El Mariachi
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El Mariachi (Character)
from Desperado (1995)

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Desperado (1995)
Short Bartender: ¡Matalo!
[kill him]
El Mariachi: Not yet.

El Mariachi: You know, it's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than to create.

El Mariachi: [praying] Give me the strength to be what I was, and forgive me for what I am.

El Mariachi: Bless me, Father, for I have just killed quite a few men.
Buscemi: No shit!

El Mariachi: Carolina, did I thank you?
Carolina: No.
El Mariachi: I will.

Short Bartender: [nervous] Is there something in the guitar case?
El Mariachi: Yeah.
Short Bartender: What?
El Mariachi: My guitar.

El Mariachi: I have to go to church.
Carolina: What for?
El Mariachi: Confess my sins. I'm a sinner.

El Mariachi: It's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than create.

[the mariachi comes back for the guitar-case of weapons that he just threw away]
El Mariachi: Just in case. It's a long ride to the next town.

Buscemi: Suddenly they got very interested in who you were. So, I laid the story down nice and thick.
El Mariachi: How thick?
Buscemi: Well, pretty thick, I told 'em you were the biggest Mexican I've ever seen...

El Mariachi: Suddenly you're my big brother.
Buscemi: Well I do feel some responsibility for you, yeah.

El Mariachi: Lower yourself!

Buscemi: What happens when he's dead?
El Mariachi: When Bucho's dead... it's over. He is the last one.
Buscemi: End of payback? An eye for an eye and all that crap? You finally gonna be satisfied?
El Mariachi: I think so.
Buscemi: I hope so. 'Cause, I don't have the stomach for this anymore.
El Mariachi: You never did.
Buscemi: Neither did you.

Buscemi: Just try and keep it from turning into a fucking bloodbath, all right? Not like last time.
El Mariachi: That one wasn't my fault.
Buscemi: Well, of course not.
El Mariachi: No, they started it.

El Mariachi: [right before a firefight] Back together again, huh?
Campa: Yeah.
El Mariachi: [cracks neck] Let's play.

[El has just walked out of the confessional booth]
Priest: Did you want confession?
El Mariachi: Heh? Well, maybe later, Father. 'Cause where I am going, I'd just have to come right back.

El Mariachi: I'm looking for a man who calls himself Bucho. That's all. And you had to do it the hard way.

Carolina: What about calling you friends?
El Mariachi: Campa... Quino... They would destroy the city...

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)
[El meets Cucuy in the middle of town]
Cucuy: There's cartel on every corner.
El Mariachi: Sands told me you handle protection.
Cucuy: I don't work for Sands anymore. And since I'm a Mexi-can, I can do whatever I want.
El Mariachi: Then I guess I don't work for Sands neither. Goodbye.
[Cucuy grabs his arm]
Cucuy: There's a price on your head. I'm going to collect. Why don't you just tell Barillo everything you know and then maybe he'll just cut off your hands.
El Mariachi: And if I don't?
Cucuy: Remember that old man I killed in your village? What if your whole village was next?
El Mariachi: Would you kill them?
Cucuy: Me?
[Points to his men]
Cucuy: They certainly would.
El Mariachi: Then I guess I have no choice... but to kill you all.

[last lines]
Carolina: [in Spanish]
[subtitled version]
Carolina: What do you want in life?
El Mariachi: To be free...
Carolina: Simple.
El Mariachi: No.

El Mariachi: You want me to shoot the cook?
Agent Sands: No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway.

[trapped on the upper floor of a hotel by Marquez's men]
El Mariachi: Any suggestions, Ms. "Why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset"?

Marquez: [in Spanish, sub-titled] Carolina?
El Mariachi: She died.
Marquez: Your daughter?
El Mariachi: She died.
Marquez: You?
El Mariachi: Dead.
Marquez: And me?
El Mariachi: Alive and well.
[Marquez draws a gun, El Mariachi draws and fires, and Marquez falls wounded. El Mariachi walks up and places his gun to Marquez's head]
El Mariachi: In hell.
[Kills him]

El Presidente: Who are you guys?
El Mariachi: Sons of Mexico, sir.

El Mariachi: Go practice.
Fideo: Practice playing or shooting?
El Mariachi: What do you think?
Fideo: I don't think, I drink.

El Mariachi: Why me?
Sands: Frankly, because you've got nothing to live for... and in a way you're already dead and Marquez is the one that killed you so why not return the favor?

Carolina: What's wrong?
El Mariachi: [sees soldiers approaching] Everything.

El Mariachi (1992)
[last lines]
El Mariachi: [voiceover] All I wanted was to be a mariachi, like my ancestors. But the city I thought would bring me luck brought only a curse. I lost my guitar, my hand, and her. With this injury, I may never play the guitar again. Without her, I have no love. But with the dog and the weapons, I'm prepared for the future.

El Mariachi: [hitchhiking] That morning was just like any other. No love. No luck. No ride. Nothing changes.

Domino: [hands him his guitar and thrusts a knife into his bath water] Play it! Play something sweet! Play!
El Mariachi: [plays a few cords]
Domino: Sing!
El Mariachi: [singing] I've been caught with my pants down, and there may be a castration. There were several assholes, who tried to rip me to pieces. And now I'm with this princess, who's armed with a knife. Big northern eyes, and a ferocious body.
Domino: [withdraws the knife from the water]
El Mariachi: This is the best I've ever played. You inspired me.