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Patrick Bales (Character)
from Cruel Intentions 3 (2004) (V)

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Cruel Intentions 3 (2004) (V)
[Patrick gets arrested after Cassidy seduces him and then charges him with rape]
Patrick Bales: You're a fucking bitch! Nobody will believe you.
Cassidy Merteuil: You're right about the first thing.

Patrick Bales: Do you ever wonder why we are the way we are?

Patrick Bales: Sex is about hurting people.

Jason Argyle: I have had my eye on her.
Patrick Bales: Cassidy?
Jason Argyle: I do love her, but no. Sheila. She's devoted to... Michael.
Patrick Bales: I hadn't noticed.
Jason Argyle: Someone that sexy has no right to be faithful to such an idiot.
Patrick Bales: Or to anyone. I don't know if I'd pick Sheila though.
Jason Argyle: Why not?
Patrick Bales: Because I like Alison.
Jason Argyle: You just said that you were gonna leave her alone until...
Patrick Bales: Until you're married. You're not married. Besides, Alison's perfect. Virtuous and loyal. She'd gasp at all the right moments.

Cassidy Merteuil: You two are plotting something.
Patrick Bales: What about it?
Cassidy Merteuil: I came to tell you it's pathetic.
Patrick Bales: Why?
Cassidy Merteuil: Because if you had me, you could have anyone. So, where's the challenge?
Jason Argyle: You're forgetting I haven't told you yet.
Patrick Bales: No, you're giving us too much credit.
Cassidy Merteuil: There's no limit to what two people can do. You taught me that. But it's too easy. So, why don't you quick cooperating and start competing... for some eligible bachelorettes? It's only fair. After all, I can't stand to see you two look bored.

Jason Argyle: Fine. Here's the bet: I steal Sheila from Michael, you steal Alison from her fiance.
Patrick Bales: First one to cross home plate wins our dorm room.
Jason Argyle: The loser?
Patrick Bales: Fends for himself.
Jason Argyle: I could use some privacy. I'm gonna get started.
Patrick Bales: Happy hunting.