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Sir Gawain (Character)
from King Arthur (2004)

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"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: He Who Laughs Last (#4.5)" (1988)
Sir Gawain: I say, have I ever told you about the time a Gummi bear saved my life?
Man: Aye. 'Bout a hundred times.
[everyone laughs]
Sir Gawain: Quite so, quite so. But it does bear repeating, if you'll forgive the pun.

Sir Gawain: You, sir, are like the near-sighted rodent. You can only see what's in front of your nose.
Lord Willoughby: Are you calling me a rat?

Sir Gawain: A man must do what he believes.

Sir Gawain: Lovely afternoon for a Gummi hunt, wouldn't you say?

Sir Gawain: Your secret's safe with me, on my honor as a gentleman.
Gruffi Gummi: That's not good enough.

Zummi Gummi: Llisten, Gruffi, I'll go along with Gawain. It's my responsibility.
Sir Gawain: [shaking with him] Excellent. The two of us shall return victorious.
Gruffi Gummi: Heh. Look out, world. Here comes the Dynamic Duo.

Sir Gawain: You've got to believe in yourself.

Sir Gawain: [to Sir Willoughby] So long, chubby!

Zummi Gummi: This is one adventure I'll never forget. Oh, which reminds me. Gawain, you must solemnly swear never to tell anyone of our existence.
Sir Gawain: I swear. Ah, but I wish I could at least tell my grandson Cavin.
Grammi Gummi: [laughs] I don't think telling him'd hurt.

Lord Willoughby: You've gotta believe me. I saw a Gummi bear.
[everyone laughs]
Lord Willoughby: It's true. It's true, I tell ya. They're, all over the forest.
Sir Gawain: [more laughter] Sounds like a fairy tale to me.
Cavin: Looks like you've been out in the sun too long.

[last lines]
Sir Gawain: You know, son, there really are Gummi bears.
Cavin: Really?
Sir Gawain: Why, of course. Did I ever tell you about the time I visited their home and met them all. Zummi...
[the Gummi bears laugh where they listen in the rafters]

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Rescue (#2.18)" (1993)
Sir Gawain: [laughs at the knights' considering the existence of the Night People] Have no fear, fair maidens. Sir Gawain will protect you.

Sir Gawain: [to the knights] Stay alert, ladies.

Sir Gawain: [in the cell] Valiant. Nice of you to drop in. I do appreciate the company.

Prince Valiant: What is this place?
Sir Gawain: Home to some of the nastiest brutes you'll ever have the misfortune to meet, my boy.

Sir Gawain: Ah. I see you're to be dessert. Congratulations, Valiant.

Sir Gawain: I hope they choke on me.

Sir Gawain: Ah, there's nothing like sitting around a friendly inn swapping a few stories to bring a smile to a man's face. I suspect it's one of the things I'm going to miss the most.

Sir Gawain: Not only do you fight well, but you look quite good doing it.
Princess Aleta: I'm spoken for.
Sir Gawain: Pity.

Prince Valiant: [running from the creatures] After you.
Sir Gawain: No, no, after you. I want to be the one to say good-bye.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Guardian (#1.14)" (1991)
King Arthur: Besides, a trip to the wall should give some of the younger troops some valuable training. Don't you think?
Sir Gawain: [sighing] Perhaps. And take twenty years of my life in the process.

Sir Gawain: We are off to save Camelot from the overwrought imagination of Julian the Feeble-minded.

Sir Gawain: Valiant, have I told of my time at Halidun, at the Battle of the Thirty?
Prince Valiant: No, Sir Gawain. At least, not this month.

Sir Gawain: Do you know what happens to knights with smart mouths?

Sir Gawain: Percival, it's me, Gawain. Now let me in, you old pirate.
Sir Percival: [laughing and hugging him] Gawain, is it you? Well, I'll be darned. You sly old fox. It's so god to see you. What's kept you away so long?
Sir Gawain: Ah, Percy, my life is a full one. Keeping order in the kingdom, saving fair maidens from fire-breathing dragons... Well, you know how time-consuming *that* can be.
Sir Percival: [laughs] Fire-breathing dragons! And fair maidens! Well, I can see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
Sir Gawain: Well, you old swill-bucket, aren't you going to invite us in?

Soldier: [an arrow is fired] Whoever done this, prepare to die.
Sir Gawain: If I'd known I'd be attending a funeral, I'd have worn my shiniest suit of armor.

Sir Gawain: I underestimated a fool, and ended up making a fool of *myself*.
Prince Valiant: I guess you're never too old to learn something new about yourself.

Sir Gawain: A lot of the older knights are starting to settle down now, raising families and...
Prince Valiant: Are you thinking of getting married and raising children?
Sir Gawain: [amused] I said "older", Valiant. Are you calling me old?

King Arthur (2004)
Lancelot, Arthur, Bors, Gawain, Tristan, Dagonet: [the knights line up on the hill near the fort and charge towards the Saxons] For Arthur!

Arthur: Knights... Brothers and arms... Your courage has been testet beyond all limits.
Bors: Yes
Arthur: But I must ask you now for one further trial.
Bors: Drink.
Arthur: We must leave on a final mission for Rome before our freedom can be granted. Above the wall, far north, there is a Roman family in need of rescue. They are trapped by Saxons. Our orders is to secure their safety.
Bors: Let the Romans take care of their own.
Gawain: Above the wall is Woad territory.
Galahad: Our duty to Rome, if it ever was a duty, is done. Our pact with Rome is done.
Bors: Every knight here has laid his life on the line for you. For you. And instead of freedom you want more blood? Our blood? You think more of Roman blood than you do of ours?
Arthur: Bors! These are our orders. We leave at first light, and when we return your freedom will be waiting for you. A freedom we can embrace with honour.
Bors: I'm a free man! I will choose my own fate!
Tristan: Yeah, yeah, we're all going to die someday. If it's a death from a Saxons hand that frightens you, stay home.
Galahad: Listen, if you're so eager to die, you can die right now! I've got something to live for!
Lancelot: Enough. Enough!
Dagonet: The Romans have broken their word. We have the word of Arthur. That is good enough. I'll prepare.

Galahad: I don't like him - the Roman. If he's here to dispatch us, then why doesn't he just give us our papers?
Gawain: Is this your happy face? Galahad, do you still not know the Romans? They can't scratch their asses without holding a ceremony.

Gawain: [after Tristan lands his dagger in the butt of Galahad's dagger] Tristan, how do you do that?
Tristan: I aim for the middle.

Gawain: I can't wait to leave this island. If it's not raining, it's snowing, and if it's not snowing, it's foggy.
Lancelot: And that's summer.

[Lancelot's plans for the future]
Lancelot: Well, if this woman of Gawain's is as beautiful as he claims, I expect to be spending a lot of time at Gawain's house. His wife will welcome the company.
Gawain: I see. And what will I be doing?
Lancelot: Wondering at your good fortune that all your children look like me.
Gawain: Is that before or after I hit you with my axe?

Gawain: The gifts the gods gave me I use in battle or in bed.

Bors: Well, now that we're free men, I'm gonna drink 'tll I can't piss straight.
Gawain: You do that every night.
Bors: I never could piss straight. Too much of myself to handle down there...
[looks at the Knights]
Bors: Well, it's a problem! No really, it is. It's a problem. It's like...
Bors, Gawain, Lancelot, Tristan, Galahad, Dagonet: ...a baby's arm holding an apple.

Prince Valiant (1954)
Sir Gawain: You were a young fool. But I was an old fool, which is worse.

Sir Gawain: Stop interrupting and I'll tell you what happened. After you left I went out after you. That's when I came upon the Black Knight.
Prince Valiant: You found him?
Sir Gawain: Aye. He was searchin' the wood when I challenged him. We fought and he was good. His lance broke and I outhorsed him. I came in to finish him, when a dozen armed men came charging out at me.
Prince Valiant: They were on foot? Armed with bows?
Sir Gawain: Aye. It was only with luck I escaped through a hail of arrows.
Prince Valiant: So did I!
Sir Gawain: You what?
Prince Valiant: I was set upon by a band of archers, escaped with an arrow in my back.
Sir Gawain: Where was Sir Brack?
Prince Valiant: I don't know. I was nearly captured where he told me to wait for him. Now he says he went back to find me and found no one. Isn't that strange, sir?
Sir Gawain: What do you imply?
Prince Valiant: It's hard to put into words, sir, but could it be that he covets King Arthur's throne more than anyone knows?
Sir Gawain: Sir Brack. A foul suspicion, Val. Unworthy of you.
Prince Valiant: Yes, I suppose it is unworthy.
Sir Gawain: Sir Brack may have been born on the wrong side of the blanket, but he's a Knight of the Round Table, sworn to pledge allegiance to our King, and to defend justice, the weak and the helpless.
Prince Valiant: I'm sorry, sir.

Sir Gawain: You turned out to be flinging rocks like any lowborn ruffian. Why I've never been unhorsed by such a scurvy trick!

Sir Gawain: A man does not risk banishment or death in borrowed armor unless the stakes are high.

Sir Gawain: The truth hurts sometimes, but it's the only thing to build happiness on.

Sir Gawain: If you're King Aguar's son, why did you fling that rock?
Prince Valiant: I thought you were the knight that was after me.
Sir Gawain: What knight?
Prince Valiant: All I saw was his black armor.
Sir Gawain: The Black Knight? You saw him?
Prince Valiant: I near had his lance in my back. Who is he?
Sir Gawain: A ghost.
Prince Valiant: Oh, ghosts don't chase a man in daylight.
Sir Gawain: Right.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Battle of Greystone (#1.22)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: Never give an opponent quarter unless you are certain he is defeated.

Sir Gawain: The next battle I'm in, I'll want you at my side.

Sir Gawain: [his horse backs against him ramming him against the stable wall] Hold, you four-legged fool! Hold, I say!
Prince Valiant: [gets it away] Gawain, are you hurt?
Sir Gawain: [sinks to his knees with his arm to his torso; slowly] Only my pride, Valiant.

Sir Gawain: He is too young. Too volatile. Too reckless.
Merlin: Indeed. And is he more reckless than a knight who would conceal a serious injury from his king as he is leading an army into battle?

Prince Valiant: Before I return to Camelot, Sir Gawain, I must go back to Thule. I must stop Cynan, and reclaim my father's kingdom.
Sir Gawain: Yes, I understand. But such a battle cannot be fought single-handed. Prince Valiant is in need of soldiers. Is there any among you willing to follow him into battle against King Cynan?
[everyone cheers assent]
Sir Gawain: It looks as if you've got yourself an army, boy.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Dream Come True (#1.26)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: If you're going to be a hero you'd best prepare yourself for banquets and honors. They're among the most pleasurable parts of the job.

Sir Gawain: That was a nasty fall you took, boy. How do you feel?
Prince Valiant: Fine. Fine.
Sir Gawain: He feels fine, but I ache in every bone. Oh, the injustice of age.

Sir Gawain: I hate autumn. It is a wicked season. A harbinger of endings and decay. A time when fullness is past, and passions are slipping into memory. It is a stealthy hand, stealing away the heat, fading the glorious colors of summer. Leaving in their place, loneliness and heartbreak.

Sir Bryant: You are about to be armed as a soldier, and a man. To be recognized as one of the bravest, and best.
Sir Gawain: Yes, think of it, boy. You're about to join the ranks of those envied by their fellow man. And adored by every maiden who draws breath.

Sir Gawain: Well, boy, are you ready?
Prince Valiant: I hope so. With all my heart.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Treaty (#2.22)" (1993)
Prince Valiant: It's simple, Gawain. You'll divert his attention, and I'll throw the rope around his neck.
Sir Gawain: I'm in no mood for this sport, Valiant. Forget trying to get him back into his pen. I say we shoot him where he stands, pay the farmer for the damages, and be done with it.
[the bull charges him, he leaps onto the fence-post]
Prince Valiant: [laughs readying the lasso] Brillaint diversion, Sir Knight.

Sir Gawain: The next time you feel the urge to wrestle a runaway rampaging bovine, Valiant, please feel free to count me out.

Sir Gawain: Speaking for myself, Merlin...
Prince Valiant: We appreciate that, Gawain.

Sir Gawain: Well, it could've been worse. At least we're alive.
[sits up seeing the Vikings]
Sir Gawain: For now.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Competitor (#1.17)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: The battle's on!

Sir Bryant: There seems to be a bit of competition between our two young princes.
Sir Gawain: Yes. Do you suppose there's anything we can do to encourage it?

Sir Gawain: All right, lads. Let's not disappoint the people. Let's make it a good show. Now, let's have at it!

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Gathering Storm (#2.38)" (1993)
Sir Gawain: If you so much as twitch, my guards will run you through like a porcupine.

Sir Gawain: Do not even attempt to sway me, or I shall remove your powers of speech.

Sir Kay: Let us drink to the knight I could have been, if Arthur had not passed me over for a certain young prince.
Sir Gawain: Valiant? You don't deserve to stand in his shadow.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Over the River and Through the Trolls/You Snooze, You Lose (#2.3)" (1986)
Sir Gawain: Say, can I drive?
Coach Driver: Well...
Sir Gawain: Thanks.
[takes off]
Sir Gawain: This is great.
[takes out the horn and blows it]

Cavin: Come on, Gramps. When you were a knight these ropes wouldn't've stopped *you*.
Sir Gawain: Oh... for your sake I'll give it a try, Cavin.
[strains against them; Cavin drinks the gummiberry juice and snaps them]

Sir Gawain: [last lines: "Over the River and Through the Trolls] Cavin, I saw - a Gummi Bear.
Cavin: Uh... Really? Wish I could've seen him.
Sir Gawain: Oh, you will, lad. Someday. I'm sure of it.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Visitor (#1.12)" (1991)
Sir Gawain: Harold, knight of legend, will you accept this challenge?
Harold: I accept with pleasure, Sir Gawain.
Sir Gawain: The pleasure will be mine.

Sir Gawain: Whatever else you may be, you're not a coward, I'll give you that.

Sir Gawain: It's time, sir, that I tell you this. On occasion I have been known to boast of my valor in battle. But there is one encounter of which I have never spoken. Thirty men against thirty more at the Battle of Halidun. Throughout that battle, I fought at the shoulder of an able knight and a good friend. His name was Sir Hector of York. And he carried the golden lion upon his shield. I'll await the rest of his armor, sir. The horse, however, is yours to keep. I expect you to ride it from Camelot, and never return.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Hero (#2.24)" (1993)
Sir Gawain: And what manner of knave has the young Prince Valiant bested today?
Denys: Oh, no, Sir Gawain. I'm not pretending I am Valiant. I'm an even mightier warrior today.
Prince Valiant: Oh. Then you must be King Arthur.

Prince Valiant: The trees have... they've all died.
Merlin: No, look closely, here, and here.
Sir Gawain: And will these new shoots grow to be as big as this?
Merlin: Mm, too soon to tell. We can give them everything they need to grow strong and tall, but then the rest is up to them.

[last lines]
Sir Gawain: [Valiant and Rowanne arrive carrying Denys on their shoulders, with Arn] And what great hero do we have here today?
Prince Valiant: One of the greatest of them all. Denys of Camelot.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Secret of Perilous Garde (#1.10)" (1991)
Lady Ilene: [pleading] Do something to fix all of this.
Sir Gawain: Gladly, my dear.
[throws her into the reservoir]

Prince Valiant: Sir Gawain!
Sir Gawain: I like the sound of that. I'd almost forgotten my true calling, as a knight of the Round Table.

Lady Ilene: Without all that water Perilous Garde will never be perfect anymore.
Sir Gawain: It never was perfect, Ilene. It was nothing but a beautiful illusion covering an ugly reality.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Lesson Twice Learned (#2.7)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: Cheer up, lads. In Camelot a man is given fair trial for his crimes. Even the likes of *you*!

Sir Gawain: Watch your balance, lads. You're aspiring to be knights, not court jesters.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Hinge of Fate (#2.39)" (1993)
Sir Gawain: Come on. Let's count how many heads we'll have to break when the fighting starts.

Sir Bryant: Gawain, what are you doing? You are signing your own death warrant.
Sir Gawain: We have fought side-by-side for twenty years. And I have always known that you were the brains, and I was the brawn. If Camelot is to lose one of us, it shan't be you.
Sir Bryant: Gawain...
[the soldiers come in and restrain Gawain and drag Bryant out]
Sir Bryant: Fight, my brother. With all that you have. Camelot, needs you.

Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1984)
Sir Gawain: I forgot to ask one question during my quick initiation into knighthood.
Humphrey: Oh? What's that?
Sir Gawain: How to relieve myself in this tin suit.

Sir Gawain: Does your mother know you do this?

"Merlin: The Coming of Arthur: Part One (#3.12)" (2010)
Gwaine: So according to Merlin here, if you tell me where this cup is, you'd have to kill me.
Arthur: That's correct.
Gwaine: May as well tell me, then. Let's be honest, you couldn't kill me even if you wanted to.
Arthur: Yeah? Try me.
Gwaine: I already did, back in the arena. I had you bang to rights, did I not?
Arthur: That... was just a game.
Gwaine: Oh, a game... Right! I won that game, did I not?
Arthur: No, you didn't! One more minute...
Merlin: One more minute and you both would've been dead! Neither of you won. Your plan was a half-baked disaster, and it was not for that fire, we'd all be pushing up daisies.

Merlin: Well, don't tell me, we're actually here.
Gwaine: Easy, Merlin. Wouldn't want to rile the prince.

"Merlin: Arthur's Bane: Part One (#5.1)" (2012)
Sir Gwaine: Lady Morgana. We really have to stop meeting like this.

Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince (1971) (TV)
Gawain: [Robin has just told a sad story about how he was a prince turned into a frog] Yeah, we frogs just love fairytales!

"Merlin: A Lesson in Vengeance (#5.7)" (2012)
Merlin: I don't think this is over.
Sir Gwaine: What do you mean?
Merlin: Well, whoever's responsible for the attack on Arthur's life - what's to stop them from trying again?
Sir Gwaine: They haven't a chance. The citadel's on full alert. Every entrance, every exit's being watched. Trust me, Arthur's safe as long as he remains in Camelot.
Merlin: That's just it. What if he's not safe here? What if Camelot's the most dangerous place that he could be? Who could have access to the stables? Who could've known the way out to the cells? Who knew that Tyr would do anything to protect his mother? You need to stay close to Arthur and do whatever you can to protect him.
Sir Gwaine: You have my word on it, Merlin.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Rival (#2.13)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: Rowanne, at times you can be most difficult.
Rowanne: I truly hope so.

"Merlin: The Coming of Arthur: Part Two (#3.13)" (2010)
Arthur: Here! Come and join me.
[Merlin, Gwen, Gaius, Lancelot, Gwaine, Elyan, Leon, and Percival take seats around the round table along with him]
Arthur: This table belonged to the ancient kings of Camelot. A round table afforded no man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things. So, it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison for too long. Tomorrow, I make my bid to rescue him. Are there any around this table who will join me?
[each of them stand and talk in turns]
Lancelot: You taught me the values of being a knight, the code by which a man should live his life. To fight with honour for justice, freedom, and all that's good. I believe in the world that you will build.
Elyan: Even though I was a commoner, a nobody, you were willing to lay down your life for me, Arthur. It is now my turn to repay you.
Sir Leon: I have fought alongside you many times. There is no one that I would rather die for.
Gwaine: [grins] I think we've no chance. But I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Percival: Your enemies are my enemies.
Gaius: If you need an old man.
[Arthur smiles briefly, tears flowing in his eyes]
Gwen: You know the answer.
[everyone has now stood up, except for Merlin, who grins where he is still sitting]
Arthur: [raises an eyebrow] Merlin?
Merlin: No, I don't really fancy it.
Arthur: You don't have a choice, Merlin.
Merlin: Okay.
[he stands with a smile, then nods seriously]

"Merlin: The Sword in the Stone: Part One (#4.12)" (2011)
Sir Gwaine: [while fighting for his life] Is that all you have? I was promised a decent fight. You're a very angry man. I can see that. Must be hard being so ugly. Children crying, women screaming.

Prince Valiant (1997)
Princess Ilene: I demand to see your king.
Thagnar: Harem.
Prince Gawain: What? You can't do that she's a princess.
Princess Ilene: Who the hell is harem?
[she's thrown into a room full of other woman]
Woman #1: [giggles] I wonder if she's a wirgin.
Princess Ilene: Of course I'm a virgin. I'm Princess Ilene of Brenwyn.
Woman #2: We all had kingdoms once. Now we are all queens for a night.
[Ilene looks around scared]
Monday: I am Monday.
Tuesday: I'm Tuesday.
Wednesday: I'm Wednesday.
Monday: And you're Thursday.
Princess Ilene: That's today. He wouldn't dare touch a princess.
[now very unsure]
Princess Ilene: Would he?

Excalibur (1981)
Arthur: Where hides evil in my kingdom, then?
Merlin: Always... where you never expect it. Always.
Gawain: I know where.
Arthur: Where, Sir Gawain?
Gawain: I cannot say.
Arthur: You must speak your heart. You sit at the Round Table. Where is this evil?
Gawain: He's our best... and our bravest... why, then, is he never here? Without Lancelot, this table is nothing! Is there anyone here who doesn't think him a god? And now to be driven from us
[points to Guenevere]
Gawain: by a woman's desire!
Guenevere: In the idleness that comes with peace, I see that gossip has bred its own evil! I will forgive your hasty words. Come... drink from Lancelot's cup, and partake of his 'goodness'.
[the cup is passed to Gawain, who proceeds to slam it upside-down on the table in defiance of Guenevere]
Arthur: You DARE accuse the Queen, Gawain?
Gawain: I do!
Guenevere: I protest my innocence!
Arthur: [standing up and drawing Excalibur threateningly] WERE I NOT KING, I WOULD MAKE YOU PAY WITH YOUR LIFE FOR WHAT YOU'VE SAID!
Guenevere: Will you not champion me?
Arthur: I cannot! I am your King, and I must be your judge in this. Lancelot must do it. He also stands accused. I decree - that at sunrise, two days from now, the champions will meet, and the truth shall be known. For by the law of God, no knight who is false can win in combat with one who is true.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Parting (#2.19)" (1993)
Sir Gawain: Pardon me, gentlemen, but may I play too?

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Princess Aleta (#2.15)" (1993)
King Arthur: I never thought Hugo would surrender his kingdom before asking for my help; the man detests me.
Sir Bryant: How so, my lord?
King Arthur: When I first became king, he raised an army and attempted to take my throne. He failed. As punishment, I banished him to the Misty Isles.
Sir Gawain: And now he has the impudence to come begging for your help!
King Arthur: Yes, and I intend to grant it.

"Merlin: Gwaine (#3.4)" (2010)
Gwaine: Nobility is defined by what you do and not by who you are.

The Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949)
Bartog, Ulric's Aide: A favor... I beg of you!
Sir Gawain: You have only to ask - and I shall refuse
Bartog, Ulric's Aide: A little water... I perish of thirst!
Sir Gawain: Good! Then perish! It will save stretching a good rope.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Color of Honor (#2.6)" (1992)
Sir Bryant: They are awaiting trial.
Sir Gawain: After which I personally hope they hang.

"Merlin: Lamia (#4.8)" (2011)
Merlin: [Merlin is investigating a noise and is about to strike] Gwaine!
Sir Gwaine: Sorry. Call of nature.
Merlin: I could have killed you!
Sir Gwaine: With a fishing rod? "Sir Gwaine was slain with a fishing rod." That's the stuff of legends, eh?

"The Legend of Prince Valiant: The Fist of Iron (#1.19)" (1992)
Sir Gawain: Headstrong, impetuous, tenacious... Not unlike myself.

"Merlin: A Herald of the New Age (#4.10)" (2011)
Sir Gwaine: [to Arthur] What's that in your hair?
Merlin: [answering for Arthur] It's stew.
Sir Leon: [to Arthur] Why have you got stew in your hair?
Merlin: [answering for Arthur again, as if explaining the obvious] Because he was reading.

"Merlin: The Dark Tower (#5.6)" (2012)
Sir Leon: [speaking of Gwen and Elyan's late father] I think he'd be proud.
Gwen: Particularly of Elyan.
Sir Elyan: Me?
Gwen: Not just because you're a knight, but because of the man you've become.
Sir Elyan: I don't think so.
Sir Percival: She's right.
Sir Gwaine: Absolutely. You're outstanding. Especially when it comes to trying to sweet talk the ladies, if nothing else.
Sir Elyan: Don't listen to him.
Sir Gwaine: No. Elyan loves only one woman.
Gwen: Who?
Sir Elyan: You!
Gwen: Tell me! I'm your sister.
Sir Gwaine: Did Arthur not say?
Gwen: Arthur never tells me anything.
Sir Elyan: But he told you who Gwaine's in love with.
Gwen: Himself.