Alex Munday
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Alex Munday (Character)
from Charlie's Angels (2000)

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Charlie's Angels (2000)
Charlie: Good morning, angels.
Dylan, Natalie, Alex: Good morning, Charlie!

Roger Corwin: You're very good. With your hands. I could use someone like you on my staff.
Alex: Thanks for the offer but my hands aren't going anywhere near your staff.

Alex: Jason, I haven't been honest with you; I'm not a bikini waxer!

Alex: Oh, my God, you're hit!
Jason Gibbons: No, it's nothing. I mean the squibs hurt a little when they go off but... what happened to my trailer?
Alex: Jason
Jason Gibbons: Were you in there while that happened? I mean, look at it!
Alex: Jason, I haven't been completely honest with you. I'm not a bikini waxer.
Jason Gibbons: Bummer. I mean... that was kind of a turn on.

Alex: All right, let's get one thing straight between us.
Jason Gibbons: Go ahead. We're way past keeping secrets at this point.
Alex: This is gonna be long, hard and rough.
Jason Gibbons: Sometimes when it's rough I just get there faster.
Alex: If you don't diffuse this bomb, Logan, LA is gonna become a new underwater attraction.
Jason Gibbons: Which wire? The red one or the blue one?
Alex: Bump bump baah.
Jason Gibbons: That is not helping.
Alex: Ooh, my muffins.
Jason Gibbons: This is stupid. Why wouldn't I just yank the wire.
Alex: No honey, the real mechanism is inside encased in a titanium shell, if you trip the external feedback circuit the bomb will detonate.
Jason Gibbons: Wow! You know for a bikini waxer you know an awful lot about bombs.
Alex: Isn't it amazing how much you can learn off of the internet?

Alex: Your methodologies are antiquated and weak. Your procedures of approval ensure that only the least radical ideas are rewarded. Meanwhile your competition is innovating.
Dylan: [quietly] Ow.
Alex: You. What was the last suggestion you made to your boss?
Red Star Systems Techie: I said the coke machine should be free.
Alex: Why?
Red Star Systems Techie: Because caffeine helps us program.

Jason Gibbons: So when do I get to meet this Charlie.
Alex: Well, Charlie's not a very social person.
Jason Gibbons: But Charlie's a chick right? I mean, she's definitely a woman?

Alex: What do you know, a guy who speaks Natalie.

Alex: They're not Chinese, they're not fighting, they're blueberry!

Alex: Flip your hair.
Natalie: What?
Alex: Flip your goddamn hair.

Alex: Let's see if I can win the teddy bear!

[last lines]
Dylan: To Charlie.
Alex: To Charlie.
Natalie: To Charlie.
Bosley: To Charlie.
[falls over]
Bosley: Let me toast you ladies, with some ice cubes!

Alex: Why do they always run?

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
Alex Munday: Marshal Ray Carter. I'm Alex Munday. I'll be your rescuer today.
Carter: I didn't think you'd find me. How many men do you have?
Alex Munday: I've got two girlfriends in the bar.
Carter: They have fifty armed men.
Alex Munday: I know. It hardly seems fair. C'mon!

Alex Munday: Get off the babysitter. Daddy's home.

[spotting their suspect]
Alex Munday: Check it out... brown shorts, red board, 11:00. What d'you think?
Dylan Sanders: [looking at the guy] Yummy!...
Alex Munday: That's what I thought. Case closed. Nat move in, Dylan thinks he's hot.
Dylan Sanders: What do you mean?
Alex Munday: You always fall for the bad guy.

[last lines]
Alex Munday: Oh, it's a no-brainer.

[Dylan, undercover as a nun, is eyeing a sexy young priest]
Alex Munday: [under her breath] Thornbirds.
Dylan Sanders: [under her breath] I know!

Mr. Munday: So, you work with Alex at the hospital?
Alex Munday: Yes! Natalie works in the Psychiatric Ward. And Dylan is the Head of... Gynecology.
Mr. Munday: Really?
Dylan Sanders: Um-hmm.
Mr. Munday: So young.
Dylan Sanders: I know.
Alex Munday: We were just on our way out, actually, 'cause we have such a major procedure coming up, Daddy, so...
Natalie Cook: Duty calls. Sorry.
Dylan Sanders: I've gotta... prep.
Natalie Cook: Yeah... scrub up. Ha ha.
Mr. Munday: Bu- bye.
[Natalie and Dylan say "Bye" together]
Mr. Munday: Bye.
Alex Munday: See you guys in a minute. It's just a tiny emergency, but make yourself at home, okay.
[Kisses him on the cheek]
Mr. Munday: We'll talk later, off to the hospital, go save lives...
[the Angels have left; He looks confused]
Mr. Munday: Head of Gynecology?

Madison Lee: [thinking that she's about to kill Charlie's Angels] Enjoy heaven.
Natalie Cook: Go to hell.
Alex Munday: [the Angels kill Madison; she dies amid flames] She's so fired.

Alex Munday: [after Madison Lee shoots the Angels] What a be-atch!

Max: Helen Zass. That's your name.
[Looks over at Bosley]
Max: . Is that, uh, Ass-tralian?
Natalie Cook: Oh my god! You must have been the butt of every joke!
Alex Munday: Did you by chance drive an Ass-tin Martin?
Natalie Cook: Alex! We're being Ass-inine!
Dylan Sanders: Yes. Yes you are.

Dylan Sanders: And all we have is the Thin Man.
Natalie Cook: Our Favorite Ass-Ass-in
Alex Munday: [Holding the medal] We should get this to the lab to have it anal-ized.
Dylan Sanders: You do that.

Natalie Cook: Do a little dance?
Dylan Sanders: Make a little love.
Alex Munday: Get down tonight.

Madison Lee: I never wore Kevlar till I took three in the chest
Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders, Alex Munday: On the De Soto case - we know!

Alex Munday: Keep Dreaming!