Dylan Sanders
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Dylan Sanders (Character)
from Charlie's Angels (2000)

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Charlie's Angels (2000)
Charlie: Good morning, angels.
Dylan, Natalie, Alex: Good morning, Charlie!

[one of Alex's muffins is embedded in the door]
Bosley: What do you call this?
Dylan: Chinese fighting muffin.
Bosley: That's not funny. A friend of mine took a fighting muffin in the chest; they sent him home in four Ziploc bags.

Chad: Starfish, I would just like to say that I'm honored, honored to see you taking an interest in my work and I also think you're very pretty and... (sees girls getting scuba gear on) Starfish? Where are you going? Starfish are you going swimming? Where are you going? Where are you going again Starfish? Was it the Chad?
Dylan: No the Chad was great.
Chad: The Chad was great.

Chad: Is it the eggs?
Dylan: It's not the eggs.
Chad: Is it the boat?
Dylan: No, it's not the boat, I have to go though.
Chad: Is it the Chad?
Dylan: It might be the Chad.
Chad: The Chad... It's the Chad!
[Chad falls into the water]

Natalie: Where's Knox? Is he OK?
Dylan: He's fine. He's the bad guy.

Alex: Your methodologies are antiquated and weak. Your procedures of approval ensure that only the least radical ideas are rewarded. Meanwhile your competition is innovating.
Dylan: [quietly] Ow.
Alex: You. What was the last suggestion you made to your boss?
Red Star Systems Techie: I said the coke machine should be free.
Alex: Why?
Red Star Systems Techie: Because caffeine helps us program.

Dylan: And that's kicking your ass!

Dylan: Figures that I would find the perfect guy, and he would already have the perfect girl.

Chad: Good morning Starfish.
Dylan: Good morning Chad. Sweet Chad.

Dylan: Hold that thought.

[ordering at the drive through]
Dylan: I'll have three burgers, three French fries and three cherry pies. What do you guys want?

Pasqual: You crazy bastard!
Dylan: [as Mr. Jones] I think you mean crazy bitch.

[mocking Eric Knox]
Dylan: I don't know how to make chicken... jerk.

[last lines]
Dylan: To Charlie.
Alex: To Charlie.
Natalie: To Charlie.
Bosley: To Charlie.
[falls over]
Bosley: Let me toast you ladies, with some ice cubes!

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
Seamus: I've never wanted you more.
Dylan Sanders: Always wanting what you can't have.

Dylan Sanders: I think she's trying to kill us.

[spotting their suspect]
Alex Munday: Check it out... brown shorts, red board, 11:00. What d'you think?
Dylan Sanders: [looking at the guy] Yummy!...
Alex Munday: That's what I thought. Case closed. Nat move in, Dylan thinks he's hot.
Dylan Sanders: What do you mean?
Alex Munday: You always fall for the bad guy.

[Dylan, undercover as a nun, is eyeing a sexy young priest]
Alex Munday: [under her breath] Thornbirds.
Dylan Sanders: [under her breath] I know!

Mr. Munday: So, you work with Alex at the hospital?
Alex Munday: Yes! Natalie works in the Psychiatric Ward. And Dylan is the Head of... Gynecology.
Mr. Munday: Really?
Dylan Sanders: Um-hmm.
Mr. Munday: So young.
Dylan Sanders: I know.
Alex Munday: We were just on our way out, actually, 'cause we have such a major procedure coming up, Daddy, so...
Natalie Cook: Duty calls. Sorry.
Dylan Sanders: I've gotta... prep.
Natalie Cook: Yeah... scrub up. Ha ha.
Mr. Munday: Bu- bye.
[Natalie and Dylan say "Bye" together]
Mr. Munday: Bye.
Alex Munday: See you guys in a minute. It's just a tiny emergency, but make yourself at home, okay.
[Kisses him on the cheek]
Mr. Munday: We'll talk later, off to the hospital, go save lives...
[the Angels have left; He looks confused]
Mr. Munday: Head of Gynecology?

Max: Helen Zass. That's your name.
[Looks over at Bosley]
Max: . Is that, uh, Ass-tralian?
Natalie Cook: Oh my god! You must have been the butt of every joke!
Alex Munday: Did you by chance drive an Ass-tin Martin?
Natalie Cook: Alex! We're being Ass-inine!
Dylan Sanders: Yes. Yes you are.

Dylan Sanders: And all we have is the Thin Man.
Natalie Cook: Our Favorite Ass-Ass-in
Alex Munday: [Holding the medal] We should get this to the lab to have it anal-ized.
Dylan Sanders: You do that.

Chess Opponent: What's an angel doing so far from heaven?
Dylan Sanders: I'm no angel.

Dylan Sanders: You don't know me any more.
Seamus: I'm the only one here who knows you Helen.

Natalie Cook: Do a little dance?
Dylan Sanders: Make a little love.
Alex Munday: Get down tonight.

Dylan Sanders: [after crashing out of bar window] Just once I'd like to walk out of a bar!

Dylan Sanders: Just once, I'd like to *walk* out of a bar!

Madison Lee: I never wore Kevlar till I took three in the chest
Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders, Alex Munday: On the De Soto case - we know!