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Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair (Character)
from The Rock (1996)

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The Rock (1996)
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Southern China? We've never even admitted we sent troops into China.
General Hummel: Who is this? Identify yourself!
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: White House Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair, General.
General Hummel: How OLD are you Mr. Sinclair?
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: I'm 33.
General Hummel: Well Mr. Sinclair, you've probably got no FUCKING idea what I'm talking about! By your 9th birthday, I was running BlackOps into China and my men were responsible for over two-hundred enemy kills. Now someone put some rigging tape over Mr. Sinclair's mouth, he's wasting my time!

[reading Hummel's file]
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Three tours in Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Desert Storm; three Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars and the Congressional Medal of - Jesus. This man is a hero.
General Al Kramer: Well, I think "legend" might be a better description, Mr. Sinclair.
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Well, now we can add kidnapping and extortion to his list of accolades.
General Al Kramer: Mr. Sinclair, General Hummel is a man of honor.

General Al Kramer: Wait a minute. What is the potential casualty rate for a single rocket armed with VX poison gas, General Peterson?
General Peterson: Sixty or seventy...
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Well, that's-that's not so bad.
General Peterson: ...thousand. Seventy *thousand* dead.
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Oh.
General Peterson: One teaspoon of this hits the floor, it's lethal up to... a hundred feet. One teaspoon of this shit detonated in the atmosphere... will kill every living organism in an eight-block radius. Get the point?