Natalie Cook
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Natalie Cook (Character)
from Charlie's Angels (2000)

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Charlie's Angels (2000)
Charlie: Good morning, angels.
Dylan, Natalie, Alex: Good morning, Charlie!

[Natalie, Dylan, Alex, and Chad are on a boat]
Natalie: Hey Chad, does this thing go any faster? We're kind of in a hurry, and I could really open her up, and if you wanted me to drive.
[turns to Dylan]
Natalie: I could drive, right?
Chad: I'm sorry, friend of Starfish, but there's only one captain of this love boat. That captain is me. The Chad.
Natalie: The Chad.
[both Natalie and Dylan are giggling]
Natalie: Chad, captain of the love boat-
Chad: [correcting Natalie] *The* Chad.
Natalie: We're kind of in a hurry.
Chad: [repeating] *The* Chad.

Natalie: Where's Knox? Is he OK?
Dylan: He's fine. He's the bad guy.

Bouncer: Hey you! You wanna dance on stage?
Natalie, Pete: Us? Yeah!
Bouncer: No. Stage is for the ladies.
Natalie: Oh, then you know what? I'm just gonna find a place on the floor.
Pete: [to bouncer] Wait a minute!
[to Natalie]
Pete: This is like Soul Train's highest honor, I am NOT gonna sit here and let you NOT go up there so yeah, she'll go.
Natalie: Really? Cause I've always wanted to go up there.
Pete: Have a great time!
Natalie: See you in a minute!

Natalie: I have to go. I can't explain now but will you call me tomorrow?
Pete: Sure.
[Natalie runs off. Runs back, kisses him and runs off again. Pete turns to the bouncers]
Bouncer: Oh, you bad!
Bouncer: Yeah, you bad!
Pete: Finally you guys warm up a little.

Natalie: Do you know how hard it is to find a quality man in Los Angeles?

Natalie: They don't call me balls out Natalie for nothing.

Natalie: [to UPS guy] I signed that release form,so you can just feel free to stick things in my slot.

Natalie: Alex! Don't let him get away!

Natalie: Hey! I like that guy!

[During Natalie's dream scene]
Natalie: Eduardo, move me.

Alex: Flip your hair.
Natalie: What?
Alex: Flip your goddamn hair.

Pete: I'll get tickets.
Natalie: I love tickets!

Natalie: Wait you guys, I'm not a yoyo!

Natalie: Oh!
[making bird noise]
Natalie: It's a sitta pygmaya. A pygmy nuthatch! They only live in one place. CARMEL!

[last lines]
Dylan: To Charlie.
Alex: To Charlie.
Natalie: To Charlie.
Bosley: To Charlie.
[falls over]
Bosley: Let me toast you ladies, with some ice cubes!

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
Natalie Cook: I have something you'll never have.
Madison Lee: What's that?
Natalie Cook: Friends.

Natalie Cook: This is hostel, ya?

[surprising Natalie]
Madison Lee: What's up, Angel?
Natalie Cook: Madison Lee?
Madison Lee: Natalie Cook.
Natalie Cook: Oh, my god! How'd you know?
Madison Lee: I get the newsletter.

Madison Lee: I don't take orders from a speaker-box anymore. I work for myself.
Natalie Cook: Well, your boss sucks.

Natalie Cook: Killer, huh? I just got so excited. When it's big like that I just love to ride it hard and rough.

Mr. Munday: So, you work with Alex at the hospital?
Alex Munday: Yes! Natalie works in the Psychiatric Ward. And Dylan is the Head of... Gynecology.
Mr. Munday: Really?
Dylan Sanders: Um-hmm.
Mr. Munday: So young.
Dylan Sanders: I know.
Alex Munday: We were just on our way out, actually, 'cause we have such a major procedure coming up, Daddy, so...
Natalie Cook: Duty calls. Sorry.
Dylan Sanders: I've gotta... prep.
Natalie Cook: Yeah... scrub up. Ha ha.
Mr. Munday: Bu- bye.
[Natalie and Dylan say "Bye" together]
Mr. Munday: Bye.
Alex Munday: See you guys in a minute. It's just a tiny emergency, but make yourself at home, okay.
[Kisses him on the cheek]
Mr. Munday: We'll talk later, off to the hospital, go save lives...
[the Angels have left; He looks confused]
Mr. Munday: Head of Gynecology?

Natalie Cook: Bring it on, bitch!

Madison Lee: [thinking that she's about to kill Charlie's Angels] Enjoy heaven.
Natalie Cook: Go to hell.
Alex Munday: [the Angels kill Madison; she dies amid flames] She's so fired.

Max: Helen Zass. That's your name.
[Looks over at Bosley]
Max: . Is that, uh, Ass-tralian?
Natalie Cook: Oh my god! You must have been the butt of every joke!
Alex Munday: Did you by chance drive an Ass-tin Martin?
Natalie Cook: Alex! We're being Ass-inine!
Dylan Sanders: Yes. Yes you are.

Dylan Sanders: And all we have is the Thin Man.
Natalie Cook: Our Favorite Ass-Ass-in
Alex Munday: [Holding the medal] We should get this to the lab to have it anal-ized.
Dylan Sanders: You do that.

Natalie Cook: You were the cock. I was the beaver!

Natalie Cook: Tickets, I love tickets!

Natalie Cook: Do a little dance?
Dylan Sanders: Make a little love.
Alex Munday: Get down tonight.

Madison Lee: I never wore Kevlar till I took three in the chest
Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders, Alex Munday: On the De Soto case - we know!

Ray Carter: [after spectacular rescue] I'm afraid I underestimated you guys.
Natalie Cook: Yeah, that happens a lot...