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Quotes for
Paris (Character)
from Troy (2004)

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Troy (2004)
Agamemnon: I see you're not hiding behind your high walls. Valiant of you. Ill-advised, but valiant.
Hector: You come here uninvited. Go back to your ships and go home.
Agamemnon: We've come too far, Prince Hector.
Menelaus: Prince? What prince? What son of a king would accept a man's hospitality, eat his food, drink his wine, embrace him in friendship, and then steal his wife in the middle of the night?
Paris: The sun was shining when your wife left you.
Menelaus: She's up there, watching, isn't she? Good. I want her to watch you die.
Agamemnon: Not yet, brother. Look around you, Hector. I brought all the warriors of Greece to your shores.
Nestor: You can still save Troy, young prince.
Agamemnon: I have two wishes. If you grant them, no more of your people need die. First, you must give Helen back to my brother. Second, Troy must submit to my command, to fight for me whenever I call.
Hector: You want me to look upon your army and tremble? Well I see them. I see 50,000 men brought here to fight for one man's greed.
Agamemnon: Careful boy, my mercy has limits.
Hector: And I've seen the limits of your mercy and I tell you now, no son of Troy will ever submit to a foreign ruler.
Agamemnon: Then every son of Troy shall die.

Paris: Do you love me, brother? Will you protect me from any enemy?
Hector: Last time you spoke to me like this, you were 10 years old and you'd just stolen Father's horse. What have you done now?

Paris: [to Helen] Then I'll make it easy for him to find me. I'll walk right up to him and tell him you're mine.

Paris: [discussing the wooden horse] Father, burn it.

Paris: Father, this is Helen.
Priam: Helen? Helen of Sparta?
Paris: Helen of Troy.

Priam: [about Helen] Do you love her, my son?
Paris: Father, you are a great king, because you love your country so much. Every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every rock in the river... You love all of Troy. That is the way I love Helen.

Paris: Pearls from the sea of Propontus.
Helen: They're beautiful, but I could never wear them, Menelaus would kill us both.
Paris: Don't be afraid of him.
Helen: I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of tomorrow. I'm afraid of watching you sail away and knowing you'll never come back. Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost. I walked and I ate and I swam in the sea... I was just a ghost.
Paris: You don't have to fear tomorrow... come with me!
Helen: Don't play with me, don't play.
Paris: If you come, we'll never be safe. Men will hunt us, the gods will curse us, but I'll love you. Until the day they burn my body, I'll love you.

Helen: You should not have come here tonight.
Paris: That's what you said last night?
Helen: Last night was a mistake.
Paris: And the night before?
Helen: I have made many mistakes this week.

[from director's cut]
Helen: You're very young, my love.
Paris: We're the same age.
Helen: You're younger than I ever was.

"Helen of Troy" (2003)
Cassandra: You should be dead.
Paris: Give me a minute.

Paris: The Greeks have other ideas.
Guard: What sort of ideas?
Paris: Like, cut of our heads, put them on pikes, let birds eat our eyes... that sort of thing.

Hector: Now he's talking war against Troy.
Paris: Why?
Hector: Because we control access to the silks and spices of Byzantine.
Paris: Psh
Hector: What?
Paris: I can't believe people go to war over nutmeg.
Hector: Well, they do, Paris, and you'd better get used to it.

Hector: The prophecy has been fulfilled.
Paris: What prophecy?
Hector: Because you live, we all must die.

Helen of Troy (1956)
Paris: Make me immortal with a kiss!

Paris: Oh Goddess come to Earth. Make me a mortal with your kiss and we'll live on nectar and ambrosia...
Paris: ... But I am not sure I like being so ethereal.

"Doctor Who: Death of a Spy (#3.8)" (1965)
[last lines]
Prince Paris: Now understand me, Cassandra. I will not have one word said against that horse!
Troilus: And neither will I against Cressida!
Cassandra: Will you not? Then woe to the House of Priam. Woe to the Trojans!
Prince Paris: I'm afraid you're a bit late to say 'whoa' to the horse. I've just given instructions to have it brought into the city!

"Doctor Who: Horse of Destruction (#3.9)" (1965)
[first lines]
Cassandra: Will you not? Then woe to the House of Priam. Woe to the Trojans!
Prince Paris: I'm afraid you're a bit late to say 'whoa' to the horse. I've just given instructions to have it brought into the city!