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Leondegrance (Character)
from Excalibur (1981)

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Dies irae (2003)
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: [having read aloud in Latin] Bohort, what do think of what I have just read?
Bohort, chevalier: Er... yes, I agree.
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: Hmm. Léodagon?
Léodagan, roi de Carmélide: On the whole, yes.
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: I know on the whole. Karadoc? What do you think of it?
Karadoc, chevalier de Vannes: Not much.
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: What?
Karadoc, chevalier de Vannes: I don't speak Latin.
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: You don't speak Latin?
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: How many here don't speak Latin?
[all raise their hands except Léodagon]
Arthur, roi de Bretagne: Léodagon's the only one here who can speak Latin?
Léodagan, roi de Carmélide: I don't know about speak. I know a few words.
Père Blaise: Four centuries of roman occupation, not a word of Latin.

Excalibur (1981)
[the nobles are arguing over Arthur's drawing of the sword]
Uryenes: Lord Leondegrance! Join us against the boy!
Leondegrance: I saw what I saw! The boy drew the sword. If a boy has been chosen, a boy shall be King!
Uryenes: NO, I challenge that!
Sir Ector: The sword has been drawn!
Uryenes: [to Leondegrance] Are you with us, or against us?
Leondegrance: Against you!