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Martine (Character)
from Valmont (1989)

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Valmont (1989)
Madame de Volanges: Cecile! Martine!
Martine: Yes, Madame?
Madame de Volanges: Where is Cecile?
Martine: [nervously] Cecile? She's... she... she has...
Madame de Volanges: Where is she?
[Martine can't form an answer; Volanges, unable to find Cecile, rings for José]
Madame de Volanges: José, have you been at your post all night?
José: Yes, madame.
Madame de Volanges: Has anyone come in?
José: No, Madame.
Madame de Volanges: Martine?
Martine: [fearfully] Yes, Madame?
Madame de Volanges: Did she go and see that music teacher?
Martine: [hysterically] I don't know, Madame. She doesn't talk to me anymore. She only talks to Madame de Merteuil now. And she... she...
[Volanges turns to leave, Martine faints]