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Barbara (Character)
from American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (V)

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American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (V)
Barbara: Excuse me!
Rachael: Oh bite me, Barbie.

Barbara: Hi Professor Starkman.
[He looks at her scared]
Barbara: Hey?
Starkman: Miss Brown.
Barbara: Hi.
Starkman: How are ya?
Barbara: Good!
Starkman: Good.
Barbara: So big day's tomorrow, right?
Starkman: What'd you mean?
Barbara: For the T.A. position. You're announcing it tomorrow, right?
Starkman: Yes, of course. At noon, in my classroom.
Barbara: [she laughs] I can't wait. I think my chances are much better this year than they were last.
Starkman: Mm I would think so, it's a very tight race this year.
Barbara: So were you looking for Cassandra?
Starkman: Oh.
Barbara: Because she wasn't in class, so she probably left for spring break quite early.
Starkman: Well actually, erm, the, erm.
Barbara: It's Cassandra isn't it! She got the position! Oh, good for her but
[she laughs]
Barbara: Look I can't say that I'm not disappointed but I mean, it's like they say. What doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger, right?
[He smiles]
Barbara: Well, see ya.

Starkman: Hello Miss Brown.
Barbara: Hello!
Starkman: It's good to see you.
Barbara: It's good to see you!

Rachael: [voiceover] My heart rate nearly triples when I get to the party and see that the vultures have already descended upon Starkman.
Starkman: He broke the mould because he only murdered two people in his entire career.
[the group of students around him laugh]
Rachael: [voiceover] I must have lost track of time running. I had planned to get here early to get as much face time with Starkman as possible and now I'm late.
[Barbara pushes her to the side]
Rachael: [voiceover] This is a disaster.
Barbara: Bitch.