Pete Komisky
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Pete Komisky (Character)
from Charlie's Angels (2000)

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Charlie's Angels (2000)
Bouncer: Hey you! You wanna dance on stage?
Natalie, Pete: Us? Yeah!
Bouncer: No. Stage is for the ladies.
Natalie: Oh, then you know what? I'm just gonna find a place on the floor.
Pete: [to bouncer] Wait a minute!
[to Natalie]
Pete: This is like Soul Train's highest honor, I am NOT gonna sit here and let you NOT go up there so yeah, she'll go.
Natalie: Really? Cause I've always wanted to go up there.
Pete: Have a great time!
Natalie: See you in a minute!

Natalie: I have to go. I can't explain now but will you call me tomorrow?
Pete: Sure.
[Natalie runs off. Runs back, kisses him and runs off again. Pete turns to the bouncers]
Bouncer: Oh, you bad!
Bouncer: Yeah, you bad!
Pete: Finally you guys warm up a little.

[Vivian Wood steals Natalie's cell phone from her while she's talking to her friend Pete]
Vivian Wood: Is this the famous Charlie?
Pete: No, this is Pete.

Pete: I'll get tickets.
Natalie: I love tickets!