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Tristan (Character)
from Tristan + Isolde (2006)

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Tristan + Isolde (2006)
Isolde: I'm not permitted a single moment without mourning. I'm living with this, Tristan, as you said we must.
Tristan: I live in torture thinking of these moments. With every look he gives you, I get sicker and sicker. There's a burning in me I feel on fire, and there's guilt and I can't comidify. Does it make you happy to know that?
Isolde: The Roman Bridge, I can get to it without being seen, and I'd go there any time to be with you.

Lord Marke: Do you find no comfort in your home, these stearn walls that you helped build?
Tristan: I find these walls a prison.
Lord Marke: Why?
Tristan: Everything I wanted seems meaningless.

Melot: [lying in the tunnel] A dozen Irish have blazed your way.
Tristan: Melot, I swear I did not lead them here.
Melot: No, I did.
Tristan: Why?
Melot: I thought someone believed in me.
Tristan: It will be undone.
Melot: I am for the worms, Tristan. Swear to me that you are true.
Tristan: As we were brothers.

Isolde: [on dreaming of things] ... a child.
Tristan: Will it be mine or his?
Isolde: I'd have no way of knowing, would I?

Isolde: You risked your life to give me to another man.
Tristan: You said your name was Bragnae. Why did you do that?
Isolde: Oh, what have I done? Stop this, please, Tristan, say something.
Tristan: I can't. I won you in my King's name.
Isolde: But I'm your's. You touched me and I you.
Tristan: It doesn't matter.
Isolde: It's the only thing that matters, Tristan. Leave with me, I'll go anywhere!

Isolde: Know that I love you Tristan. Wherever you go, whatever you see. I will always be with you.
[his last lines]
Tristan: You were right. I don't know if life is greater than death. But love was more than either.

Isolde: What do you think became of them?
Tristan: They were lives... just lived.

Tristan: [to Lord Marke] She is loyal to you. I am sure of it.

Tristan: [fleeing Ireland] Come with me.
Isolde: I can't.
Tristan: Why not?
Isolde: We both know this cannot be, Tristan. We knew it from the start. That doesn't mean it wasn't true, it is.

Isolde: And what of your parents?
Tristan: They also died when I was a child.
Isolde: From what?
Tristan: A different type of Irish kindness.

Tristan: What's your name?
Isolde: Oh, I think it's better if we don't bother with names.
Tristan: How can I thank you if I don't have your name?
Isolde: You just did. If you insist, my name is Bragnae. I'm a lady in waiting at the court. My parents are dead. My mother is the source of the kindness you find so puzzling. My father would've left you where you fell.
Tristan: Tristan of Aragon.
Isolde: Well Tristan of Aragon, I'd guess about you too, but I think I've already seen everything.

Lord Marke: Isolde, I was trying to explain to Tristan the importance of love. Seems he might live without it.
Isolde: Why?
Tristan: There are other things to live for: duty, honor.
Isolde: But they are not life Tristan. They are the shells of life, and empty ones if in the end all they hold are days and days without love. Love is made by God. Ignore it and you suffer as you cannot imagine.
Tristan: Then I will no longer live without it.

Isolde: Tristan, if we do this...
Tristan: For all time they will say it was our love, brought down a kingdom. Remember us.
[pushes the boat away]

Tristan: Come with me. Come with me!
Isolde: I can't!
Tristan: Why not? Please!
Isolde: Tristan, we both know this can't be, we've known it from the start. That doesn't mean it isn't true, it is, it just cannot be. I want to know that you're alive somewhere thinking of me from time to time. I want to know that there's more to this life and I can't know that if they kill you. Please! Go.

Isolde: If things were different, if we lived in a place without duty, would you be with me?
Tristan: That place does not exist.
Isolde: [sobs] I'll pretend it's you.

Tristan: Your marriage will end a hundred years of bloodshed.
Isolde: [sobbing] My marriage to another man!

Tristan: You're promised?
Isolde: Yes.
Tristan: What's he like?
Isolde: Dark. Tall. Nearly twice your size. An absolute gentleman.

Melot: Saw you dead?
Tristan: I am delivered.

[hold Wictred's head and shows it to the entire Irish army]
Tristan: Behold! The Head of a Traitor!

King Donnchadh: Impressive victory. Of course, the man who defeats Morholt might be expected to triumph here.
Tristan: On behalf of Cornwall, I offer your daughter a place on our throne. As royal of England. United behind one leader.
King Donnchadh: Isolde. Perhaps it is just that he who took a husband, provides one.
Isolde: I'm yours!
King Donnchadh: No, Tristan of Aragon has won you on behalf of Lorde Marke of Cornwall.

Tristan: What's this about a tournament?
Lord Marke: The king has offered his daughter to whichever man wins.
Tristan: Let me go and win you a wife.

Isolde: How many have you loved before me?
Tristan: None.
Isolde: And after me?
Tristan: None.

Lord Marke: If we lose we could end up following Wictred. I'd need an infallible champion.
Tristan: Me.
Lord Marke: [chuckles] You are not yet healed.
Tristan: Then this trip will be my tonic.

Isolde: I miss Ireland.
Tristan: Isolde, this must end.
Isolde: It's like asking me to stop breathing.

Tristan: I make it my habit to follow no one.
Wictred: Except Marke.
Tristan: Marke delivered me from that palace when I was a boy. You ran. So you can understand, when I think of kings, I think of him. And when I think of cowards...
[is cut off by Marke]

Isolde: [Reading from a bible] There she who bore you, brought you forth. Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm. For love is as strong as death.
Tristan: Ridiculous.
Isolde: I happen to believe what this says. Don't you think there's more to life?
Tristan: Than what?
Isolde: Something more than duty and death.

Lord Marke: Tristan! How did you get in here?
Tristan: It was a secret.
Lord Marke: Secrets?
Tristan: Its in the past now.
Lord Marke: In the past.

Tristan: Take me out of here. Take me to the river.

[first lines]
Aragon: A year younger than I was for my first.
Young Tristan: When can I have a stag?
Aragon: A stag?
Young Tristan: Come on!
Aragon: Tell me again what you said last week...

King Arthur (2004)
Lancelot, Arthur, Bors, Gawain, Tristan, Dagonet: [the knights line up on the hill near the fort and charge towards the Saxons] For Arthur!

Arthur: Knights... Brothers and arms... Your courage has been testet beyond all limits.
Bors: Yes
Arthur: But I must ask you now for one further trial.
Bors: Drink.
Arthur: We must leave on a final mission for Rome before our freedom can be granted. Above the wall, far north, there is a Roman family in need of rescue. They are trapped by Saxons. Our orders is to secure their safety.
Bors: Let the Romans take care of their own.
Gawain: Above the wall is Woad territory.
Galahad: Our duty to Rome, if it ever was a duty, is done. Our pact with Rome is done.
Bors: Every knight here has laid his life on the line for you. For you. And instead of freedom you want more blood? Our blood? You think more of Roman blood than you do of ours?
Arthur: Bors! These are our orders. We leave at first light, and when we return your freedom will be waiting for you. A freedom we can embrace with honour.
Bors: I'm a free man! I will choose my own fate!
Tristan: Yeah, yeah, we're all going to die someday. If it's a death from a Saxons hand that frightens you, stay home.
Galahad: Listen, if you're so eager to die, you can die right now! I've got something to live for!
Lancelot: Enough. Enough!
Dagonet: The Romans have broken their word. We have the word of Arthur. That is good enough. I'll prepare.

Tristan: Yeah, we're all going to die some day. If it's death from a Saxon hand that frightens you, stay home.
Galahad: If you're so eager to die you can die right now!

Gawain: [after Tristan lands his dagger in the butt of Galahad's dagger] Tristan, how do you do that?
Tristan: I aim for the middle.

Galahad: I don't kill for pleasure.
Tristan: You should try it some day. You might get a taste for it.
Bors: It's in your blood boy.
Galahad: Oh no. No. After tomorrow, this was all just a bad memory.

[Tristan has been scouting the Saxons]
Bors: How many did you kill?
Tristan: Four.
Bors: Not a bad start to the day.

Bors: Dagonet, she wants to get married and give the children names.
Tristan: Women! The children already have names, don't they?
Bors: Just Gilly. It's too much trouble so we gave the rest of them numbers.
Lancelot: That's interesting. I thought you couldn't count.

Tristan: We knights are blessed in that we do not run from it. We seek it, grasp it by the throat and demand honor in our passing.

Bors: Well, now that we're free men, I'm gonna drink 'tll I can't piss straight.
Gawain: You do that every night.
Bors: I never could piss straight. Too much of myself to handle down there...
[looks at the Knights]
Bors: Well, it's a problem! No really, it is. It's a problem. It's like...
Bors, Gawain, Lancelot, Tristan, Galahad, Dagonet: ...a baby's arm holding an apple.

"Merlin: The Sword in the Stone: Part One (#4.12)" (2011)
Tristan: I've lost everything I've worked for for some good-for-nothing king?
Arthur: That's quite something, coming from a smuggler.
Tristan: Well, I wouldn't have to be a smuggler if it wasn't for your damn taxes, would I?
Arthur: Those taxes help protect the people of this land.
Tristan: My people are dead. You call that protection?