if your light don't shine, you know?
Kelly Garrett: [walks up to bad guy # 1 and takes his gun] Whould you think I was pushy if I asked why you were shooting at me?

Jill Munroe: [Jill is questioning the studio lunchman who looks like he's worked there for years] You been here long?
Lunchie: Oh, about... Ten minutes.
Jill Munroe: [smiles from ear to ear] No, I mean at the studio.
Lunchie: Two hours.

"Charlie's Angels: The Prince and the Angel (#4.8)" (1979)
Jill Munroe: Would you mind if I broke our date for lunch?
Kelly Garrett: Depends.
Jill Munroe: On what?
Kelly Garrett: Who's replacing me?
Jill Munroe: Him
[points to Prince Eric, whom she thinks is a salesman]
Kelly Garrett: Hmm. You're forgiven. Do you mind if I have him for dinner?
Jill Munroe: I'll let you know after lunch.

John Bosley: Do you mean, that you were actually picked up in a men's haberdashery?
Jill Munroe: Picked up sounds so declassé... Was I picked up?
Kelly Garrett: I'd say you were confiscated.
Kris Munroe: Well, on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate this confiscation?
Jill Munroe: An eleven.

Eric Railman: Will you tell me why you are carrying a gun?
Jill Munroe: I told you, I was a detective.
Eric Railman: You did not tell me.
Jill Munroe: I did.
Eric Railman: Not so I'd believe it.

"Charlie's Angels: Angels on Wheels (#1.12)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: [Discussing the case with Kelly and Sabrina] One thing I do know: he's not involved in Karen's murder.
Kelly Garrett: Female instinct?
Jill Munroe: Angel instinct.

Jill Munroe: [Telling Bosley what to do should she not survive this assignment] Just tell Charlie I want a simple funeral, y'know, no frills, no fuss, and then I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered over Charlie's waterbed.

Jill Munroe: How much do I get paid?
Jessica Farmer: 10 % of the settlement to you, 10 to Betty. The rest is none of your business.

"Charlie's Angels: To Kill an Angel (#1.7)" (1976)
Sabrina Duncan: [Kelly is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head] How?
Jill Munroe: Bosley's with the police. They don't know anything yet.
Sabrina Duncan: [very upset] It happened at an amusement park?
Jill Munroe: Their date, I guess that's where they went.
Sabrina Duncan: [shouting] Yeah, well, then where the hell was he when she got shot?

Jill Munroe: In her spare time, Kelly was working in a volunteer workshop with autistic children.
John Bosley: Then her mystery man was this Skip?
Jill Munroe: Yeah, they said she spend more time with him than the other children because she thought he needed more help than the others.
John Bosley: Well, if I didn't love her before, I do now.

Galloway: I got a magazine a couple of friends of mine and I are just getting started. Ehm, it's not as classy as, eh, Penthouse or Playboy, you understand, but eh, we're gonna start small and grow. We could use a couple of fresh models.
Sabrina Duncan: With or without?
Galloway: The less you wear the more you get.
Jill Munroe: Let me get this straight, we take our clothes off and you give us the information we want, right?
Galloway: Is it a deal?

"Charlie's Angels: The Seance (#1.11)" (1976)
Kelly Garrett: What do you wear to a séance?
Jill Munroe: Oh, something simple, chic and terribly expensive.

Jill Munroe: Hey, what's for breakfast? I got a big hole in my stomach.

Jill Munroe: [Kelly and Jill have narrowly avoided driven off a cliff] 35. I'll never go faster than 35 as long as I live.

"Charlie's Angels: Charlie's Angels (#1.0)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Come on, be a pal. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent lying in bed trying to put a face... and a body on that voice.
[referring to Charlie]
Scott Woodville: Beats watching the Late Show, I imagine.

Jill Munroe: It's a nice room. Isn't it?
Sabrina Duncan: It's not bad. A little overdone.
Jill Munroe: It's not bad actually, kind of early American nothing.

Jill Munroe: [aiming a riffle at Beau] I don't trust a man who's teeth don't show when he smiles.

"Charlie's Angels: The Vegas Connection (#1.17)" (1977)
John Bosley: We have learned one thing that could tie Mrs. Mallin to Samuels and the truck driver.
Jill Munroe: Mrs. Mallin was a dancer in the chorus line at...
Sabrina Duncan: Mr. and Mrs. Samuels worked as a waiter and a waitress at...
Kelly Garrett: Sydney Carver makes weekly deliveries on Wednesdays to...
John Bosley: ...The Versaile Hotel in Las Vegas.

Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] All right, that's the trail we have to follow. You'll all have to go up to Vegas.
John Bosley: Only problem is: we don't have any real lead once we get there.
Jill Munroe: Charlie, we've got to talk to Mrs. Mallin.
Kelly Garrett: And without that, we could spend six months in Vegas and come back with nothing but a suntan.
Charles Townsend: That's more than a lot of people come back with.

"Charlie's Angels: Hellride (#1.1)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: Charlie, are you in pain?
Charles Townsend: [on speakerphone] It's my sacro- oh...
Kelly Garrett: Pardon?
Charles Townsend: -iliac, lower lambego. Very stiff.
Jill Munroe: Oh, that's too bad, Charlie. Just how did you hurt your back?
Charles Townsend: The crushing weight of responsibility, angel. But I think it will just be a matter of some deft manipulation before I'll be standing as erect as ever.
[cut to Charlie being massaged by a bikini clad woman standing on his back]

Jill Munroe: Something for the Lord?
Ted Kale: And what denomination are you, little lady?
Jill Munroe: 35-24-35, brother.

"Charlie's Angels: Consenting Adults (#1.10)" (1976)
Cooley: Let's see if you and I can't work out something that's, eh... comfortable.
Jill Munroe: I have a policy: I never give away anything that I can sell.
Cooley: You'll do.

Jill Munroe: For starters, you can drop the 'Tracy'. It rhymes with 'Stacy' and 'Macy' and all those other jive names hookers like to latch on to.

"Charlie's Angels: An Angel's Trail (#4.20)" (1980)
Jill Munroe: [to Harley] I'm gonna bake you a cake.
Clint Mason: I said for you to shut up! You know you're ride's about over. You ain't gonna be baking nothing. Ever.

Jill Munroe: Stop it, you'll kill him! You're mother would cry if she knew you were doing this.

"Charlie's Angels: Mother Angel (#3.9)" (1978)
Jill Munroe: You must be Samantha. I haven't seen you since you were a toddler.
[patronisingly holds her hand close to the ground to indicate small height]
Sam: I was never a toddler.
John Bosley: I'm inclined to agree with that.

Jill Munroe: Eh, Sam, how did you happen to call me? I haven't been in the country in months.
Sam: I found your number in Aunt Charlotte's private phone book, squished between 25 men...

"Charlie's Angels: Angel in a Box (#3.17)" (1979)
Jill Munroe: Any time you can see me, eh, I'm available.
Ruiz: Any time?
Jill Munroe: Any time. Day, night, afternoon.
[flashes him the old Farrah smile and giggles]

Kris Munroe: Mr. Karazna, you can't really believe that my sister was responsible for your sons death?
Anton Karazna: Of course you must defend her, it's only right. She's your sister. You must be blindly loyal.
Kris Munroe: That's right, she's my sister. I know her. She would never hurt someone deliberately.
Anton Karazna: Hurt him? She killed him. She demanded too much and gave too little. He was young, emotional. He didn't realize how someone could lie to him. He didn't understand...
[Jill is brought in by Ruiz]
Jill Munroe: No Mr. Karazna, you didn't understand.
Kris Munroe: [stands up, tries to be lighthearted] Hi, what brings you here?
Jill Munroe: I heard you were hanging out with the rough crowd, I just dropped by to see if I could straighten you out.

"Charlie's Angels: Terror on Ward One (#1.18)" (1977)
John Bosley: [referring to Halvorsen] Now, if he was cleverly and deftly interrogated...
Jill Munroe: That's a good idea, Bos. Only trouble is: you're the one who's closest to him, so you'll have to do it.
John Bosley: Oh, that's amusing, that is very amusing.

Jill Munroe: Wait a minute. Bosley as a patient, that's a perfect cover.
Sabrina Duncan: It's a very simple surgery, Bosley.
John Bosley: Please, that's one of my un-favorite words.
Jill Munroe: Bosley, you're not afraid of going under the knife?
John Bosley: That is another of my un-favorite words!

"Charlie's Angels: Bullseye (#1.9)" (1976)
Jill Munroe: [Complaining about Sgt. Billings' brusque manner] I get the feeling he knows his way around a gas chamber.
Kelly Garrett: Yeah. He must've done his basic training at Auschwitz.

"Charlie's Angels: Dancing in the Dark (#1.19)" (1977)
Jill Munroe: [elaborating on Sabrina's cover] Sabrina Walker. Her father's Stuart Walker. He has a city in Alaska named after him, a line of luncheon meets and then there's always Walker Broadcasting.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel Trap (#1.13)" (1977)
Jericho: You're a very beautiful woman.
Jill Munroe: [flustered] You have way of being suddenly very direct...
Jericho: Well, eh, beautiful things are rare. We shouldn't hesitate to mention them.

"Charlie's Angels: Dirty Business (#1.16)" (1977)
John Bosley: Oh, Marvin, you are a very enterprising fellow.
Jill Munroe: Not to mention a liar, pornographer, blackmailer.
Marvin Goldman: Well, I never said I was perfect.

"Charlie's Angels: Angel Come Home (#3.2)" (1978)
Paul Ferrino: [Jill and Paul kiss as they meet] Aw, now, this was for friendship. The past is... past.
Jill Munroe: What about your present? Were there serious problems?
Paul Ferrino: Ah, not serious, deadly.