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Cassie (Character)
from Brokeback Mountain (2005)

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Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Cassie Cartwright: Just finished my shift. Wanna dance?
Ennis Del Mar: I was just on my way to the...
Cassie Cartwright: [takes his arm and leads to dance floor] I'm Cassie; Cassie Cartwright.
Ennis Del Mar: Ennis.
Ennis Del Mar: Del Mar.
Ennis Del Mar: [after dance] No more dancin' for me, I hope.
Cassie Cartwright: You're off the hook; my feet hurt.
[takes off shoes]
Ennis Del Mar: Hard work is it?
Cassie Cartwright: Drunks like you, demandin' beer after beer. Smokin'. Gets tiresome.
Cassie Cartwright: So... What do you do Ennis Del Mar?
Ennis Del Mar: Earlier today I was castrating calves.
Cassie Cartwright: Ugh.
[places her bare feet in his lap]
Ennis Del Mar: What are you doing?
Cassie Cartwright: Tryin' to get a foot rub, dummy.
Ennis Del Mar: All right.
[rubs feet]
Ennis Del Mar: That good?

Cassie Cartwright: [on the verge of tears] I don't get you, Ennis del Mar.
Ennis del Mar: I'm sorry.
[he pauses]
Ennis del Mar: Was probably no fun anyway, was I?
Cassie Cartwright: [crying] Ennis, girls don't fall in love with fun!

Cassie Cartwright: You don't say much but you get your point across.