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Quotes for
Bors (Character)
from King Arthur (2004)

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King Arthur (2004)
Lancelot, Arthur, Bors, Gawain, Tristan, Dagonet: [the knights line up on the hill near the fort and charge towards the Saxons] For Arthur!

Arthur: Knights... Brothers and arms... Your courage has been testet beyond all limits.
Bors: Yes
Arthur: But I must ask you now for one further trial.
Bors: Drink.
Arthur: We must leave on a final mission for Rome before our freedom can be granted. Above the wall, far north, there is a Roman family in need of rescue. They are trapped by Saxons. Our orders is to secure their safety.
Bors: Let the Romans take care of their own.
Gawain: Above the wall is Woad territory.
Galahad: Our duty to Rome, if it ever was a duty, is done. Our pact with Rome is done.
Bors: Every knight here has laid his life on the line for you. For you. And instead of freedom you want more blood? Our blood? You think more of Roman blood than you do of ours?
Arthur: Bors! These are our orders. We leave at first light, and when we return your freedom will be waiting for you. A freedom we can embrace with honour.
Bors: I'm a free man! I will choose my own fate!
Tristan: Yeah, yeah, we're all going to die someday. If it's a death from a Saxons hand that frightens you, stay home.
Galahad: Listen, if you're so eager to die, you can die right now! I've got something to live for!
Lancelot: Enough. Enough!
Dagonet: The Romans have broken their word. We have the word of Arthur. That is good enough. I'll prepare.

[after the battle, Bors finds Horton cowering under the carriage, praying fervently]
Bors: Does this really work?
[he puts his hands together, closes his eyes, and mutters gibberish]
Bors: Hmm... nothing. Maybe I'm not doing it right.

Bors: I like the little bastards. They mean something to me. Especially Number Three! He's a good fighter!
Lancelot: That's because he's mine.

Lancelot: When are you going to leave Bors and come home with me?
Vanora: My lover is watching you.
[Bors is looking at his baby, then looks at Lancelot, who has a smirk on his face]
Bors: You look nothing like him!

Galahad: I don't kill for pleasure.
Tristan: You should try it some day. You might get a taste for it.
Bors: It's in your blood boy.
Galahad: Oh no. No. After tomorrow, this was all just a bad memory.

Bors: [speaking to his baby] Now I'm really gonna have to marry your mother.
Vanora: Who said I'd have you?

Bors: Have you been fighting?
Gilly (Bors' son): Yes.
Bors: You been winning?
Gilly (Bors' son): Yes.
Bors: That's my boy. Come on, all my other bastards!
Bors' Children: YAY!

[Tristan has been scouting the Saxons]
Bors: How many did you kill?
Tristan: Four.
Bors: Not a bad start to the day.

Dagonet: Bors, you coming?
Bors: Of course I'm coming! Can't let you go on your own, you're gonna get killed.
[looks around]
Bors: I'm just saying what you're all thinking.

Horton: God help us. What are they?
Bors: Blue demons that eat Christians alive. You're not a Christian, are you?

Lancelot: Hey Bors. You intend to take Vanora and all your little bastards back home?
Bors: Oh I'm trying to avoid that decision... by getting killed.

Bors: Dagonet, she wants to get married and give the children names.
Tristan: Women! The children already have names, don't they?
Bors: Just Gilly. It's too much trouble so we gave the rest of them numbers.
Lancelot: That's interesting. I thought you couldn't count.

Arthur: [kneeling over Lancelot's body, looking up to the sky] It was my life to be taken! Not this! Never this!
[as Bors, Galahad, and Gawain approach, bearing Tristan's body]
Arthur: My brave knights, I have failed you. I neither took you off this island, nor shared your fate.
Merlin: [to Arthur] No fate is shared.
[to other knights, and more confident]
Merlin: No fate is shared.
Bors: They chose their own fate.
[turning to Galahad, he spoke more assuredly]
Bors: As did we all.
[quietly, facing Arthur]
Bors: As did we all.
[Arthur's eyes drift to the sword briefly, and back to Lucan who looks down sadly]
Arthur: One day you'll be strong enough. And you'll come back for it.

Bors: [Bors is furious that the Romans are sending them on one last mission] Vanora'll kill me...

Bors: Well, now that we're free men, I'm gonna drink 'tll I can't piss straight.
Gawain: You do that every night.
Bors: I never could piss straight. Too much of myself to handle down there...
[looks at the Knights]
Bors: Well, it's a problem! No really, it is. It's a problem. It's like...
Bors, Gawain, Lancelot, Tristan, Galahad, Dagonet: ...a baby's arm holding an apple.

The Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949)
Bors: I have but one life to give to adventure.

Bors: Have you been doing battle with the spirits of the Enchanted Forest?
Sir Galahad: [trying to catch his breath] That... that must be it.
Bors: I take it that Merlin has caused you a little trouble.
Sir Galahad: Not half the trouble I'll cause you if you don't take me to King Arthur!
Bors: Your threat is my command.

[Galahad and Bors meet a peddler whose mule refuses to budge]
Bors: Greetings. What manner of beast is this that stays fixed to the ground?
Peddlar: His mother was a goat... his father a turtle...

Bors: Whoa. Galahad, I have an uncanny chill coursing up and down my spine. Have you never heard it said that rashness is the father of disaster?
Sir Galahad: True... but too much caution is the blood brother of cowardice.

Bors: Doubtless you think it's an easy matter to find that outlaw camp.
Sir Galahad: One more "doubtless" out of you and I'll *doubtless* crack you right on your thick...

Sir Galahad: Now there's nothing to stop the Black Knight from rallying the outlaws, joining with Ulric and storming Camelot!
Bors: Except us.

Sir Galahad: Put yourself in The Black Knight's place. Where would you go?
Bors: Home and lie down. I'm tired.