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Michael Durano (Character)
from "Charlie's Angels" (1976)

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"Charlie's Angels: Toni's Boys (#4.23)" (1980)
Michael Durano: I told you, it's okay.
Riso: Yeah, but this was our shot. I don't like to go that public and miss. It's bad for my reputation.
Michael Durano: Well don't put this one on your resumé.
Messina: Nobody can stay so lucky as those three broads.
Michael Durano: On the other hand, the more difficult the hunt, the sweeter the kill.

Toni: Agh! This stuff tastes like vinegar! You trying to poison me? I want some bourbon!
Michael Durano: There's nothing wrong with this wine!
Toni: Are you calling me a liar?
Michael Durano: No, I'm calling you an idiot!

Michael Durano: Divine justice is what I'm after. An eye for an eye, like it says in the Bible. Those six months that I spend in jail were like an eternity in darkness.
Kelly Garrett: How poetic.
Michael Durano: Sweetheart, I'm glad you think so, because an eternity in darkness is what the three of you are going to suffer in return.