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Jade Angelou (Character)
from The Rock (1996)

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The Rock (1996)
John Mason: Your mother, well... she was very special.
Jade Angelou: Yes, she was. But I don't think that we should romanticize what happened between you and her. Meeting in a bar after a Led Zeppelin concert, ya know? And I was the result.
John Mason: Well, I'd like to think it would have led somewhere if only...
Jade Angelou: If only what? Six federal marshals hadn't kicked down her door and dragged you back to prison?

[John and Jade's conversation is interrupted by police cars converging on the Palace. Jade backs away from John]
Jade Angelou: Is this about you? You broke out of prison again, didn't you?
[John gropes for a response]
Jade Angelou: Why did you come to me?
Stanley Goodspeed: [appears, showing his badge] FBI, ma'am. Your father's working with us. He's helping us to resolve a dangerous situation.
Jade Angelou: He is?
Stanley Goodspeed: Yes, ma'am. Well, gee whiz, John, I guess we'd better get going, don't you?
John Mason: Whatever you say, Stanley.
[He clasps hands with Jade, then leaves with Stanley]
John Mason: Thank you for that. You could have handled it differently.
Stanley Goodspeed: What do you say we cut the chit-chat, a-hole? You almost got me killed twice! And my jaw hurts like hell.
John Mason: ...Good.